Decatur: On-Again, Off-Again Sweetwater Development May Be On Again

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - The Decatur City Council held a specially called meeting Thursday afternoon and immediately went into executive session. One councilman made it clear the meeting was to discuss a proposed new development in the area, but no one is yet on the record with details. There is, however, plenty of speculation and the president of the city council says it's a big deal.

Council President Gary Hammon called the meeting to order and turned the floor over to Councilman Chuck Ard, who read from a prepared statement.

"Being a person both involved in the recruitment and retention of an entity and possessing personal knowledge that the discussion will involve matters of information covered under the Alabama Trade Secrets Act, hereby certify by this written declaration that an open discussion would have a detrimental effect on the competitive position of a party to the negociations," Ard read.

With that, the council voted unanimously to go into executive session and left the council chambers.

As he left, Council President Hammon told reporters he was not directly involved in the negotiations.

"This meeting was called to listen to a proposal that the mayor has been involved in negociating. we've got a councilman, if it's the one I think it is, who has been working with him, Chuck Ard, and the rest of us are kinda up in the air," Hammon said. He added, "The mayor has been good to keep me in on the highlights but I don't know all the details yet. So me and and Billy and Charles and Roger are about to go find out if there's something worth proceeding on."

Hammon also said if this comes to fruition, it would be very good news for Decatur. And then he said let's see if its something we can live with.

There are some who believe this might be the ressurection of the so-called Sweetwater Development package, a proposed development at I-65 and Highway 20 that would bring a Bass Pro Shop to the area. We hope to find out officially on Monday.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    One can guess all the inside real estate deals are not working to someone’s local advantage as BassProShop refuses to yield their control of the retail rental spaces under their “roof” of such a development.

    The rental income from owning & renting out the other retail store front spaces has become the majority of BassProShop’s profits now with sporting good sales so flat and/or declining for the last decade.

    BassProShop is a tough cookie to deal with for the locals and that has been the crux of this “off & on ” saga now for the last many years.

    BassProSop does not play well with the good’ol’boys here who want it their way.

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