Huntsville Utilities Confirms Active Investigation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – An anonymous caller told us some Huntsville Utilities employees got into hot water for selling water meters for scrap metal near the Tennessee state line.

After speaking with the tipster, we made some calls of our own.

We called three businesses in the area that would handle that kind of metal. Employees at one business told us they hadn’t heard a word.

At another they confirmed they’d worked with Huntsville Utilities recently on a situation like the one our tip described, but directed us to the power company for details.

At a third, they told us they wouldn’t comment. So, we started making calls to folks in the know with Huntsville Utilities.

We tried City Council Member John Olshefski, who also holds a position with Huntsville Utilities. He confirmed an investigation is taking place.

We called Huntsville Utilities Spokesperson Bill Yell, who told us the same.

When we got another Huntsville Utilities spokesperson, Gary Whitley, in front of the camera, you can imagine what he said.

“There is an ongoing investigation, and we have no additional information to share at this time,” said Whitley.

WHNT News 19 is going to stay on top of this investigation. When we dig up more information, we will update you.


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