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Women’s Group Helping Those in Need Just ‘Cause

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Do you ever feel like doing something nice for someone for no reason? One woman in Huntsville does that all year long with the help of a small network of women who also want to make a difference. They’re supporting community projects, Just 'Cause.

WHNT NEWS 19 Viewer Donna Rush sent us this email nominating the group’s founder. It reads in part:

“Amy Bellis Jackson researches and selects needs in our community. She is creating a culture of caring. The ability to mobilize volunteers is an amazing accomplishment. Not as amazing as Amy!”

With $319 in cash secretly tucked away inside a copy of Little Red Riding Hood, WHNT NEWS 19 surprised Jackson at her home where she was hosting a brunch and collecting book donations.

Jackson gave us a warm, slightly worried welcome, so I quickly explained that we were there to make a donation and encouraged her to open the book.

“Oh!!” shouted Amy when she saw the cash stashed inside.

After a round of applause and a hug for Donna, who nominated her, Jackson explained to us how for years, she searched for a way to give back to the community.

“One day a friend of mine was going to Africa,” explains Jackson. “She buys beads and works with women there and I said 'well, we can collect supplies for her.' Everybody brought something little and it ended up being big.”

That concept created the group Just ‘Cause.

“That’s what it’s all based on,” says Jackson. “Everyone can do something small and it becomes something big.”

Whether it's collecting coats or making bracelets, since January 2012, Jackson and about 75 women in the Facebook group she organizes support a cause each month.

“We have made goodies bags for children in the hospital on Halloween because they can’t go trick or treating,” describes Jackson.

When asked if this Pay it Forward money would help, Jackson answered, “Yes! I’m so excited! This is a big thing. We usually have little things that add up, but this is big. This is huge. Thank you.”

The donated books will be given a local cycling group that's participating in Ride for Reading Huntsville. They will physically ride the books to schools that need them in the libraries.