Kristina Huber Smiles At Photographers, Says She Did Not Kill Her Mother

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Kristina Kandace Huber was in court this afternoon to answer a charge of murder. She’s accused of gunning down her mother at the family’s home in Morgan County in January.

Kristina Huber seemed to be smiling as she was led away from the Morgan County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon. Inside, just moments earlier, her case was bound over to the grand jury. Outside, she almost seemed to be celebrating.

“They don’t have that much evidence,” Kristina Huber told WHNT News 19 as she was walked to a waiting patrol car to transport her back to the Morgan County Jail. We asked if she had really shot her mother, to which she said, “No, I didn’t shoot her.”

Huber twice told reporters she did not kill her mother Tuesday. Melissa Huber, 43, died from a single gunshot wound to the chest on January 5th. Kristina Huber was immediately identified as the key suspect in the case.

At her preliminary hearing Tuesday afternoon, an investigator testified of finding the gun believed used in the killing in Huber’s home. He said neighbors testified of seeing Kristina Huber running from the area just before her mother’s body was discovered. Two cardboard signs were found in the home, one of which said ‘I’ll kill you.’ Investigators testified Kristina admitted to making the sign.

The judge ruled there was sufficient evidence to send the case to the grand jury. We’ll watch for a possible indictment. No trial date has been set.


  • Daisy Faye Buchannan

    Please don’t begin a sentence with a numeral. That’s a basic grammar rule that the writer should have learned in third grade.

  • Sue

    This girl sounds like a mean witch who wanted her mother dead! Who would make a sign saying they was going to kill their mother? Now she is laughing about it! I cannot imagine wanting to kill my own mother! Fry her! She should be crying about her mother’s death not celebrating. Guilty!!! She is worthless!

  • jamison jones

    The drugs have won off. Remember her mugshot? Now its time to face reality. She’ll sit there for about 2 years before her trial, let alone the outcome. I mean she has tonnes of time to reflect.

  • Blake

    @ Sue: We can not already say that she is guilty. We don’t know all the facts of the case. Should she be laughing and smiling, no; but have you ever gotten some news that you couldn’t believe. Also, where did they say that the carboard sign said I’ll kill you mom. Your comment is a prime example of one of the problems with society; we hear what we want to hear, we re-arrange what we hear, and we are ready to throw stones without hearing all the facts.

    Now for those who feel I am siding with her; it does lead one to believe she is guilty because of neighbors seeing her flee the scene. However, without knowing the circumstance, she may have been running from the person that shot her mom.

  • Sue

    I would not react laughing- NO! She has time to get over her hearibg the news and she is having fun with the mugshot. Not only is she being accused of killing her mother but she cannot shed a tear for her. She actually thinks it is funny and is sure she will not be convicted. Some people do not feel anything. You are a prime example of making excuses for the obvious and why so many guilty walk!

  • English

    We knew this family; James and his wife worked for us, cutting down numerous pine trees and helping with clearing our yard. Good people. Melissa used to be able to help; we saw her deteriorate and Melissa told us, with many tears, that Melissa had been diagnosed as delusional and schizophrenic – they could not get her committed for help because she is not a minor. James and Melissa were paying, out of pocket, $1500.00 a month for the daughter’s medications; many days the daughter would not take them and would slip away at night. James and Melissa tried and tried . . .James obviously had more sorrow, worry and grief than one man could humanly handle, especially after trying so hard to get help for their daughter.

  • English

    Sorry for my errors in the original comment. I intended to say that Melissa and James saw their daughter, Kristina, deteriorate and that she, Kristina, had been diagnosed with serious mental illness.

  • jamison jones

    she’ll be alright where she’s at. 24 hr check, free medical, food, and all else. she won’t run off.

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