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Good Samaritan Helps Injured Dog on Freeway

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HOUSTON, Texas (KHOU) - An injured dog didn't stand a chance on a busy freeway in Texas until a good Samaritan pulled over to help.

Rickey Young was in his truck when he heard reports warning drivers about a dog in the freeway.

Young was nearby and went to the area to check on the dog. The dog was hurt, and backed away from Young at first, but luckily, Young is a quick thinker.

He pulled out a sandwich and coaxed the dog into letting him help.  Traffic camera caught the good deed on video.

Young took the dog to a vet's office. She needed surgery but is expected to be okay.

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  • Sue

    How nice of him to help! What a sweet dog. I am glad things worked out good. Thanks for stopping – you are a HERO!!!!

  • Carol Blevins

    So nice to see in the world today when people are so cruel to animals that there are still good caring people in the world. God bless you for your actions . Hats off to the vet too!!!

    • Sue

      Yes! I am glad he took the injured dog to the vet right away! Sounds like the poor little dog would have died soon if not for the hero and the second hero.A caring quick vet! I hope she gets agood home. She must have been terrified.

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