Huntsville’s Inaugural LIT Event Washes Downtown in Color

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Light + Innovation + Technology (LIT) event sponsored by The UAH College of Liberal Arts, Downtown Huntsville, Inc. & The Arts Council turned the historic downtown square into the most colorful place to be Saturday night.

Take a look at this time-lapse video below shot with a GoPro camera by WHNT News 19's David Wood during the event.

Comment below and tell us your thoughts on the inaugural LIT Event.


  • concerned citizen

    I wouldn’t say they turned downtown into the “hottest” place to be on Saturday night. It was interesting, but needs some tweaking. I don’t think the UAH School of Liberal Arts took into consideration that there would be children present, or if they did they did not take steps to make it family friendly. Some of their choice of music was vulgar AND continuation of the naked guy on the wall was a little much.
    I don’t think it will keep people coming to downtown, which is what is needed.

  • BamaGal

    We enjoyed being downtown with everyone. More things like this are needed to bring people back to the downtown area. However, I agree with “concerned citizen” about some of the music choices-there were MANY families with young children among the crowds and some of the music was innappropriate! (vulgar language) Had it been for “adults only” it would have been fine. (I guess I missed the naked guy on the wall?)
    Also, where were the “food trucks”?? This event would have been perfect for the food trucks to have been available to us.
    Hopefully, more events will follow that we can enjoy in the downtown area.

  • Susan

    My family really enjoyed the evening. This is a great way to bring people of all ages out, mostly everyone can relate to music. The lights were fun and it made for a festive atmosphere. This is especially great for young teens and older to give them someplace safe to enjoy themselve. Thought the music choices were great and appropriate. Only thing missing was the lack of vendors. They should make this a monthly event in the Spring and Summer. For the first time I think UAH and Huntsville did a great job.

  • Michael

    I think they could divide it up. From 7-9 would be family friendly with some of the songs they played the other night (“Electric Slide,” “Cha Cha Slide”, etc.). Then have the remaining two hours play the more adult oriented rap and techno music. Just tossing ideas around.

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