UPDATE: Road Opened After Police Chase In Albertville

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Officers are investigating a crash that stemmed from a police chase in Albertville.

Albertville Police Chief Doug Pollard says officers started chasing a car with at least three people in it around 2:30 Thursday afternoon.

It’s not clear what prompted the chase.

Chief Pollard says after a short pursuit the car crashed into at least two other vehicles on West Main Street, which was blocked for several hours as crews worked to clean up the street.

Two people were airlifted to Huntsville Hospital.

No names are being released yet.

Albertville police are treating the crash as a traffic homicide investigation as a precaution, they say.




    This could have been avoided. This chase flew past me on hwy 75 doing at least 100 headed toward downtown Albertville going past Albertville Elem. School. This was during school rush hour too. Not very smart aville police. What if the buses were leaving already than I would have hated to see the mess they caused. No chase is worth causing innocent people to,loose their lives. I know the was,at least 12 cars involved in the chase. This is crazy. Now I want to know what was,so important to continue this chase and cause this horrible accident.?????????? The police are just as responsible for this as much as the car they were chasing.

  • Ashley

    My mother in law was going to pick up my daughter from school. And my son was in the back seat and the Albertville police came behind her riding her butt and knocked her off road. And they didn’t even see if she was alright. And yes she your supposed to move over but no one has time when they come up on you ass and don’t give you a chance to move. Im sure that one drug bust was not worth almost killing people. And yes it is wrong for someone to run from cops. But im sure that person running is paying court fees and fines. So it was so stupid of the cops to chase at that speed. And im pissed they could have hurt my son trying to chase a car. I never voice my opinion on here but there better be something done about the cops because they need to learn how to deal with a situation like this in a different way. Because im sure innocent people lost there life or got hurt. And my son or mother in law could have been one of them.

  • Kimberley Vaughn

    I was driving the white explorer that was hit in this wreck and I want answers as to why the police were chatting a car at 80-100 mph in downtown Albertville my six month old daughter was in the car with and she could have been killed it was a miracle that we were not injured more than we were and I do demand answers there was no need to pursue that chase
    At that rate of speed in that area they had a description of the car and could have took the chase to a different location not in the middle of down town

  • Staci Snellings

    A high police chase into a busy downtown, residential & school area is very hard for me to understand! I whole heartedly believe the chase should have been called off in the best interest of innocent citizens!
    My father was just “seconds” behind this crash headed to Wells Fargo… He could have been hit & badly hurt or killed!! My daughter had just arrived at the Albertville Primary School on Hwy 75 to pick up my 2 grand daughters… She or they could have been hit & killed as well!!!
    It is really scary to think I had 2 family members (as well as a co-worker) right in the path of this chase!!
    I am very anxious to hear what was so important that a high speed chase in a high traffic area with buses running was so important that it took priority over the safety of those who were innocently going about their own business!! As a local in this area… I am horrified & shocked at the judgement used in this situation!

  • Bri

    If I am correct, they are not supposed to pursue anyone at those rates of speed in any situation, especially in school and residential zones.

  • Mark

    I was there with my wife , daughter and grandson.. The police had no business putting so many lives in danger during this chase. It would have been easier to explain why the fleeing driver escaped than why innocent citizens were killed.

  • Avery N Patti Hendrix

    So glad you and your daughter were OK Kimberley! Yes I agree with you and like many others of you was just behind this wreck! This is completely stupid there is no way they should have been chasing anyone at that rate of speed through there! This makes them just as guilty as the ones they were chasing! Hold them accountable!!!!!

  • Kimberley Vaughn

    They were attempting to pull him over BC of a seat belt violation and no tag when he began running I only know this BC after he slammed into my car I asked the officers

  • Amy

    I witnessed the accident. I was in the office directly across from the bank. If I were involved in the wreck, I would be seeing an attorney.
    I would be demanding to see the footage from the patrol officer’s car.
    This was handled very poorly by the officers. They should have backed off.
    I thank God for law enforcement. But they have to be held accountable just like we are.

  • Emily

    As a police officers wife and knowing circumstances of police chases. Most run for simple traffic violations! Are officers suppose to just let individuals run and not pursue? Most have drugs on them, warrants —felony and misdemeanor, gun, knives, may have kidnapped someone, assaulted someone. Funny people want to put police at fault! They are not the ones attempting to get away for wrong doing, running high speeds putting individuals at horrible risk for wrecks such as the ones in this chase. Two vehicles hit in this accident yesterday, because this individual simply choose to try to elude police for a violation. Two individuals in hospital due to this individual running and in bad shape. The one that should be prosecuted for the injuries to the injured individuals and the ones who were hit by the driver. He should also be prosecuted for the other two wrecked vehicles by those owners.

    Everyone wants to call on the police for everything that goes wrong. Police officers have a hard and DANGEROUS job and tons of people point their fingers at them if something goes wrong. No one blames the one doing wrong, it is always the officers.

