Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sending Nude Photos to Student

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SUSAN MOORE, Ala. (WHNT)--  A Blount County teacher entered a guilty plea Monday to transmitting obscene material to a minor.  Deputies arrested Crystal Clowdus, 32, back in December.  She was a teacher at Susan Moore High School.

"The plea agreement is that she will will receive a ten year sentence, suspended on nine years of that," said District Attorney Pamela Casey. " She will serve 9 months in the Blount County jail, followed by 6 months of house arrest."

Clowdus will also have to surrender her Alabama teaching license and will have to register as a sex offender.

According to Casey, Clowdus was sending nude photos of herself to a 15-year-old male student.   Casey says the teacher also propositioned the student for sex via text message.

Casey was also critical of school officials who she says didn't not report the incident after it was brought to their attention.

"The principal was aware of a situation three weeks before the parent of the victim became aware.   Fast forward.   The parent approaches the principal and he indicates he wants to keep this in house."

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation has been brought in to look into why school officials did not report the incident in a more timely manner.


  • Christopher

    For all of you ignorant people who think that tenured teachers cannot be fired, here is the proof that you are wrong!!!

    • Branko Pezdi

      And who has said that tenured teachers cannot be fired or imprisoned for gross felonies? This has nothing to do with the fact is that it is virtually impossible to fire a bad unionized teacher. One reason is that it is a prohibitively costly process. This is why NYC, for instance, keeps dozens of bad teachers on the sidelines at full salaries. Tenure and unionization are vehicles for mediocrity and corruption above all else.

      • Christopher

        The truth must have hit reality based on your comments. In other words, you must be one of the people I was referencing.

    • bill

      The biggest news in the story is her losing her teaching license,and her boss ,covered it up for three weeks. Why did he NOT report is? anyone want to guess?

    • Christopher

      If you all read Sammy’s comment that is one. Someone by the name of Bob has argued with me for several years that an AEA member cannot lose their job for any reason, even a felony. Of course, Bob will lay low when something finally contradicts his ignorance…

    • Christopher

      Again, ignorance prevails. The AEA does not set educational standards, they are presently determined by the State Board of Education. If the legislature has its way, elected politicians will determine them with their abolition of the Common Core Standards. AEA has let no one down. Any teacher convicted of a felony automatically has their teaching certificate revoked AEA member or not, tenured or not, retired or not… You just can’t admit that can you?

    • Christopher

      First of all, we are not talking about ideas but reality. Secondly, you keeping throwing the number 42 as if it is something significant. If you know so much, I guess you know that rankings are based on many more things than test scores. The amount of money spent on each student in a particular state which is determined by the legislature is considered in the statistics. Graduation rates are also a part of the statistics and says more about the culture than the schools system. You can make statistics say what you want, but you have to look at the variables behind the numbers before you use them to bolster your claims. Finally, the very thing that can improve those numbers, the Common Core Standards, are in danger of being rejected by those who wish to continue to hold the state back.

    • Christopher

      Furthermore, Sammy, the amount of course offerings, electives, etc., helps determine where a state ranks. Thus, there has to be funding to hire teachers to teach the courses that raise each state into a higher ranking. Again, the legislature will not fund them, but it is the school system that get blamed. In reality, a lack of support for education at home has as much to do with the success of a school as the school itself… It truly takes a village to educate children.

    • ted wilson

      Christopher, what is the average dollar amount spent on a child ,per year, in Alabama, for their education . thanks ted

  • Nuclear Mike

    Boy…going to school nowadays is so different than a few decades ago where it was just the students who had a “crush” on the teacher and not the teacher ‘doing’ the students…so much has been lost for no longer singing the national anthem, pledging alligance to the flag and the Lord’s prayer before starting the school day…

  • KB

    What gets me is that she gets 9 mo. in jail followed by 6 mo. house arrest for sending pics and propositioning yet the other stories I’ve seen on here about the ones who actually raped a person get the split sentences where they can be on house arrest. WTF????

  • teacher

    Goes to show that one bad apple can give 99.9% of dedicated educators a negative representation of the profession

    • Branko Pezdi

      Never mind the decades now of shameful academic underperformance by American schoolkids relative to the rest of the world.

  • jamison jones

    Thats a very pretty teacher. If i was 15, i wouldn’t mind pictures from her.she’s really pretty.i bet you anything, that boy likes ’em pictures. I wish she was alot smarter with the whole thing. Now is that some form of sexual deviation? A boy and at 15, hmmm, if i’m the dad i would be more ‘forgiving’ and ‘patient’ cuz i wouldn’t have to worry about his sexuality. As an administrator, i guess school policy overrides everything but well, we’ve seen other cases..may kay letouneou, the pretty blonde teacher, i mean, ……….thats one of those situations.

  • Skillpot

    How did this story come to be? Was the 15-year old a snitch; bragging to his peers? Was the boy harmed in any way? NO! Okay, drop the charges, and restore her teachers certificate, and take her out of the 9-months deal!

  • jamison jones

    chuckie, i’m a man and i know pretty when i see one. Don’t know about you. Don’t ‘adminstratively’ like what she did but heck, boys these days mature alot faster than you think. I would have to make sure his priorities are right… but hey, i would look at him with a little wink in my eye. lol

  • Juan

    What an idiot. No job, jail and has to register as a sex offender for life. I hope that goob was worth it.

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