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Family Struggles to Cope with South Huntsville Woman’s Murder

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A family is scrambling to bury a woman killed in south Huntsville after she was found murdered on Monday.

Officers found Colleen Penton and her husband inside their Thornmor Drive home on Monday.  Police confirm Penton was dead, but won't say how she died.

WHNT News 19 is asking the questions.  We talked with Penton's grandmother on Tuesday.

Billie Oliver is one of many wondering why Colleen Penton is dead.  She hopes her granddaughter's killer will soon get booked inside the Madison County Detention Center.

"It's been unreal. Hard to believe," said Oliver.

WHNT News 19 understands the man some believe killed Penton is getting treatment at Huntsville Hospital.  At this point, Huntsville Police investigators won't name the person believed to have killed Colleen Penton.

Oliver doesn't need to hear investigators name a suspect.

"We did not have any reason to expect anything like this," she said.

Multiple sources tell WHNT News 19 officers found Penton's body inside a home on Thornmor Drive, in the English Village neighborhood, on Monday.

Those same sources confirm officers found two dogs shot to death and a bird with a snapped neck.

Investigators said a man also found in the home was unconscious.

"I'd say he should have taken his life like he took her life, if he was going to kill himself," said Oliver.

Oliver is working with family to give Colleen Penton a funeral.

"The money situation is bad, you know."  She admits there's a real struggle.

"They think the cheapest way would be cremation. She didn't have any policies we know of," Oliver said.

Penton's grandmother believes the family will make it through, but wants to take a second to direct a question to who the family believes killed the 34-year-old woman.

Oliver asked, "Why? Why couldn't you have just left and left her alone?" Oliver added, "Why take her life?"

Oliver is trying to set up a memorial fund at a local bank to accept donations from anyone willing to give.

People wanting to donate money can by visiting any Redstone Federal Credit Union. Donors should ask for the Colleen Penton account before giving money.


  • Christie Noah McGinnis

    I am disgusted by the type of reporting that would interview someones Grandmother hours after their murder.

  • jamison jones

    sorry for the family. our deepest condolenses go out to them and may the good Lord comfort you in this time of distress.
    However, its a very interesting set of events surrounding her death. i mean ‘drugged her and tried to overdose himself’. men who try to kill themselves usually use guns pointed to the head and 3/4 of the time, they make it. whats up with this dude? when he heals, he should be prosecuted twice and put to death thrice. he’s probably one of those people with this syndrome about women, ‘ if i can’t have you, no one will’

  • Dewite Preston

    Colleen Penton was the maid of Honor at my wedding and was family for years. She did not deserve to be killed and I hope that justice is carried out and the truth comes to light as to why. Prayers to all that this tragedy has effected. She is on all of our minds right now and so are all of her family and her two children. Please pray for all of us who knew her.

  • VickieS

    I don’t think that the reporter meant any harm. I am glad that the poor woman spoke out regarding the need for help with the funeral. The family does need to grieve but they also should not have to worry about how they will bury their loved one. Please everyone that can, go by the Redstone Federal Credit Union and make a donation. There but for the Grace of God….

  • Saeid C.J

    Oh my god ..Oh my god .. My heart is broking i cant believe im posting this..My name is C.J and we have the raceway on south parkway right beside south park by english village…she use to stop by here every morning and Get a drink and other stuff from me for the past 8 years..when i heard about it and found out who it was ,it brought tears to my eyes.. My prayers and thoughts go out to their family..i cant believe we are saying good bye to one of the most amazing and wonderfull female in our community..i remember when she was telling me she works 90 hours a weeks just to do anything and everything for her family and kids. I am truley sorry for your lost and my condolences gose out towards Colleene family and the close friend. R.I.P colleene , you are in the better place then all of us,and we will never forget you and your smile(Raceway: C.J, Mathew, Mike hill and billy tucker)im sorry im so so sorry im shatter in tears

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