Soldier “Selfie” Causes Controversy

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FORT CARSON, Colo. (KFOR) – A soldier’s selfie about avoiding saluting the flag has sparked a social media firestorm.soldier-selfie

Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey is facing criticism online for this selfie, which shows her flagrantly avoiding issuing a salute to the American flag. (Instagram photo)

The Army Times reported Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey posted a selfie on Instagram under handle “sheffeynation” with this caption.

“This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don’t have to salute the 1700 flag, KEEP ALL YOUR ‘THATS SO DISRESPECTFUL /HOWRUDE/ETC.’ COMMENTS TO YOURSELF cuz, right now, IDGAFFFF.”

KDVR reported the “1700 flag” is a reference to the flag lowering at U.S. military establishments daily at 5 p.m.

Otherwise known as the “retreat,” it signifies the end of duty for that day.

According to WTRK, the chain of command is looking into the situation.

The Army Times reported Sheffey is a member of the 59th Quartermaster Company, 43rd Sustainment Brigade, at Fort Carson, Colo., post spokesman Dee McNutt confirmed.

According to the Army Times, Sheffey responded with a video on Instagram expressing regret.

However, she stopped short of apologizing for her actions saying:

“I seriously just want to say thank you to everybody who stood up to me today, like seriously. That s— to me was not that serious. I am not a disrespectful soldier and I really appreciate you all.”

MORE: See the full report from the Army Times

Should Sheffey be reprimanded for her actions, or is she justified in her stand? Let us know what you think on our Facebook. We’ll share your comments on our News Pulse at 9.


  • Linda

    we already have a president who doesnt love the USA or the military and he shows it daily, why is she serving our country if she feels the same as Obama. NOT a good example for kids and disrespectful to our military. My Son is a wounded warrior and I support the military and she should not be allowed to serve our country with that attitude.

  • Sharron

    She should be thrown out of the military. This is deplorable, if you do not like the US then leave, DO NOT Disrespect the men and women that PROUDLY serve. She should NOT be able to benefit from any military service. My opinion…

  • Anhela

    Its a flag, an object. It is not God it so not a person. Yes of represents something but its almost idolized which is not OK.

    • Sharon Davis


    • Tony Matthews

      It’s a flag, you are right… But what it represents and the fact that she is a soldier means that she should salute that flag! Soldiers have fought for and died under that flag, and the flag should be treated with respect. If she has a problem saluting the flag, she needs to leave the military. Then, she can ignore as many retreats as she wishes! If her sorry behind won’t even salute, I wonder what would happen if she saw someone trying to burn it (disrespectfully) somewhere. I can’t speak for her, but it seems that she probably would do nothing.

    • Sharon Davis

      So my early comment got deleted so lets try this again….An “object” you say? Well I am at 19 years in the army come August of this year. I am proud to salute that “object”. I currently live on a military post (Fort Drum, NY) and even my 6 year old daughter know when she hears retreat, if she is outside, she stops what she is doing, puts her hand over her heart and pays respect to that “object”. If my Father who is retired after 21 years in the army is anywhere on Redstone Arsenal when retreat is sounded, parks his vehicle, gets out of it and pays respect to that “object”. A lot of men and women have died because that “object” and what it means to them.

  • Charles Mason

    That is very disrespectful and she should be punished. If she feels she doesn’t have to salute the flag get out of the military.

  • Tony

    Sad excuse for a soldier. Sad excuse for the leader of the free world. Anhela, you don’t have a clue do you. You really don’t get it at all.

  • Wes

    I would give her a one way ticket to all the wonderful things she could have in let’s say…Afganistan. I can’t stand these self absorbed low life that have no idea what our fore fathers sacrificed so she could have the right to disrespect not only the flag, but every soldier that has served and given all. It’s a privilede to live in this country, not a right. sickening to hear this story.

  • Ben A. III

    In my opinion, when one salutes the Flag, we are saluting those that have fought and are still fighting to maintain our way of life. I as a civilian am protected by the bill of rights to salute the flag or not. Pfc. Tariqka swore and oath to up hold the constitution and the bill of rights (I believe it is in the initial oath taking), yet she blatantly and arrogantly disregarded her obligation to the country. Again, this is my opinion based on what I have read.

