Death row inmate released after 30 years

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Glenn Ford is now a free man. (Image Credit: CBS News &

30 years behind bars, mostly on death row. Now a Louisiana man, Glenn Ford, is free.

Tuesday night Ford left the maximum security prison at Angola after a Louisiana District Court judge vacated his murder conviction and death sentence.

Ford, 64, had been imprisoned for the 1983 murder of Isadore Rozeman, a Shreveport jeweler. He always maintained his innocence.

As Ford told CBS affiliate WAFB-TV, he does harbor some resentment for being wrongly imprisoned. It’s also a little bit overwhelming.

“My mind’s going all different kinds of directions, but it feels good,” Ford said moments after taking his first steps outside the Angola prison.

“I can’t go back and do anything I should have been doing when I was 35, 38, 40, stuff like that,” he added.

The state’s motion to vacate Ford’s conviction was based on new information that corroborated his claim that he was not involved in the crime.

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  • Wake Up

    Another wrongly convicted victim of the death penalty. How many did/will we kill before finding out they were really innocent? Go to for details — if you are brave enough for the truth!

  • Wake Up

    If you are truly pro-life you would be against the death penalty. This case is not the only wrongly convicted, innocent, person on death row.

      • Wake Up

        Go to the website I provided for your proof ( I know internet trolls like you only want to stir up trouble. You are not serious about anything you post. But, by being a troll you do provide me with more opportunities to express my liberal views.

      • screw aarp

        Wakeup thats one of those far left web sites, do you have an independent site for your data?, no ones trying to stir up trouble , just calling you out on your far left b.s. ,that you sprew, on this forum.

      • screw aarp

        Thats what I thought ,spew your leftist b.s., that you can not back up, and then back down when some one calls you on you socialist spew!

  • Michael

    I’m wondering if he made the mistake of talking to the police without a lawyer back then. Never do this, people! Sometimes innocent people talk themselves into a conviction when this happens. Also, this shows what a joke “court-appointed” lawyers can be.

  • jamison jones

    Court appaoitned lawyers. Start with Huntsville Municipal public defenders! What a joke! They are always coercing and coaxing ignorant, reluctant litigants with very simple winnable cases into taking guilty pleas. They threaten you with all kinds of sentencing scenarios so they won’t waste time on you. For them Its all about $$$$.I don’t think they could argue a case before a jury. The more they can get people paying fines, and going to those stupid classes, they’ve done their work. Hey, one avenue for city revenue.

  • Sabylynn

    Personally, my heart greives for this man who has missed so much of his life and endured Lord knows what in prison. All the news stories, and websites and arguments over legal system flaws won’t give him that back. My hope is that he can find a way into a place where he can enjoy the rest of his days seeing and doing all the things he has missed for so many years.

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