State House Committee Passes Bill That Would Put Prayer Back In Classroom

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(WHNT) – State lawmakers have passed a bill through the Education Policy committee that would put Christian prayer back in the classroom.

Representative Steve Hurst (R-Munford) has sponsored the bill that proposes setting aside 15 minutes at the start of each school day to study Congressional procedures.

It would include having teachers read a verbatim reading of a congressional opening prayer.

Representative Phil Williams (R-Madison), who is on the committee, voted against the bill, saying while prayer is worthwhile, the time could be better spent studying other academic subjects. He also questions the constitutionality of such a bill.

What do you think? Do you think a bill like this is good for Alabama classrooms or is it a gesture in futility, given the Supreme Court’s history on rulings related to prayer in public schools?

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  • Wake Up

    Millions more taxpayer dollars will now be spent on court costs fighting lawsuits that they will lose — again!

      • Mike

        Please tell me how prayer in the classroom is important. Does it help people learn? No? Oh dang, I wonder why we need it in a place of learning. Oh that’s right, we don’t. So why don’t we give every religion a opportunity and keep religion at home.

      • Jillian Christine

        Whether you think prayer is important is irrelevant. The Constitution of the United States bars government from promoting religion and rulings for 70 years have backed this up. Yes they will lose and they will lose a whole lot of money with it. This isn’t even a close call.

      • Tim Fromla

        So is it OK then to pray this?

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    • Tim Fromla

      Jerry here is a prayer and the State cannot stop them

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      • Sue

        I totally agree with Jerry. Tim I do not know if you are a Satan worshipper or you think you are funny. I think what you wrote is SICK! If you call upon Satan he will come. Then your bill comes due. I am sure you would call for GOD then. Too late then!!

      • Laura Cordova-James

        Sue, he’s demonstrating that if prayer becomes legal, then it has to be all inclusive of every religion a family raises their children in and this would also mean more expensive law suits because of discrimination if the teacher does not allow a student to pray to Allah or Moses or Satan for that matter. Please keep in mind that not all religions include a Satan as part of their belief. So, someone being offended by a prayer to Satan is a personal problem. The bottom line is that I think it would be OK if prayer became legal in the public school system in order to show the people the error of their ways to be naive enough to believe that this would only be about Christian prayer. The purpose of keeping prayer out of government institutions is to protect your Christianity for the reasons I’ve prefaced. Not the other way around.

    • Jillian Christine

      Islamic prayer? I think prayers to Allah and Mohammed would be really good for the little children of Alabama. They need to learn how to be good Muslims. Don’t you think?

    • Larry Wilson

      In your house only, but it has no place in our schools. Many people are of diferent religous beliefs or have none & don’t want their children subjected to your religous dogma. That is why we have freedom of & from religon in America. Neither your nor my religous beliefs will be tollerated in public schools, but you idiots will keep spending our tax dollars fighting this forever.

  • Morgan Feltner

    ^^sure Jerry prayer can be the start of every day but kids don’t start their day at school they start their day at home! Public school shouldn’t force students to pray to a god they may no believe in. It’s a waste of 15mins that should be used for learning. kids can take that moment of silence that is the start of the morning announcements to make a silent prayer. Not some mandatory preamble that might make others uncomfortable.

    • Fredrick Lamar Mayes

      The only ones that are getting uncomfortable about it are the Adults. The kids don’t care either way. The only thing that they are thinking about is that major crush they have on a fellow student, The Major Test they have next week, Those students that are bullying them, The Homework that was due yesterday or tomorrow. You really think that they care about 15 minutes given to just sitting and listening to a teacher read the constitutional prayer? No. I can almost guarantee you those kids will enjoy having that 15 minutes extra to sit around and do nothing. The ones that have a problem with this are the Adults because they do not want their kids to make up their own mind about what they want. The parents are forcing their belief system, or lack of belief system on their own kids! Let the kids make up their own minds about what they believe. Reading a simple prayer won’t sway a kid either way.

  • Great Speaker of Wisdom.

    How about we allow something like this kids who want to hear about the bible and christanity can go during the allowed 15 minutes to a room therefore people who do not believe do not have to hear this. I know this is the south where if it is not in the bible it is devilish but this is uncounsitutioal and simply hurtful for people of other religions.

  • vpb

    Everyone does have the right, regardless of their religion, to pray if they choose. It just so happens that the US Congress is opened with a Christian prayer, so that is the prayer that would be read. However, if you actually read what the article is saying instead of seeing the word “prayer” and immediately going into a bliinding rage, you would see that it is part of learning about procedures, so the reading of the prayer would only be part of the morning’s readings. I doubt even Congress has a 15 minute-long prayer. Though by looking at the actions of our Congress, I’m not sure how many of them pay attention to the prayer anyway.

