UPDATE: 3-Year-Old Dies, Second Toddler Still Critical After Pool Accident

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SOMERVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Hospital confirms a 3-year-old who was found in a pool in Somerville Monday has died. Robbie Widner, one of two toddlers who apparently slipped out of the back door of the family's home on Callie Private Drive in Morgan County and later found unresponsive in the family's in ground swimming pool, was removed from life support Tuesday afternoon.

His cousin, Carter Peterson, who authorities say was "almost two years old," remains in critical condition in Huntsville Hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin says the two boys apparently got out of the back door unnoticed and its believed they both fell into the pool. Franklin says two relatives at the home who were watching the boys for their respective parents, told investigators they "may have been outside for a minute, maybe 30 minutes."

The frantic call for help went out around 5pm Monday afternoon. Sheriff's deputies were the first on the scene and administered CPR until relieved by responders who arrived moments later. Both boys were described as "apparently lifeless, unresponsive, with no pulse."

One of the boys was flown to Decatur-Morgan Hospital, the other transported by Crossroads Ambulance. Both were later transferred to Huntsville Hospital in critical condition. Sheriff Franklin says both boys had a pulse when moved to Huntsville.

"Anytime there's a child in trouble, these are the most difficult of calls that we respond to," Franklin said. "Those guys are both family men with their own children. It's especially hard on them," Franklin said of the two deputies who were the first of the responders to reach the children. A number of emergency personnel also rushed to the scene in an effort to help.


Emergency crews transport a child found face down inside a family pool in Morgan County Monday. (WHNT)

Franklin says there was absolutely no evidence of foul play and described the incident as a terrible accident.

When notified of the death Tuesday night, Franklin said, "Our hearts are broken, our prayers are with those families."

*Note: It was originally believed the boys' last names were Garcia. We apologize for the error.


  • DSD

    Please WHNT, disable the comments section on this story before the mental defectives take over and start playing the blame game.

  • Kaw

    They’re my cousins and they aren’t ‘t in good shape.Our family is very grateful and thankful for your prayers. Need a miracle for these babies.

  • Lois

    Pray they will make it. It is just best to not have or own a pool if small kids are around, as you just can’t keep an eye on them sometimes 24/7 and it would keep me worried sick daily if I owned a pool and had little ones. This happens all the time in the summer here in FL. Hope there will be a postive outcome.

  • Victor

    This is so sad. There are no words to describe this as it could happen anywhere, my prayers to their family and friends. Please if you own a pool have it locked off and get a pool alarm they can be found online cheap.I am always worried about my son getting into our pool. Little kids can run off not even be noticed. I was hoping so much that both would be ok. I hope the other one pulls through ok. It is a shame when accidents like this happen. I will be praying.

  • John Doe

    I know some folks may be tempted to pre-judge the situation but on the very same day of this accident my 4 year old & 5 year old sons got up before my wife woke up and went outside and jumped on the neighbors trampoline for probably around10-15 minutes. That was the first time they EVER did that.

    They always knew that they weren’t supposed to do that but something just came over them & they did it. I was away at school when it happened but when I heard about it & arrived home I had a talk with them, told them about the two precious boys that fell in the pool and then I spanked my boys.

  • Jeannie

    I have a nephew who survived an incident like this. You just can’t watch 24/7. God bless the family

  • Debbie

    Our Family has suffered a tragedy such as this years ago. These two family’s are suffering. Some of our folks are very close to this family and to hear this from our mother was the most Heart wrenching thing. I had a birthday party once and a 6 year old drawned in our pool. Luckily my husband and sister in law was able to revive him. The abulance came and took him to the hospital. He is doing well now. I personally had a nervous break down over it. His mother dropped him off in Swim cloths and never told us he could not swim. He jumped in the pool right in front of adults. All the sudden my son who was also six at the time said mama my friend does not look so good. It was then I seen him. If had it not been for my boy knowing so much about the pool and the danger it had, that little boy would have died. So I say this to show no matter what an accident can happen right in front of you and you not realize it until its to late. The lord works in mysteries ways. My heart goes out to these people. This will forever be in their heart and soul. May God be with these folks and the child that’s hanging on. This is truly the hardest thing to have to get past. To the family know that a lot of folks here in Florida are praying for you all. Our heart goes out to you all. Rest in peace Little Robbie:( .

  • amanda

    Much love and prayers of healing for the families and friends and entire community. To everyone trying to teach a lesson, now is not the time. Consider the feelings of those grieving and offer words of encouragement.

  • Amanda

    Prayers are with this family. Its hard enough to lose someone but it makes it even harder when it is a child. Someone who never got to have a life. I’m so sorry for the loss. Praying the other child makes it. <3

  • Kaw

    If anybody of ya’ll out there are able to donate any amount of money for baby Carter Peterson and his immediate family it would be greatly appreciated,they are really in need of assistance and Victory Fellowship Church in Falkville is accepting donations on behalf of “baby Carter Peterson” at P.O. Box 112 Falkville,AL 35622…If nothing else everybody reading this please keep him in your prayers,he really needs them and thanks to everyone that’s commented and is praying already our family is very grateful…God Bless You.

  • Brian Ponder

    no words can express how I feel about is horrific tragedy.sending all my prayers and love for baby Carter.where my heart is with little Robbie may he rest in peace with his mother.how can I help,or what can I do to see that they rest in peace together.

  • Rebecca

    Praying for these families. I am fortunate enough to never have experienced a tragedy like this, but my heart breaks for the families. I have 2 children so this hits home. Keep your doors locked, locks high enough children cannot reach them. 30 minutes is a long time to not have checked on a 2 and 3 year old. So many tragedies can be prevented.. Still praying for little guy to pull through and for the family of the one that has already went to be with the Lord.

  • John Sharber

    Robbie was my nephew and Carter is my grandson.this is a tragic accident and i want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.f Robbie will be sorely missed and please keep praying for our lil Carter(C.D.) God bless everyone

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