Huntsville School Superintendent, Justice Department Continue Legal Fight

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The head of Huntsville City Schools is reacting to a court motion filed to take the school district to court. A legal team for the United States Department of Justice filed a motion Wednesday evening opposing the school district’s rezoning plan laid out earlier this month.

It's safe to say Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski is irked by the folks in Washington who oppose his plan to educate children in Huntsville.

Wardynski called a meeting with reporters to help the understand what's really going on between his school district and Department of Justice.

Wardynski called WHNT News 19 to the school district's board room. Two board members were there, but the gathering was not a board meeting.  Wardynski said he needed to discuss something.

“I got up, read some newspapers and saw some reports," said Dr. Wardynski. "I thought I could add some clarity."

The Huntsville school leader is talking about the DOJ’s latest opposition to Huntsville City Schools’ recent plan to rezone.

The DOJ legal team announced at 10:00 p.m. Wednesday it was taking Wardynski and his team to court.

“I've worked at the highest level of United States government. I know what that looks like. I know why you drop a story 10 o'clock at night. The news media doesn't have much time to react. They want to get it out there. There is not much time for analysis,” said Wardynski.

Wardynski believes the plan the DOJ wants in place and the one his team wants in place are different.

He says the DOJ’s plan is new and not what he discussed or expected.

“They have factual errors in their plan. As we identify them, such as numbers, these are things that are easily checked and with regard to law, these are things that have merit in court,” added Wardysnki.

Wardynski feels the DOJ doesn’t get it.

"We believe our plan creates diversity across a broader set of schools.  We believe our plan is practical, which means you can do it. We believe our plan complies with the law and all of the law,” added Wardynski.

Wardynski has talked with the DOJ about making changes since last year.  That team rejected Wardysnki's ideas, he said, and filed paperwork Wednesday to take the superintendent to court.

"Our brief will spell out, in our view, what are very substantial and substantive errors in their filing yesterday with regard to facts and law,” added Wardynski.

Wardysnki told WHNT News 19  his plans focused on student assignments, quality of education and transportation.

He says the DOJ's plan considered less.

"The difference between our plan and their plan is we provided a plan,” added Wardynski.

Wardynski says he will file paperwork in court next month aimed at the DOJ.

"My focus is on children and not endlessly talking to the United States government. Every day I am talking to them, I am not paying attention to something I should be doing for kids, added Wardynski.

Wardynski says the cost of all this legal work, as of March 2013, is about a half million dollars.


  • G2

    I came to Huntsville from a mid-Atlantic state. Our schools there were distroyed long ago. I was shocked at how good the schools were in Huntsville. I have already seen a severe degredation over the last years with redistribution of poverty thoughout the city with HUD. We are now seeing total destruction of Huntsville schools to comply with law. The laws are destroying America and the people they claim to help.

  • Sick

    The Huntsville City Schools are pathetic due to the superintendent and the school board. Their plan would be a disaster!

  • Skillpot

    It cost time, and money to respond to Yankee efforts! Surely, there is a better way to stop the nonsense of DOJ?

    But, of course, these shadow events prevent, and cover up sensible actions to correct the problem! Remember, the real problem with the educational process is to use the humanistic, social process to satisfy the liberals outside of our area! And, of course, we have an outside liberal running our show, and that matches well with the outsiders!

    How about we concentrate on getting QUALIFIED teachers in position to raise our educational standards above the 38th World ranking? Let’s get away from the racial issue, and just do the right thing!

    Now, I am back to the real problem; remove those so-called teachers who were placed in the position under the ‘affirmative action process’ brought on by the outside liberals, under the Civil Rights Act of 1965, then we can begin to recover! But, it is going to take a long time, because, to turn from a 50-plus year problem is going to take years to recover!

  • jamison jones

    Skillpot you are a sorry excuse for a human being and for all your postings here, i take it that you are racist and your intelligence is just about or less than that of a domestic cat. iI guess anytime you see a black teacher in a school or at a job, you think it was all due to affirmative action and the liberal agenda. Problems in these schools is so much about administration across the board than anything else. Check yourself skillpot, you might just have a problem you don’t see.

    • Skillpot

      jamison jones, you do make a good point about the “brains,” but you are dwelling on the racial issue, and I am concentrating on the ‘real’ issues! Yes, there a lot of ‘blacks’ well qualified, but many, just like the ‘whites’ are not! I can bet there was not a hire of a ‘white’ teacher under the CRA of 1965! Go figure!

  • concernedmom

    I did not come up in the Alabama school system but I have lived in a few states and I have never seen one CITY close and open so many schools in such a short time period! How is this suppose to help education! The building is not teaching our kids, it’s the teacher you hire, the materials you provide, the options you have open for these kids! I had more options and opportunities coming thru grade and high school than my kids have and that is sad! I try to make up by doing cultural and educational things to them, but not everyone is able to do that! The bureaucracy behind is all makes no sense…but I bet it makes dollars…smh… And to say he is only thinking about the kids…unbelievable!

  • Bettye Bush

    Superintendent Wardynski, need to Resign, he don’t know the African American struggle,Laurie Mccually should not have had to resign she is just a little frog in a big pond, and getting paid.

    Wardynski, will always be known for wakeing up the black community on the poison enviroment they are living in. Thanks !( War Tusie.) He will be gone soon, the other sides are not likeing him sturring the pot.

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