Madison Hospital Celebrates 2 Years Amid ‘Tremendous’ Growth

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cakeMADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – When Madison Hospital administrators pass out pre-sliced anniversary cake to guests and staff they’re celebrating more than just two years on the ground as a grounded, community medical facility; the hospital is also enjoying a baby boom, admitted growing pains and high demand from new patients and medical professionals alike.

“There are days when it seems we have been here 10 years to be quite honest,” says hospital President Mary Lynne Wright. “It has flown by though, it really has.”

In the business world, 2 years is a drop in the proverbial bucket. But in that short time Madison Hospital has witnessed “tremendous growth” according to Wright.

Take the emergency room for example: At the onset the hospital planned to see about 19,000 emergency patients a year.

“We’re on track this year to see close to 38,000 patients,” Wright says. “So that’s how this community has really endorsed this community has endorsed and supported this hospital and that’s been very fulfilling for us.”

Of course emergency doctors had to quickly adapt to growing numbers. The same can be said in labor and delivery department which can provide a quantifiable number to the phrase “baby boom.”

“We’re doing about 65 births a month right now; we started off with 20 to 25 a month, so that’s growing.”

The facility is indeed a community hospital – not a 900 bed tertiary facility like parent site, Huntsville Hospital. Wright admits there was in fact a concern in the beginning if people would trust a smaller hospital with less specialized resources. But people seem to realize that there’s really no issue that can’t be addressed, because Wright says if Madison can’t handle a particular situation, patients feels confident in knowing big sister just down the street can take care of specialized needs.

“We’ve had people come in our emergency room having a heart attack and we’ll have them downtown in the cath lab in thirty minutes,” Wright assures.

Madison has even had their first repeat delivery.

“We’ve had a mom have two babies with us,” beams Wright, “and that was just an incredible thing that her experience was so good with us for the first baby that she wanted to come back here to have second child as well.”

The hospital is hoping to add three more ER examination rooms in addition to the 3 added 6 months into operations.

In addition to more feasible ventures like adding more patient rooms, Madison hospital is courting more lofty ideas like the eventual purchase of a robot for automated operations.

This summer the hospital will be bringing a new general surgeon on board  and ear nose and throat doctors will be adding a new partner.

“We’re truly blessed with the opportunities that we’ve had and what this community had done for us already, “Wright says.


  • Skillpot

    Have you ever visited the area, say from Huntsville, to the location? It is a shame that the Hospital, and the Physicians Building were put in that location! Traveling west on US Hway 72, and to get into the location is something else! Try it, and find out for yourself! Just try to get out of the maze, from the Physicians Building!

    Bad, bad judgement on the part of those responsible for building in the location!

    It is kinda like the business judgement for Whole Foods to locate at the corner of Bob Wallace, and S Memorial parkway!

    Remember business people, location, location is the key!

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