Aaron Lucas Sentenced to 20 Years to Life in Colorado for Kidnapping & Sex Assault Against a Child

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. (WHNT/KKTV) - CBS station KKTV is reporting that Aaron Lucas, who pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and sex assault against a child late last year, has been sentenced to 20-years to life.

Colorado authorities say Aaron Lucas exposed himself, then lured or attempted to lure girls under the age of 12 to commit sexual acts with him. He pleaded guilty late last year to four counts of sexual assault on a child, three counts of enticement of a child, two counts of indecent exposure, and one count of second-degree kidnapping.

During the two-year period Colorado authorities say Aaron Lucas committed the crimes, he was stationed at Fort Carson.

Aaron Lucas' twin brother, Brian Lucas, has been arrested in a separate case  and charged with two counts of first degree sodomy and two counts of first degree sexual abuse.

Brian Lucas' bond was recently revoked.

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  • mark

    20 years to live is not what he should get.Him or anyone that kidnaps and rapes a child or any other person should be put to death as soon as there is enough proof that he did the crime.

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