Grand Jury Returns Indictment Against 3 Men Accused of Jamie Travers’ Murder

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Charles Makekau (Photo: Decatur Police)

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Morgan County Grand Jury has returned a capital murder indictment against three men accused of the murder of Jamie Travers.

Ryan Oneal Caudle, Charles Makekau, and Dewayne Hicks are charged with capital murder charges for the June 2013 burglary, attempted robbery and killing of 21-year old Jamie Travers.

According to testimony filed by Detective Michael Burleson, Caudle shot Travers with a .30 caliber rifle during the course of a robbery at Travers’ residence in Decatur on June 18, 2013.

The testimony says two men entered Travers’ home, one of which was armed with a long gun, and demanded money. The men pulled Travers from his bed and shot him moments later.

Dewayne Hicks, as he is led in to the Morgan County Courthouse on August 14. (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

Dewayne Hicks, as he is led in to the Morgan County Courthouse on August 14. (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

A passerby on Highway 31 discovered Travers’ body near the road, about 30-yards from his residence.

Burleson said Caudle and Hicks were determined to be possible suspects in the early stages of the investigation. He learned that Caudle had acquired a .30 caliber rifle only hours before the murder. The two men were seen together an hour before the murder, according to Burleson.

In an interview with Makekau, Burleson learned that Makekau had some up with a plan for Caudle to burglarize Travers’ residence on June 17. Makekau said he gave Caudle the disarm code for the alarm system and told him the location of a large amount of cash inside the residence, according to Burleson’s testimony. Makekau said he was to be paid a sum of money for the information.

Ryan Caudle (Photo: Decatur Police Dept.)

Ryan Caudle (Photo: Decatur Police Dept.)

In his statement, Makekau said he texted Caudle at 2:00 a.m. after the burglary. Caudle responded, “I didn’t get nothing, he ran.”

All three defendants are being held without bond.


  • jamison jones

    young, confused and disillusioned. These delinquents probably grew up in very dysfunctional homes. well, the cooler will make them see how smart or dumb they were.

    • Sue

      They looked pretty happy in the pictures knowing what they are facing. I don’t buy the young, confused bit! They are plenty old enough to know what they were doing. Tons of people are brought up in bad households. They try to “better” themselves by working and being able to move to better neighborhoods. This bad childhood defense is getting old fast!!!

  • Stephanie Nanette Terry

    It doessnt matter how young, confused or disillusioned they were. And even if they are delinquents. They are old enough to know the difference in right and wrong. If you put yourself into the position of committing a crime then you should be tried as an adult for that crime.

  • Susan

    I say either keep them in jail for life, or the death penalty. People like this do not belong in society, they will just do it again. No conscience, no morality, no God in there life. Just useless garbage until they decide to be more. But regardless you can’t change what they did. I did not know Jamie, but my niece did very well, and every time I pass that house I think of him and say a prayer for him and his family. But I’m sure his parents, friends and family will never be the same because these three decided they wanted something without working for it. ust garbage. Throw them away.

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