    • Jillian Christine

      Actually Congress doesn’t always open with Christian prayer. They have had Islamic and even an atheist invocation.

      Furthermore, kids can pray…the school cannot lead them. SCOTUS has found that Congress is different than the public school. Public school children are a captive audience and do not have the capacity to leave the room. They are forced to be there and SCOTUS views them differently.

      SCOTUS has ruled school lead prayer to be illegal for 70 years and has been very clear. Alabama passing some ridiculous law doesn’t change that. They’re just going to lose millions of dollars with this nonsense.

      Moreover, the citizens can’t tell that they are just being pandered to for votes? Legislators know it’s not going to fly but want people to vote for them so they pass this nonsense. It’s sad that the Alabama voter cannot tell that they are just being used for votes.

  • Skillpot

    Bravo to you “Representative Phil Williams (R-Madison), who is on the committee, voted against the bill, saying while prayer is worthwhile, the time could be better spent studying other academic subjects. He also questions the constitutionality of such a bill.”

    Idle prayers in the classroom are just like those in the sanctuary of the Church, if one offering them, outside of a clean, and clear connection with God, through His Son, Jesus Christ, does not get above the ceiling! That goes for the school teacher, as well as any student!

    But, a silent prayer is more effective by the one petitioning to God, than those vociferous ones, anyway, and those can be offered at anytime, and any place!

    The Reality of Prayer can trigger the chemicals in the Soul that can cause healing of the body, but for asking God for this, and that is another matter!

    Yes, let the teacher get on with business!

    Best of all, get hold of some Bible Doctrine, and that is hard to find!

  • Brian

    One day every knee shall bow, and every tounge shall confess that Jesus is Lord. Repent non believers while there is time, Hell is real and eternity waits.

  • Bubba

    As stated in another post, if this is the case then prayer should be not limited to Christian prayers but to include all religions and non religions (The Black Flag reference was brilliant RobVJak).. Anyhow, School is for education, not religious self propagation. To teach the history and basic ideal of ALL religions a course of understanding society throughout history is acceptable and welcome as this is education. To indoctrinate my child to your false god (in my opinion) is not acceptable, this is social engineering, and wrong.

  • Mel

    Schools are classified as failing,our kids are performing at below grade level in reading and math. Our kids are overweight and starting to have “adult” health issues. Kids are leaving high school unprepared for first year college. Yeah, cutting class time makes sense. Think this will help bring jobs to Alabama? Our representatives need to work on issues that will help our state. All I see coming out of Montgomery is personal agendas and religious pandering to the masses in exchange for votes. If anything we need to be adding instruction time. There is a place for everything, school are to get an education, church, home and personal time is for chosen religion practices. Maybe the representatives could as their pastor to cut the sermon short each week and teach some math to make up for lost instruction time.

  • Dark

    Do these morons NEVER learn ? Every time they they try this crap, we wind up on the national news and in court. And every time they lose and waste more of our tax dollars fighting the lawsuit. Is Hurst so stupid that he thinks the courts won’t see this as a backdoor way to get religion into the schools ?

  • Mrs. Rogers

    Our country was founded by people seeking freedom of religion. It did not hurt those brave people to pray and it won’t hurt our children. Since prayer was removed from schools we have seen more violence increase in our schools. It’s high time we STOP teaching our children they are evolved from animals so they will stop acting like animals! A return to Godly virtues and morals would help our children and our country, not hurt it.

  • willie page

    Although I feel prayer is the answer to many problems and brings each of us closer to God I am not too sure that the fight to place prayer back in school is going to be a success. We should have fought harder to keep it in schools. The legislation would have to make arrangements for all religious types of prayer, which in my mind, would result in bullying and even more violence in the schoolyard. The songs that must be sang in jewish, islamic, and other eastern religions will bring up issues amungst already uninhibited children and will bring up an anger between kids that we don’t need to fuel.

    Let’s just teach love, honor, and honesty and maybe allow a minister from all the local churches to visit once a year.

    Pray often at home, when dropping your kids off to school, before their activities, and in Jesus’ name, before you go to bed.

    Lord I pray that the one’s so enthusiastic about the amendment will not be violent or critical when something goes wrong during the process. In Jesus’ name… Amen

  • Dark

    Here we go again ! How many times does the Supreme Court have to slap you people down before you learn this is illegal ?