  • Deborah Eads

    She should be dishonorably discharged at the very least . Yes , we do have aright to say whatever we like . Because of the men and women that serve this country . She has a job that requires her to respect the flag . If she doesn’t respect it , I feel that she doesn’t respect her job , our country , or all of the Brave men and women that fight and die for her freedoms !

  • Bette H

    My first husband died in Vietnam during his second tour while serving for our country and that Flag she shows no respect for. What you do as a civilian is supposed to be different than what you do when you have made a commitment to our nation by serving in the military. If she has no more respect than to post a “selfie” while she is in uniform then she should pay the consequences of her behavior. That is what I tried to teach my children and that is what I learned from my parents. We have enough people in this country who want the benefits of living here, but don’t have the respect for it.

  • Stacey

    I don’t think she should be let off with a dishonorable discharge, I think she should be put on permanent latrine duty. Doing this she would have to finish her commitment to the service and not be able to do any harm to her fellow soldiers. I feel that if she is this disrespectful to the flag how can she be trusted to have their backs? Her comments are just as disrespectful as her hiding in her car! Just someone who is wanting something for nothing. Sad shape our country is in.

  • Amaze

    She should be punished. Stupidity is not an excuse. Flags are lowered on military installations at 1700 hours every day. Realistically, I think she should get a general discharge under other than honorable conditions so she gets no veteran benefits but the infraction, regardless how strongly we feel, is not grounds for a BCD or Dishonorable discharge.

  • susi

    Pretty picture. She could have just left it at that right? Why the immature comment? That was disrespectful and not appropriate. She is obviously in the Army for all the wrong reasons. Shouldn’t a soldier be proud?

  • William

    This is one thing that is wrong with our country now no respect for ones self our what it took to make our country FREE

  • Don Brackeen

    I feel she does need a general discharge for the disrespect she showed for the flag but also for the disrespect she show toward her country.

  • KB

    Nice,,, we have someone that may be the difference in another soldier living or dying that DOES GAFFFF. She is not good enough to wear those fatigues!

  • Shelley

    She needs a dishonorable discharge. She doesn’t need to
    All the sudden day, “oops I’m sorry, I temporarily lost
    my head there for a moment.” If that’s the case I
    wouldn’t want her covering me in battle. She sounds like
    not only is she disrespectful, but she’s mentally
    challenged… and defending my country is not
    Where a mentally challenged person needs to be. We
    already have one of those leading the country.

  • Charlotte

    She doesn’t deserve the right to call herself a soldier in America’s military. Not only is she snubbing the symbol of what Americans hold dear and true to their hearts, but she is showing disrespect to all those who have died for what that object represents. We live in one of the greatest nations in the world. Many have fought and gave their lives protecting that “object” in battle. I feel really bad for her parents who are probably holding their heads down in shame. To them I say the shame is not yours.

  • Josh Beaird

    Did any of you see her other pictures of the burning America Flag? Or the comments she made about not being sorry and that it was our tax payer dollars paying her?. As a Veteran, this saddens me.

  • DMC

    She wears the uniform therefore she is subject to the rules. If she does not like the rules then she should not wear the uniform. She is behaving like a punk and there is no place for that disrespectful attitude. We have lived on military installations and my own children would stop whatever they were doing at 1700, face the flag and put their hands over their hearts. A soldier should behave like a soldier.

  • Andrew

    Look I’m in the army and every one hides every once in a while . One of the biggest colprets of this is the brass and leaders . People rush off base to get away . Yes it is disrespectful . And ill tell u all . If ur giving her a hard time 90% of you have never been in the military or didn’t make it past basic . We are the 1% that chose to fight for our country. So when u join and go threw what we do then give her a hard time. Those who have and are know atleast every one has done it a few times . And two she’s a privet . Probably brand new to the army .

    • Charlotte

      My husband is Retired Army, all three of his brothers are retired Army, his father, grandfather and greatgrandfather are all retired military men. Not to mention the uncles and cousins. I have called those who I could call and ever single one of them said they have never dodged the 1700 salute. Maybe being proud to serve our country and proud of the paycheck are two different things.

