Lockdown Lifted at Brindlee Mountain High School, Parent in Custody

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Marshall County School Superintendent Tim Nabors confirmed Thursday morning's precautionary lockdown at Brindlee Mountain High School is over.

Brindlee Mountain High School principal Jeff Jones says the lockdown was issued around 9:00 a.m. after a woman called the school to say her husband was upset about something at the school.  "We have a procedure whether I'm here or not, everyone's aware of what we do including the students. Everyone was safe," Jones says.

 He says that parent also called the Sheriff's Office, and a student had asked to see a counsellor in relation to the threat. "That threat was that that person who was not here at our school would come to the school and had intention of doing harm to someone at the school," Jones says.

The man, a parent of one of the students at the school, did not go to the school.

Deputies went to the man's house to talk with him.  The man lives on Morton Circle, between Warrenton and Scant City, according to Lt. Heath Thomas with the Marshall County Sheriff's Office. His name is not being released.

Thomas said the man is reported to have mental issues and is being escorted to an area hospital by deputies for evaluation.

Deputies say the man hasn't been charged. They say after the man undergoes mental health evaluations that's when they're going to decide whether or not to charge him.

The school lockdown was lifted around 10:30 a.m.

The school's resource officer was already on campus when the calls came in. Marshall County Board of Education supervisor Bobby Buford says that helped quickly resolve what could have been a dangerous situation. "The call time for some of our schools, when we have to call the Marshall County Sheriff's Department, it takes a little time to get out there," Buford says, "Most of these instances, past history has shown, when things happen, they happen very quickly."

Buford says it's helpful to have law enforcement ready in situations like this one, when officers aren't sure exactly what they're dealing with.

The county's school system doesn't have a full time deputy stationed at all of its schools, because the cost of putting a deputy at all of the schools comes with a hefty price tag. Regardless of that, Marshall county officials say they're working to do it. "Hopefully down the road, as with everything else, as money becomes available hopefully we can put one in every school," Buford says.

The system is utilizing several retired deputies because the cost is less than an active deputy. School administrators are actively working with the Sheriff and the County Commission to address the need for more deputies on campus.

Brindlee Mountain High School administrators say the school rarely goes into lockdown. However, this is the second lockdown this week. They say the first was done as a precautionary measure, and it didn't last long.


  • Frank

    How come this is news? When Claysville went on lockdown it wasn’t the other day? Parents wanted to know what was happening there too.

  • amy towles

    I want to thank you for keeping a eye on this story I am a parent of a student at bmhs and was wondering what was going on and noone would say much so I was glad to look on my facebook page and see that your news team was on top of the story so once again thank you and I am glad all students and staff were okay

  • Nuclear Mike

    Our Educators are now llike children themselves, over reacting to anything & everything as though their daipers need changing…

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