Governor Bentley Visits Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Governor Robert Bentley spent the afternoon with business owners in Florence.  It’s a part of his Road to Economic Recovery Tour.

According to Bentley, the purpose of his Road to Economic Recovery tour is to visit communities and discuss local economic conditions and state-level efforts to attract more jobs in Alabama.

Governor Bentley toured three businesses and held a roundtable discussion at the Shoals Chamber of Commerce with Shoal's business owners.

The governor addressed such topics as employee health insurance, state bids, tax money, higher education and internet sales taxes. The governor says Alabama has the lowest unemployment rate in the south, and he wants that to continue. He believes listening to business owners will help create jobs for Alabamians.

"We're here, honestly, here to serve you.  We're here to serve the people of this state. Bureaucracy ought to not get in the way. So if there is a problem. We ought to solve the problem. As we help people with their individual problems, we help businesses thrive. That's what our goal is and that's why we're here today," said Governor Bentley.

The governor says he'll start going on listening tours around the state twice a week, once the legislative session wraps up.

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