    • Very unhappy Vet

      You, sir, need to wake up an stop blaming the brass and leaders. They too went through training. Blame yourself. We are giving her a hard time because 95% of us were in the military, are in the military and honor and respect the military. It’s the right thing to do when saluting the flag and has nothig to do with being in the military or not. Of all the comments and post on here, you of all people who is in the army say some stupid shit like this. Shame on you!!! You are an embarrassment to the armed forces and so is she. I am a female enlisted veteran, married to the army and a sister of brothers and sisters that are in the armed forces. So next time you open your stupid mouth, think. But oh sorry. You can’t thus you you are an idiot!

  • Jessica

    She’s in one word, “spoiled,” by all this country has done for her. Unappreciative, disrespectful, spoiled brat.

  • Lady L

    I’m not in the military at all — but if I posted a selfie of myself at work bragging that I’m hiding and being ‘rebellious’, I’m pretty sure I’d be fired. This was just a DUMB move, even beyond any of the moral implications.

  • charles

    I think we should not make it easy to throw her out out of the army cut her pay and put her on crap duty for year so she dont forget the disrespect to our nation

  • Sue

    Kick her out! She Does Not belong in the service. This is her job and yes if anyone else posted that about their job without being in the service they would probably get fired! Get rid of her-we do not need disrespectful arrogant jokes defending our country! That is like laughing at the deceased soldiers who gave their life for freedom including her. She needs to be gone ASAP!!!

  • Tammy

    If I were a soldier, I wouldn’t trust her to support me in combat. Why did she join if she intends to hide from a show of respect for her country. She would likely hide from active conflict. As a taxpayer, I don’t want to pay for someone who behaves like this.

  • Shelia

    Send her butt to a forein country where she has to obey the rules or get shot down. That’s what is wrong with our country now, all of these spoiled brats that never get punished. Throw her out of the country

  • Disabled War Vet

    Seriously you all want her kicked out, she’s a young soldier who doesn’t understand the sacrifices others have made for her. So don’t kick her out show her what it means to be a true SOILDER. True soilders never turns their backs on each other.

  • SPC

    Im gonna say she’s kinda dumb for doing it and really dumb for posting it. Im in Afghanistan currently on a CMRE mission tearing buildings down and find flags everyday in rooms tacked to the walls and when the bulldozer comes in it goes with it. The guys think Im crazy for “Retiring” them but I have mixed emotions over just leaving them in there. That being said, many a soldier will avoid reverie and retreat because for the duration of the bugle call you stand at salute. They will just stay in the building until its over so they dont have to. It is what it is and to me its the same thing she’s doing and many soldiers do the same, probably have since day one. How many Americans ignore the National Anthem when it plays? I will continue to salute and serve.

  • Adam

    Yes she should be reprimanded. I am a combat veteran and this sickens me that people like her who are just taking up space and drawing a paycheck funded by the taxes of those of us who work for a living seems to be the norm in America today. For those wanting to know how Mr. Obama shows disrespect and disdain for our country and military, open your eyes, it is not that hard to see. First, his wife was admittedly only proud to be an American after her husband became President. Second, despite advice from his top people on the ground in combat zones, he cut funding for the military which impacted warfighters, put them in considerable danger and likely caused some to lose their lives. Third, and finally, benefits that we veterans should be entitled to for sacrificing our lives have been drastically cut and continue to be cut in order for Obama to push other issues he obviously thinks are more important. For example, now that I am seperated from service after spending 15 months in a combat zone and missing the first year of my sons life, I want to finish my degree but I only recieve 60 percent of the GI bill and every year that compensation seems to go down even more with new regulations imposed by this administration each year. This trend did not start till after Obama took office. The facts are their if you are not to ignorant or mislead to see them.

  • Mallory Dawson

    My great grandfather was burried today. He was a navel diver in WWII & all I can say is he would have LOVED to stand period but he would have been hoHONORED to stand and salute OUR flag. I believe this is a disgrace to our country and our military. When you put on a uniform YOU REPRESENT YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY, & YOUR HOME. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

  • Name of no importance

    If you wear the uniform, salute the flag. Pay respects for so many that were willing to die for it and what it represents. If not, then take it off. As far as the comment about Obama and his disrespect for the military, not only a disrespect to our soldiers but also to the position he holds and the PEOPLE he is supposed to represent, not govern. OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE.

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