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Outdoor Expo Saves Money with Food, Fun, Prizes and No Charge for Vendors

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  There's a money-saving event in Huntsville where attendees can enjoy all kinds of food, fellowship, music and prizes while learning about all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities.

It's a family event at the Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville.  Plus, there's no charge to set up a booth at the event.

It's a money-saving mechanism to lure in visitors to the church.

"Trying to outreach to the whole community, get the community together involved ," said David Whitman, one of the event organizers.  "This event reaches out in a way that's a little outside the norm for churches."

For the last eight years, Whitesburg Baptist has held an Outdoor Expo featuring food, fun, fellowship, music, prizes and a motivational speaker.  You get it all for about the same price you'd pay for just dinner at a restaurant.

The event features dozens of vendors set up to share their expertise and wares on all kinds of outdoor activities.

"The gamut of vendors runs from ATV dealers, boat dealers, we have a lot of archery, if you're into archery, that's a good thing.  We have bow fishing, we have archery," said Whitman.  "We'll have a range set up inside and that's great for the kids.  They'll be able to go over, hands on, do some bow shooting."

And if that's not enough to pique interest, organizers know the other way to draw in an crowd is with free food.

"The food is fantastic," said Whitman.  "We have everything form people who want to try something exotic like buffalo, we've had alligator. Frog legs are always a big hit and then we have catfish and we tame it all the way down to chicken nuggets."

Furthermore, your entry ticket also puts you in the running for lots of prizes given away throughout the event.

And vendors score too.  There's no charge to them for setting up a booth.  Although, they're asked to bring something to give away in the prize drawings.

"We do give away a lot of prizes.  We have five shotguns we're giving away this year," said Whitman.

Each year, around 600 people attend.

The Outdoor Expo goes from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Friday, March 7th.

Tickets are $12 in advance for adults, $8 for kids.  The price goes up to $15 on the day of the event.

You can get tickets at the church's recreation office at 7300 Whitesburg Drive.

Call them at (256) 704-5678, ext. 715, to register for a booth or if you have any questions.

Church officials say the church makes no money off this event. Officials aim to break even on the costs to host the event, but usually don't. The money from ticket sales pays for the speaker and various expenses the church incurs by putting together the Outdoor Expo.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    We use to wash cars on Saturday for our church funds for youth…now commercialism has greatly increased in many of our church activities…the liberal use of the word “free” is duly noted except for the $12/15-$8 admission fee …praise God and bring your cash…I guess the offering plate no longer works…next they will be selling fireworks too as other churches do…600X$15=$9,000 so I guess the church can afford the 5 shotguns giveawy…or was it the ‘souls’ they are after?

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