Locals Eager for Remington Employment

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Since the announcement that a landmark deal would bring Remington Outdoor jobs to Huntsville, the interest has been great and the questions have been greater.

Officials at City Hall and administrators at the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce confirm they have been positively inundated with requests for information from the public.

The most frequent questions? 'Exactly what jobs will be available' and 'when can I apply?'

Chamber of Commerce receptionist Heather Lindsey fields Remington questions.

Chamber of Commerce receptionist Heather Lindsey fields Remington questions.

"We've had numerous calls and probably countless emails that have come in since the announcement so it's been very active around here," says Harrison Diamond, ‎Business Retention & Expansion Manager at the Chamber of Commerce.

To accommodate all the Remington requests, the Chamber has even established a micro-site within their website.

"This kind of serves as a clearinghouse for everything for people who are interested in doing business with Remington," Diamond explains.

Though the call volume at the Chamber and City Hall can certainly be a juggling act, Diamond says that's a good problem to have.

"We love fielding those calls," he says. "You know, the Chamber really is the point of contact for a lot that goes on in this community and we're glad to be able to answer any questions we can."

Teddy Novin, Director of Public Affairs for Freedom Group, Inc. provided the following information on behalf of Remington:

For individuals seeking employment:  We are working with our partner AIDT (Alabama Industrial Development Training) on all individual career opportunities in Huntsville. Further details will be provided through AIDT in the coming weeks and months. Any individual seeking additional employment information with Remington should contact AIDT.

For contractors and suppliers offering start-up activities associated with the project: We have selected Burns & McDonnell to design and manage this project.  Contractors and suppliers that would like to be considered for work should contact Keith Royston at kroyston@burnsmcd.com. The first step in the process will be registering on the Burns & McDonnell website to become a contractor/supplier. Those interested can click this link to begin the process. 

For contractors and suppliers offering ongoing / long-term services:  Please contact Brad Cook for indirect work (brad.cook@remington.com) and Bob Skinner for direct work (robert.skinner@remington.com). 


  • Nuclear Mike

    Give it a year or so before individuals will be considered in the workforce…the desired contractors have already been contacted who are ‘connected’ to this deal already…

  • John Smith

    You can also guarantee that they won’t be paying the $20/hour wages to the blue collar workers as previously reported. All of this bloviating is strictly a publicity stunt to keep the powers that be IN POWER!

    • Wake Up

      John, you are correct. This type of demand will create the competition among the workers needed by Remington to get their labor cheaply. As usual, the workers will compete with each other driving down their own wages! This is what is called a business friendly environment!

      • Saul Alinsky

        Wakeup, what we need is a union ,to keep Remington from making all the money ,off the sweat of our blue collar brothers ,if they cant pay our brother twenty dollars an hour ,our union will run Remington out of Huntsville.

  • Matt Hurt

    @ Saul Alinsky – We don’t need unions down here. They along with over regulation have destroyed American jobs by sending them overseas. Going by the name you have chosen to use it would appear that you are a union troll that just wants to keep Remington from moving down here to Huntsville and you are trying to create problems where they do not exist. You can keep your socialism up north because we don’t appreciate it down south. I’m sure that everything will work out down here without your kind trying to steal dues from workers to line the pockets of liberal politicians with.

    • Wake Up

      Matt, Saul Alinsky (Google that name) is an internet troll. That person uses many names on this discussion board to play with people. They never post a serious idea. That person even uses different names to reply to themselves.

      • Saul Alinsky

        Wakeup, we are bothers in this, we both want our unions to control America, just like our brothers and sisters ,at CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times Huffington Post, are doing, I know you are a follower of my words, you always have in the past, lets unionize America. together you and I can made a change.

      • lois Learner

        Speaking of trolls ,and different user names, that’s the pot calling kettle black, charge someone with what your doing, that sounds like the far left of the democrat party,

    • dixielady47

      I agree Matt. The union was the biggest reason we lost 4200 jobs at Delphi Saginaw in Limestone County. We sure don’t need any more of that here.

      • Wake Up

        dixielady, I am not familiar with the Delphi example. Can you provide me with details concerning exactly how it was the unions that ran them out?

      • Wake Up

        I am still waiting for the details concerning the Delphi plant. Waiting!!! I must be waiting because all dixielady has is empty words!

      • ted wilson

        wake up, as a former employee there, I can tell you that my union ,was asking the company for stock in the company,after that I lost my job, what can I say.

      • Wake Up

        Ted, that is a personal story, not details concerning how the unions ran them out of town. CEO’s ask for more company stock all the time. Would you say that the “demands” by the company CEO ran a company out of town?

      • ted wilson

        Wake up thats all I know, we all lost our jobs,we can only guess it was because the leaders in our union wanting Delphi stock, that what some were told at our last union meeting. all I ever wanted was my job.

  • Jim Greene

    I’m sure that no offense was meant by your choice of the headline word SQUIRM but I found it to be a little demeaning. The job market is pitiful and people are excited and eager to have a chance to work for such a good company with a nice pay scale and benefits. Worms squirm. I think EAGER would have made a far better choice of headline words.

  • David Wood

    Jim, good call, thanks for pointing that out. Changed. I meant less like groveling in mud, and more like antsy — like can’t wait to get more information even if the company is not saying much yet — but thanks for the suggestion, you are certainly right that someone who is struggling and out of work for an extended period of time may not take kindly to the word choice. Thanks again for visiting whnt.com and for your constructive, polite feedback!

    • Wake Up

      When you have the high levels of poverty and the low average incomes that we do have — it was an appropriate word!

    • Jim Greene

      I have talked to you before and have found you to be a real professional so I knew no offense was intended. And I didn’t really think about antsy which is definitely correct and could certainly be a legitimate synonym for squirm. Great responsiveness. Keep up the good work.

  • David

    I have not seen anything aas to why the City of Athens allocated $250K to support this project. Is Remington required to hire X amount of people from the Athens area? I am all in favor of brining more jobs to the area but I simply do not understand how Athens will benefit all that much from Remington moving next to HSV.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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