“Tebow Bill” For Homeschool Athletes Moves Through Legislature

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-Should homeschool athletes get to play and compete for their local public high school? That’s the focus of the so-called “Tebow Act”, which is back on the radar of the Alabama Legislature.

HB 503 is named after former Florida quarterback and Heisman Winner Tim Tebow, who famously led his high school to a state championship during his senior year while being homeschooled. 29 other states already have similar versions of the Tebow Act, but not Alabama.

The House Education Committee passed the bill this week, which now awaits a vote on the floor. Rep. Phil Williams (R-Huntsville) says the legislation is long overdue.

“I think everyone should be able to participate provided they follow the rules,” said Williams. “If so many other states have found a way to make it happen, we need to find a way.”

The AEA and Alabama High School Athletic Association have tried to block similar legislation in the past, arguing that it would take away team slots for public school students. But proponents say homeschool families pay taxes that fund schools like everyone else, and deserve equal access.

“I think us passing this in committee is a message to the professionals in the education business in Montgomery,” said Rep. Williams. “Come on. If others can do this, let’s do it here too.”


  • David0

    Little Johnny do whatever he wants all day, then join the school that was not good enough for him and take the team place of a hard-working kid who shows up and spends all day in class. Sounds fair to me!

    • E.S.

      If you think homeschooled kids don’t work hard, you’re simply very, very ignorant. Learning in a different way doesn’t mean not working hard.

  • Brian

    We homeschool our children and when they get old enough to play sports in Middle School & High School I would love for them to have that opportunity. I pay just as much in taxes as everyone else. My taxes dollars fund the teams and the costs so why should my children not have the opportunity to play? Am I a 2nd class citizen who can be taxed but not allowed to partake of the benefits?

    I can understand why some folks can’t understand this logical & reasonable piece of legislation…its because they went to public schools. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist! Please forgive me!

    On a serious note, there is no rational or logical reason to deny home schooled student the opportunity to play on public school teams. There are EMOTIONAL reasons but no LOGICAL reasons.

    Quit being emotional.

  • Dick

    This works very well here in Minnesota… Homeschooled kids are great teammates… We have open enrollment here. Meaning you can go to any school you want. Homeschoolers have to compete at their local school.

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