Trial Begins for Fayetteville Man Accused of Wife’s Murder

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) – The trial began Tuesday for the Fayetteville man charged with killing his wife back in 2012.

Charles McKinney is charged with the shooting death of Courtney McKinney.

The jury was seated Tuesday morning and opening remarks began that afternoon in a Lincoln County, Tenn. courthouse.

Courtney McKinney was shot to death inside the couple’s apartment in May 2012. Investigators say it followed some sort of domestic disturbance.

Neighbors say after shots rang out, Charles McKinney came out of the apartment holding a gun to his own head while carrying the couple’s toddler.

The district attorney says the trial is scheduled through Friday.


  • Sue

    What is with these people killing their wives and sometimes their children? Then they “tried” or threatened to kill themselves. Most of the time they manage to not do that part. Their life as they know it is over when they kill someone so just do whatever to yourself and leave your family alive! It is bad enough when you are killed by outsiders but by your own family is horrible!

  • jamison jones

    For me its about the guns and violence. Most people believe that owning a gun somehow makes you feel secure. On the contrary, it doesn’t. The propensity to use a gun in very simple domestic situations escalates with the presence of one. In a situation when one just shoves the other on the shoulder or ‘disrespects’ another by way of profanity, usually ‘normal’ folks are just going to throw tantrums and walk away or something. In these situations, its just ‘point’n shoot’ and the ‘problem’ is solved permanently…add drugs and alcohol, and there goes reason completely.

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