    Someone told me officers should not chase people, if they don’t stop just let them go! Seriously????? People would refuse to stop for any and everything.

    Every morning I watch my husband walk out the door, not knowing if he will walk back in the door that evening. My husband has been injured on the job and it is not a good feeling to get that phone call or visit telling you they are at the hospital. I continuously pray for my husband and all the officers nationwide and their families daily for doing an amazing job of fighting crime!!!!

  • Lindsey

    I agree with you Emily. I feel and pray for those injured in this accident, but that is merely what it was, an accident. I can imagine the hostile comments if a person whom the cops “didn’t chase” since it is too dangerous, later wrecked and killed an innocent person. The cops would be blamed for that as well. Individuals would say, the cops should have stopped them. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I can’t imagine the circumstances they are put in everyday on the job.

    Besides, if it were that easy (simply speed away through downtown without being pursued) to get away from the law after a wrongdoing, why would anyone stop?

  • Ashley

    Well no one says let them just run. It is the point how they treated this. Where my grandmother was driving it was clearly a good ways away from where the wreck was. Down a back road. And being a cops wife or husband or child I bet you never get in trouble if you get pulled over. Because I know people that say they was in a rush to get to work and get pulled over. And they let them slide. And if you feel your husband is in danger tell him to go work somewhere else. Because the police are under paid anyway. This chase makes me mad because there was a chase in arab and when the speeds got high they stopped once they knew what the car looked like. So that no one was in danger. And they found the car and three people later that day. And not to mention the car was red with a black hood. I don’t think he would have been smart enough to change his hood. I don’t ever argue on these sites but this was crazy and the cops should get in trouble. Because they did more damage by going down the wrong road at a high speed where my kids grandma with my son in the car got knocked off the road. And they are not hurt but it is the point of the matter they shouldn’t chase someone in the area they was in.

    • Mark

      I think if anyone personally witnessed this chase , they would totally realize what a dangerous out if control situation it was. When the fleeing Suspect and the entourage of patrol cars came flying past me around the curve at the First Baptist Church , my immediate thought was , someone is going be killed. I called my daughter , who I had just left in front of Maters to try to warn her.

      I definitely appreciate our Law Enforcement Officers , however proper judgement went out the window , and needlessly put bystanders lives in peril.

  • Uphold the lawless

    There are laws in place to protect police from being responsible for any collateral damage / death due to a high speed chase . It’s sicken for sure that the only people above the law are the ones upholding to the law .
    You got judges not following federal and state protocol and locking people up cause they feel like it , you got police chiefs stealing from donations and you got officers who run rampart on laws by over enforcing them .

    Honestly answer this question who’s going to stop them ? The judges ha ha ha that’s a good one , lawyers ? Ha ha ha that’s funny no one has the power to do anything .you can sit on the sidewalk outside the albertville police and scream you want answers , you will not get them not today not tomorrow .

    Be grateful that your loved ones are safe tonight , and pray for tomorrow nothing is a sure bet . Police will continue to rule alabama’a law with a iron fist nothing we can do about it but stay in line keep your head down and keep moving forward .

  • Emily

    It is absolutely baffling at the amount of people that continue to give wrong facts of the chase and its location. The chase never took place on hwy 75 in Albertville, except where it crossed over. The 2 to 3 minute chase began on hwy 205, began and ended all on 205. The officers had already backed off from the chase. the individual, yes that would be the DRIVER continued to drive erratically. The boyfriend of the young lady in the wreck that has a LONG road to recovery blames the DRIVER! The DRIVER chose to run and kept going until the devastating wreck, which leaves the young lady in a coma at this time and the numerours surgeries that are in store for her all because the DRIVER did not want to pull over.

    People that continue to have negative comments are ignorant to the laws. Police officers work hard to protect every individual. Amazed how people think and how little people actually know about law enforcement and their jobs. Judges uphold the laws! Without any laws you and your families would be responsible for protecting yourselves.

    Ashley, I do have a GOOD driving record. Not due to the fact that I am married to a police officer, but because I am a defensive driver and OBEY the laws!!!!! By the way the ticket I did get, I went to court and paid my court cost. If all the officers felt law enforcement to be too dangerous who would protect you and your family?

    The other chase you are referring to where they just let them go…..fact is they lost sight of them, chase usually ends then. Finding a white Camry with Georgia tag in smalltown Alabama stands out.

    Majority of people don’t care the fact is if the DRIVER had pulled over for his citation, the chase would have never happened. People that run usually have something to hide. Bottomline is the result of the wreck was due to the DRIVER not stopping.

  • Matt young

    I was in the black s10 behind the white Ford Explorer that got hit it came close to hitting me but I’m glad that the people in the Ford are okay

  • Kimberley Vaughn

    I would love for any witnesses to any of this chase whether it be the wreck I or just the chase it self to contact meplease I have obtained alawyer and need eye witness accounts thank you in advance and for those of you who do not know I’m the one that was hit and injured with my six month old in the car 2567440929 is where I can be reached or you can search my Facebook page and contact me there

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