UPDATE: Owner of Bench Warmer Too Surrenders Liquor License Permanently

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Bench Warmer Too (WHNT News 19 File)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The owner of Bench Warmer Too will not face the Alcohol Beverage Control Board March 5, 2014 as expected.

Marvin Cassady temporarily handed over his liquor license the day after five people were shot inside the bar. The shooting happened January 12, 2014.  Police say a 15-year-old boy got past bouncers and shot two juveniles and three adults inside the Bench Warmer Too.  The investigation into the shooting continues. A spokesman for the ABC Board confirms Cassady decided later to permanently give up the license.

Cassady’s temporary forfeiture paved way for members of the ABC Board to schedule a hearing. The bar owner’s permanent forfeiture cancels the hearing. Lawyers for the shooting victim are continuing to build their case.

Members of the ABC Board wanted to use a hearing to figure out if Cassady or his staff violated ABC Board rules.

The group tasked with oversight of alcohol distribution in Alabama would have also used the hearing to determine if Bench Warmer Too was a public danger.

Board members have removed the hearing for Cassady from their docket.

“The pulling of the licensure from Bench Warmer Too doesn`t really affect our case too much because the events have already happen to my clients,” said Attorney Will League.

League represents two people shot inside the club in January. He is seeking monetary compensation for a bar security guard and innocent bystander.

“With that many shots going at different folks, it`s lucky no one was killed in this incident,” added League.

Investigators with the Huntsville Police Department believe a teenager pulled a trigger. The unidentified teenager is in custody.

League knows the shooter is responsible, but is also working to hold Cassady accountable.

League hopes the lawsuit will prompt change.

“What we would like to see as attorneys and victims, is stricter laws determining how minors can come in and partake,” added League.

League has run into some difficulty going after Cassady. League told WHNT News 19 Cassady has some ownership insurance offering some extra legal protection.

WHNT News 19 is checking with different sources to see what will become of the business, located at 3000 University Drive.


  • Kahbreya James

    I jus want to thank whnt 19 for coming to a conclusion of whats going to hhappen to this place ,, because the night of that shooting me an my bestfriend were there ,, an it took place right in front of her. If it wasn’t for us being there with one another ,, we could of lost each other. But thanks alot for this !

  • preacher

    they need to shut down ALL clubs/bars that serve alcohol. Alcohol is a equal opportunity destroyer. Amen…

  • Bob

    Thank goodness! That place was nothing but a cesspool for violence and drugs. North Huntsville (Little Birmingham) will be better off without it.

  • preacher

    Proverb 20:1, “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”

    • Valis

      And yet, Jesus turned water into wine, and gave wine to his disciples and told them to drink. you going to believe Solomon, or Jesus? Everything in moderation, Jesus understood this, why dont you?

  • preacher

    Valis, a proper study of the Word Of God will show that the wine Jesus made was NOT “fermented” wine. There is no comparison to that wine and the wine of today. Please stop twisting scripture to your liking. Amen..

    • Realist

      The Greek word “oinos” refers to fermented (i.e. alcoholic) wine. The word is used in the John’s account of Jesus turning water into wine and it is also used by Paul in Ephesians 5:18 where he warns “do not get drunk with wine”. In both instances, alcoholic wine is referenced.

  • Preacher

    And The Lord king Christ told his children to stay away from the highness, to only take spirits if they are taxable and sponsored by anhiser Busch, The Lord also gave tobacco and prescription meds for you all to enjoy and vote rebuplican. Praise be to Jesus and nick Sabah and please allow the south to remain stupid and fat -exodus 17:322

  • cole

    Lets hold everybody accountable except the ones that actually comminted the crime . Its the new norm for America .

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