New Walmart Supercenter In Hazel Green To Bring 200 Jobs

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-Walmart executives have announced that a new store in Hazel Green will bring in roughly 200 jobs to northern Madison County.

Walmart spokesman Glen Wilkins confirmed the news at Wednesday’s meeting of the Madison County Commission.

“It [Hazel Green] is somewhere we know our customers are driving from,” said Wilkins. “We wanted to make it easier for them to access affordable foods, affordable products.”

Walmart said it will open the doors on its latest Supercenter no later than the first quarter of 2015. Company officials did not rule out the possibility that the store would be open in time for Christmas.

Concerns over traffic have been raised by some Hazel Green residents, but county commissioners and Walmart said they’re confident that roadway problems will not be an issue when the store opens. Besides the main entrance off Highway 231, the company said there will be three additional access points off of Charity Lane, a two-lane road that many say is in desperate need of widening.

“We can widen it some to the south, but we also need to widen it to the north,” said Madison County Commissioner Roger Jones, who represents Hazel Green. “If we can five-lane Charity Lane it will make it a lot safer.”

Commissioners said they continue to negotiate with landowners on Charity Lane, who would have to sign off on any widening project.

The Alabama Department of Transportation said the Walmart development is not big enough to warrant a traffic light by the planned entrance on Highway 231.


  • Dave

    Great now mom and pops business of Hazel green will be out of business, and 200 part time, who will rely on food stamp and Medicare

  • KB

    I’m happy to see it come. Mom & Pop’s will have their die hard regulars and not everyone loves Wal-Mart. As far as assistance recipients, they were already here and a part time job is better than NO job!

  • Saul Alinsky

    Me and WakeUp ,are going to start a union ,and make Walmart pay , for all the injustice the have caused their workers.

  • will

    If people did not shop at walmart, they would not stay in business. People always try to buy the cheapest things and then complain when businesses operate on the goal of having low prices while being profitable. You can’t have it both ways. I am glad to see them come.

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