Woman Dead, Man Still Hospitalized After Situation in South Huntsville Neighborhood

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Police say a woman is dead and a man was rushed to Huntsville Hospital following a situation at a home in English Village.

Police rushed to 2400 block of Thornmor Drive SW just after 9 a.m. Monday to conduct a welfare check, specifically, a threat of a murder/suicide.

"We initially tried to get some information on who we were checking the welfare on and were unsuccessful at that point,” said Huntsville Police Captain JesHenry Malone.

Capt. Malone would not say who called for help from officers.  He did say officers got in touch with family members to figure out everything.

Police blocked off many streets in the English Village community. Each officer stood guard for a couple of hours until SWAT team members got into place.

“We just want to make sure, until we found out exactly what we were dealing with, there was no immediate threat to the immediate public in the area,” added Capt. Malone.

SWAT team members forced their way into the home a little before noon. Officers found a man and woman inside the home.

Capt. Malone says the woman, 34-year-old Colleen Penton, was dead and the man was unconscious. As of Tuesday morning, the man is still in Huntsville Hospital. His name hasn't been released yet, and he is not currently charged with a crime, but police are investigating further.

Neighbor Samantha Brown said she got chills.

“I just saw cops cars, SWAT teams and everything. It scared me,” said Brown.

SWAT team members rushed into the home. The SWAT team members found Penton’s body and a man unconscious.

“It kind of confuses me a little bit because they seemed happy,” added Brown.

Harold Bennett works with the neighborhood's community watch. He does it for a number of reasons.

“To protect neighbors and let people know someone is looking, so they can't just walk in, grab something and run with it. They got eye balls going around here,” added Bennett.

Bennett has kept his eyes open for his neighbors 26 years. He didn't know what to believe when he saw the yellow tape.

“I did not know what was going on until a lady told me up there. It just really bothers you people would do something like that you know,” added Bennett.

Huntsville Police haven't released any details about the circumstances of the case yet.  WHNT News 19 is working to get new information.


  • Jonathan

    For what it’s worth it is close enough that there were police cars and news media vans on Hobbs road when I was on my way to lunch.

  • martha brady

    it happened 4 houses from me and i had no awareness anything was happening until i left my house a little after 9 AM and saw police cars outside the home in one direction and a firetruck and emergency vehicle waiting a couple houses up in another direction. it was all very quiet. the noisy police cars came later, only after 4 cars quietly came to the scene.

  • sarahsprn

    People died!!!! what’s wrong with the world is people who are selfish and don’t give a damn about others, get over yourselves and say a prayer for these people and their children and family. We could use more love in the world not opinions!!! THEY WILL BE IN MY PRAYERS TONIGHT.

  • Family member

    It is sad when people have no clue of what is for sure starts gossiping about that which they have no clue about. Being a family member of the very ones involved in this situation the following words is to clarify everyones thoughts. He drugged her and she died. He then killed the animal’s in the house and then he took pills to try to kill himself. There you have it now the hole story. So stop all of your idiotic guesses and thoughts on guns and this being Obama related. It’s a sad day for the family and do what everyone should do in an event like this and pray for the family. That’s what I would do if it were your family. Thank you.

    • Craig Prettyman

      Thank you for the update and with how hpd and the media handled this situation was very vague with all due respect to the family I am sure but the info they released on the media left a lot for speculation. With that being said that is no excuse for some of the comments by ignorant people I am deeply sorry for your loss and my prayers go out to your family and Miss Colleen’s children especially.

    • Pikapower

      I’m so sorry for your loss, Family Member. It really upset me when people went on irrelevant things. Someone I know works with her and found out about what happened this morning…she seemed like a nice person. I pray for you and the rest of your family.

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