Younger Generation Favors Gay Marriage

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – New data released by the Pew Research Center says many young people support gay marriage. The most surprising group of young people includes conservatives and those who align with the Republican party.

According to our news partners at, the majority of young Republicans 18-29 years old favor same-sex marriage with an approval rating of 61 percent. Thirty-five percent of young Republicans oppose the marriages.

The ideals are not shared by an older generation of Republicans, ages 50 and older, who only have a 27 percent approval rate of same-sex marriages.

The research shows younger Democrats are also more in favor of same-sex marriage than their older counterparts. Their approval rate is 77 percent in the study, which is 11 points higher than older Democrats.

This push comes after last summer’s Supreme Court ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act, which says states do not have to recognize marriages or bonds with same-sex couples that are recognized in other states. Both Republicans and Democrats, young and old, call for a change to more moderate standards, though.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    The ‘dumbing down’ and attacks on local religion/churches can now be meausred in how the younger generation perceivies the world…

  • Jennifer Berry

    Bravo! With all the hatred in the world today I’m glad to see young people acknowledge that the healing power of Love does not have to conform to society’s limits. As a Christian with many gay friends and sinning friends (wait, come to think of it, the Bible says that ALL my friends are sinners, even if I’m not privy to the exact nature; maybe they beat their spouses or otherwise break covenants, maybe they gossip, or maybe they are filled with self-righteous pride) I’m glad to know that one day maybe all my friends will finally be equal in being able to commemorate and celebrate the love they have found. And when they do, rather than RSVP “no” in an effort to make me feel more Godly or look more upstanding to my misguided neighbors, I will hug my friends’ necks and dance in joy that they are able to share their lives openly. And when someone asks why on earth I would do such a thing, why I would encourage such behavior, I will reply “because Jesus told me to LOVE”. Not to judge, not to hold back until they do it His way, not to limit His amazing blessings to those i find deserving… just to LOVE.

  • Skillpot

    Remember, I told you that the mentality of each generation changes, to the lower values? I blame Hollywood, and Wall Street; how about you?

  • jamison jones

    aaaaaaaaaah, here we go again with this dumb s***t. Look, be who you are but don’t expect everybody to agree with your choices. There is a ‘natural’ standard set by God that alot of folk have deviated from. whatever rationale you use to justify your deviation, you know, ‘love’, politics, money, well its all ‘good.’ As the law paradigm goes in this country, equal justice under the law, thats what everybody abides by, at least in the secular setting. Anywhere else in the world, LGBT”s will be met with stiff resistance and punishment including death by firing squad. However, this is America and hate against sexual deviants is a felony punishable by years in jail and fines by the IRS. Who wants any of that? Go on, express yourselves. In America you are ‘safe.’

  • jamison jones

    Gay people are really bullying America. Its a travesty all round. Politicians fear them, business people are terrified of them, the courts and congress are obviously in awe of them. WHATS UP WITH AMERICA?

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