Lauderdale Grand Jury Determines Probable Cause of 2013 Deadly Fire

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Lauderdale County grand jury has reviewed the case of a fatal fire and determined there is probable cause to believe that a man who died in the fire, caused it.

According to district attorney Chris Connolly, this week a grand jury reviewed the fire investigation in which 68-year-old Sandy Brewer, 67-year-old Bobby Brewer, and their nephew Bradley Adams died in back in March of 2013.

Investigators determined that the cause of the fire was arson in April, 2013.

Connolly says the grand jury saw enough evidence to conclude Bradley Adams killed his aunt and uncle, and then set their home on fire.

Investigators say Adams then died when he was overcome by smoke and fire.

Connolly says the grand jury also concluded Adams acted alone in the deaths.


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