Three In Custody Following Arab High-Speed Chase

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Courtesy of Arab PD

ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) Three people are in custody following a high-speed car chase in Arab.

Arab police say officers were involved in the chase Thursday afternoon.

Arab Police Chief Ed Ralston says  the chase got up to speeds of nearly 100 miles an hour. Officers say they abandoned the chase, but then later found and arrested three people.

Chief Ralston says Kathy Edwards, Anna Sullivan and Jamie Bailey are in custody.

He says the three are facing several charges including possession with intent to distribute, reckless endangerment, and false reporting.

Police also seized 4 thousand dollars.

The three will be transported to the Marshall County Jail.

The chase stemmed from an attempted traffic stop.



    So glad to see that Arab Police Department has finally arrested people that deserve to be arrested, and aren’t still putting false warrants out on people for favors to others. I moved back to Arab this past year, which is where my family has lived all their lives, and my parents are very well known in the community. I was pulled over for a traffic violation, and the next thing I knew I was arrested and taken to jail not knowing why. Later finding out, after paying about $800 dollars that it was my ex-husbands wife that had taken a warrant out on me through a police officer friend at Arab Police Department, all because her husband owes $25,000 in child support arrearage. Please be careful. If someone doesn’t like you, they can cause you so much heartache if they know someone that works for Arab Police Department. It’s all about money, regardless if you have done anything or NOT! Also, keep in mind that this warrant was from 2009. The time that I enforced child support to be paid. Please be careful. Favors do take place

    • Annette Clayton

      Jennifer, officers cannot issue warrants. They are issued by the magistrate’s office, a department of City Hall. Officer’s are obligated to take reports from the public and have no way of determining whether or not the reports are true if they were not witness to the incident. After that, the person who filed the report takes the report to City Hall for THEM to determine whether or not a warrant can be issued. If you were arrested on that warrant for something someone falsified, you can seek legal action against that person. Falsifying a police report is a legal offense. Call Ed if you have questions; you have his number.

  • Why Hate The Police

    Everybody says the same thing,”it was a setup” “Its the police’s fault” “I didn’t do anything”

    • Gail Doss

      Well let’s see! Pulling weapons on people not wearing a seatbelt, giving tickets for not using a directional signal, giving tickets for going 39 in a 35 mile an hour zone. Not obeying the traffic laws themselves but expecting the general public to do so….just a few reasons the police are not respected in Arab.

    • Michael

      People don’t hate the police. They simply want them held accountable. Not saying they were right or wrong in this case.

  • Cassandra

    Great job APD! Nothing but respect for the men and women who put their life on the line every day. They have always gone above and beyond when my family has needed them.

  • Dale Holaway

    Its good that they used their heads and called off the chase and could arrest them later without someone else getting hurt. Keep up the good work Arab just don’t slack up !!

  • Your Mom

    Dan, there are a bunch of good ones, but the bad ones spoil the bunch. There are a few hypocrites . Some “do as I say do, not as I do” kind of guys. And if you’re the Dan I think you are, you know exactly which ones are questionable. It’s just everyone affected is to afraid of the “repercussions” (like stated in the comment above) of speaking up and making a formal report. Much like a few officers did recently and nothing happened, except of course a nice big inner office target placed on their backs.

  • Cricket

    I think Arab is a great place to live, but also have seen some police do things they shouldn’t. One thing was when waiting to turn into the parking lot of WM, and a policeman was turning in behind another vehicle, and was on its butt. I thought well maybe he was checking the tag. Nope, he parked right in front of WM and went in. Sooo I said, maybe he was called there for a shop lifter.. so when I got in I looked for him around the front didn’t see him. It was the night before Valentines and I said to my daughter he was probably going to get flowers and last minute card shopping. We went to look around the card area, GUESS who was there. I do appreciate the things policeman/firemen do for us (but it is their job) they get paid for doing it like others get paid for doing their jobs. They are not to be put on top of the totem pole and think the position they have give them the right to tailgate, park where they shouldn’t, and do things on the time we pay them to protect us. Have seen police in HSV do things they shouldn’t also, like someone said before…They should set examples not break the rules too. Giving tickets to someone not using their blinker, or tailgating, littering YES, that should happen…but policeman speeding in a city/county/state vehicle to get home! Seen it several times,and have seen some cars speeding and pass a policeman the looks like they are doing radar, but they do not go get them… why? what was the reason they let that person go but not the next one…. did they know that person, family, friend, church family….. hmmmmm. But still appreciate all the ones that are there to protect us and do their job the right way.

  • storm shelter

    so when an injustice happens, involving the police, to whom do you you report the injustice to? you are sent to the police, so you go where? to tell the very person you’ve suffered the injustice from. getting anywhere?

  • Pam

    No, when you see an injustice, you can call the Chief of Police or go to the Mayor’s office, or the City Council, and report it… but make sure that what you report is true… don’t falsify, even in advertently, about anything. Make sure you have the day, time, tag or car number… Give them all the details… they could have thier license pulled, they could loose thier jobs… But do remember, we have not always had the best in uniform, but they are trying to make a difference, and they do come when called, and they are the ones, police and fireman, who put thier lives on the line everyday, when a lot of others won’t… and the pay is NOT all that either… So remember the old saying about walking in another’s shoes, or judging lest not you be judged? Just sayin

  • Your Mom

    Pay is irrelevant. They knew the pay scale when the applied for the position. What IS relevant is the good ole boy bullcrap that goes on up there, and the top of the chain is part of it. personally I’m sick and tired of watching certain police think they run the city, and most of all think they have the right to try and control me. You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. Some of them are a joke. The y only ticket who they don’t like, and they step all over civil liberties. I only hope someone doesn’t get hurt in their wild chases and above the law escapades. Something needs to be done, but someone with deep pockets has the “cream of the crop” protected…

  • @Jennifer green

    That statement is false Jennifer and the officers do not have the authority to place a warrant on you. They have to apply for a warrant and then it has to be approved by magistrate with evidence.

  • Your Mom

    That’s crap…They work WITH the magistrate. All they have to do is ask and the good ole boy network will provide. and if you THINK that can’t happen, you either live under a rock, OR you’re one of “those” cops…wake up @, this is Corrupt Arab you’re talking about.

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