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Bill Would Require Tennessee Schools to Teach Cursive Writing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WREG) – Students in Tennessee could soon be required to learn cursive handwriting.

House Bill 1697 would require all public school students in Tennessee to learn how to read and write in cursive, usually in or by the third grade.

State Rep. Sheila Butt, R-Columbia wrote the bill when parents told her their children could not read handwritten notes.  The House is scheduled could vote on the legislation today.

Rep. Butt believes fewer than half of Tennessee’s elementary school students are still taught handwriting in class.


  • Dinosaur

    I was learned to use the abacus when I was schooled. We need to keep teaching kids to use the abacus! What is this world a goin ta?

  • Randy Siniard

    You can make fun of it if you want to however children today that aren’t taught cursive will learn that when they are writing it is a lot harder to print fast when taking notes in college than it is to write in cursive. I should know because when I went to college I tried to print notes because my cursive is hard for me to read. My point a child that learns to write in cursive and learns it well will be able to write more clearly and faster than a child that doesn’t. I know some of you are thinking there is always a computer to fall back on, but unless you’re a speed demon on the keyboard or a true transcriber you’ll never be able to keep up with a professor as he talks in a class especially when he starts to get technical. If you are writing you can at least make a flick of the pen or pencil and keep writing. On a computer that’s hard because you might miss a line or two by the time you make that flick. Try it and see. I’ve been typing for 35 years now and I don’t have to look at the keys. Do you look at them?

    • Dinosaur

      Randy, it is obvious that you have not been in a college classroom for many years! Many classes have recorded lectures online that supplement the class. College age students today grew up on computers and can type very well. All smart phones have the ability to record and can take pictures of what the professor is showing in the class.

      • Dano

        2 of my college professors do not allow you to record lecture. My Business and Law professor teaches by lecture method. You have to write down what he says when he talks. He rarely writes on the board.

  • steven

    when i was in school i learned cursive, teachers asked me to stop writing with it because it was not very legible, infact none of my handwriting is

  • Jim

    My son took cursive handwriting 2 years ago in 3rd grade. I am glad he took it since now it is not taught because most people think its outdated. Well when the computers go down and you have to write its much easier to write cursive than printing. I think its lazy to not learn how to write cursive. How do you sign your name? Most documents require cursive..

  • Jerry

    In real world, I served as a staff officer in the military. Without cursive, my career would have ended very early. I had to take notes extremely fast. Wish i had also taken shorthand. Many places u cannot take a key board. Electronics are not always working….better have a backup plan.

  • Taylor

    When you start a conversation about cursive you cannot start with assumption that computers are going down. We aren’t going to make policy based on a lingering fear that the world will end any minute. Cursive is outdated. We don’t need two types of writing. One is sufficient. If kids want to learn they should learn on their own time. There are more important things to teach children.

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