  • Stephanie

    Are you serious? Aint that what a church is for?
    School and religion should not mix. What about
    Kids who dont believe? This is exactly why I am
    Homeschooling my children. Such BS!!

  • Rachel

    You know why this shouldn’t be happening in school? Because it would make people as ignorant as so many on here sound, THERE ARE MORE RELIGIONS THAN CHRISTIANITY repeat this to yourself OFTEN. There are so many other religions, and if you want real FREEDOM quit forcing yourself on people, let them be free.

  • Lynn

    Not a good idea. Not everyone believe in the same God or even that there is a God. You shouldn’t force prayer on them or them to have to listen to it just like we wouldn’t force any other religion on you.

  • Charles

    Yes by all means Prayer should be put back in schools… you people who don’t believe will see a difference because our schools will get a whole lot better.. then will you believe? I am with Brian… you people better wake up.. This is whats wrong with todays kids, alot of parents don’t go to church like they should or teach their kids about God so 15 minutes in school would be great . You will be surprised at how many kids will listen and I’m sure that there are many kids that will turn their heads and let Jesus into their hearts… they need this! Has it hurt the ones that had to listen to a prayer before class got started? no…

  • Cherri Trantham

    I totally agree with putting prayer back in schools…….us Christians have had to sit back and have our freedoms taken away so others can have freedom……..I don’t understand that at all!!! If parents don’t want their children participating in it then they can arrive 15 minutes late or go in the hallway for 15 minutes…….just like everyone is saying its unconstitutional for those what about our constitutional rights????? We have rights and freedom as Christians that has been stripped away from us and where did that get the nation? School shootings, movie theater shootings, restaurant shootings, supermarket shootings, more robberies, more racism, more hate, more crime……..yes, I do believe that if prayer was left in school and never taken out we would be living in a different, safer country

  • Elton

    This is a very bad idea. Using the public schools for force religion is clearly a violation of the Constitution. No wonder Alabama has such a bad reputation nationally. Church schools are the place for such indoctrination, not the tax supported public schools.

  • Tamika

    Praise Jesus if he had never of been taken out maybe there would not be so many people in PRISON!!!!! They don’t want it in school but make sure they have it in prison a little bit too late.

  • jess

    I think its the best Bill that we have seen a long time. Teaching our children to put God first in their lives is the best lesson of all. . . and for those who may not believe- thats fine you have that right- but there is nothing wrong with setting aside a few moments each morning for prayer. . . Hopefully this way even if a parent may not believe there child can still grow up with an acknowlegment of who God is and that HE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!

  • KB

    Prayer is done by choice and has no room in our schools. I was a student at an elementary school in TN a long time ago and was not allowed to join the rest of my class for lunch in the cafeteria because I did not pray first. My Mother was livid when I told her about that. Not saying that it would be forced upon students but people have different religions and it just does not belong in school. That’s what CHURCH is for!!!

    • Sue

      Trouble there is kids HAVE to go to school but they do not have to go to church. Therefore they may never pray or know GOD and what great things HE can do. If they are already at school they can at least learn something!

  • Jamie

    This bill is unconstitutional and everyone with an ounce of sense knows that. When I was a Christian, I prayed all through the school day. During the moment of silence, lunch, during a test. I didn’t need a teacher to dictate my time with God, which was personal and didn’t require a third party. But everyone saying prayer will bring children to God and make the world a better place to live in, praying regularly didn’t stop me from becoming an atheist. You can be a good person without God. I didn’t wake up today and think “Wow. I really want to shoot up the local college today.”

  • linda123

    If you want your child to pray in the morning, pray with them at HOME! This won’t pass constitutional muster and it will cost the state millions to try to defend it in court and it will LOSE. School is for academics, not religion.

  • Rockin Matt Tielking

    LOVE…not HATE. Prayer is good…but PROVING that you LOVE someone is AWESOME! “Faith without works is dead.” It’s all about choice. Which would you rather have…Precious children (no matter the religion) praying for each other or them wanting to fight each other? The POWER of CHOICE…the FUTURE (GOOD or BAD) is in our hands…here’s a thought…Give PRAYER a CHANCE…you give everything else a CHANCE. Are you afraid that within 5 short years of LOVE,HOPE & PEACE that the CHANGE we will see in our children will be AMAZING? Last time I checked LOVE feels BETTER than HATE…PEACE feels BETTER than WAR…PRAYER is BETTER than BULLYING. Think with your HEARTS. ~RMT

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