UPDATE: Department of Justice Files Motion Opposing Huntsville City Schools Rezoning Plan

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Department of Justice has filed a motion opposing the Huntsville City Schools rezoning plan laid out at a school board meeting earlier this month.

The filing claims Huntsville's rezoning plan "does not integrate the Huntsville City
Schools to the extent practicable, as the District asserts in its motion." The Department of Justice goes on to claim that the plan further cements the boundaries between many of the identifiable black and white schools, along with corresponding barriers to equal educational opportunities.

Though the proposed plan would make sweeping changes to Huntsville's zoning boundaries, that alone isn't good enough, the Department of Justice claims.

On Thursday Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski responded to the Department of Justice's plan.  The district presented a slideshow response that we have included in a photo gallery below.

"Yet despite these large-scale changes, the District’s Plan would leave most students in segregated schools and, in some cases, assign them to even more segregated educational environments. Further, students at schools identifiable as black schools would continue to lack equitable access to the array of advanced courses and science/technology programs available at schools identifiable as white," the filing says.

The Department of Justice listed three primary reasons why it opposes Huntsville's plan:

  • The closure of Butler and reassignment of its students will place students in highly segregated educational environments.
  • The District’s Plan leaves a racially identifiable white school under capacity, despite the closure of a racially identifiable black school and the likely overcrowding of another contiguously zoned racially identifiable black school.
  • The District Plan does not anticipate or allow room to develop viable magnet programs capable of attracting a desegregated enrollment at its racially identifiable black high schools.

The Department of Justice will hold a conference to gather more information about the methods and data gathered by Huntsville City Schools in order to submit a new plan for rezoning.

Read the full motion by clicking here.


  • Bill

    Holder is nothing but a BIG JOKE. I’d like to see him turn around so we can see the HOLE where Obama’s arms fits to move his mouth.

  • D. Rice

    It is great that the DOJ is looking into this important issue. Huntsville needs to be growing in a direction that unites all of its population. It’s a indignity that North & South Huntsville are so racially divided. Huntsville is one of the most progressive cities in Alabama, but we should continue making progressive step as far as uniting all of our citizens.
    We have to be the change we want to see!

    • Sam Little

      I so agree. I am glad to see that the DOJ could see all of the problems with the School Board’s plan. I am white and my children go to an elementary school on the North side of town. Huntsville does not need to be divided anymore between the North and South. It needs to be united.

  • Non-Lincoln Driver

    Why would I want my kids to receive a lower level of education by dumbing down the classes to make it easier for the majority of black kids to pass? This is what happens when forced integration is imposed. I guess I will continue to send my American Caucasion children to a paid for school to keep them away from the thugs and pot and crack smokers.

  • 1 Smart Chick

    Oh WOW!!!! Non-Lincoln Driver do you really think that only thugs, pot and crack smokers go to the “Black” schools?? If so you are part of the problem. Why do you think classes will be dumb down for the ‘Black” kidss are you saying that they/we can’t learn? Well let me break it down for you, I’m a product of a “Black” school Butler High to be exact, I went on to college and got a degree in Electrical Engineering and I’m currently employed with DoD and majority of my classmates are college graduates with GREAT careers. So if you choose to pay for your child school continue to do that but don’t put the blame on us saying that they are dumbing down classes for us!!!!

  • Eddgra Fallin

    You are reporting the NAACP approved the plan but that is false. This is what local NAACP President said on the Keep Johnson’s Name Facebook page regarding the matter:

    Alice Sams The April 8, 2013 meeting with Dr. Wardynski and Laurie McCaulley had nothing to do with the rezoning plan. I said and continue to say that I support the Johnson High movement in relations to keeping the Johnson. I could not agree with a zoning plan that I didn’t understand and wasn’t able to ask questions about and had not seen the DOJ’s plan until sketches were shown last night. You don’t have to try to second guess my loyalty any one of you can come and discuss my intentions, my ideas and my desires for HCS. I would like to see Huntsville receive unitary status only after they meet the requirements for equal access to an equal education with all children in the system. This is not the case. There is still discrimination in the system. The Green Factors that Attorney Brooks talked about included student assignments, differences in course offerings including AP and other advanced classes, rates of identification of minority and non-minority students for gifted and talented programs, higher rates of discipline for minority than non-minority pupils, faculty hiring and assignments and the conditions of facilities which are being corrected with the new construction. These are issues that need to but addresses with DOJ.

  • Nuclear Mike

    UPDATE: AG Holder has been taken to the hospital apparently with heart problems due to shortness of breath…there is hope now.

  • jamison jones

    Nuclear Mike? Are you suffering from the ‘white power’ syndrome? You afraid of the black man, huh? Well we are here to stay and we shall prevail.

    • Nuclear Mike

      AG Holder has a total disregard for the legal duties of his office and is a “loose cannon” with Obama’s permission…having worked for the Clinton administration I will dismiss your racial slur of a comment…

  • Skillpot

    Okay, folks, why can’t we address the real issues? The emphasis is on racism, rather than on the education of the children!

    Let’s face it, we need quality teachers for the black, white, and in between! We must overcome the issue of giving a person a teacher position based upon the Civil Rights Act of 1965, through the ‘affirmative action’ plan! We must hire qualified black, and white teachers! So, IF we must go to those countries (the number 1, 2, or 3) whose students graduate at the top, while the United States is 38th, to get quality, let’s spend the money and do so! While the US is 38th, just look at what it is in Alabama! Go figure.

    There is a dialect problem in the schools here in Huntsville. The blacks cannot understand the white teachers, and the white students cannot understand the black teacher!

    We need a college, or University in Alabama that has the capability to prepare a person to teach! We just do not have that!

    Have fun!

  • Gomez

    the imperial president strikes again. that ok, he has appointment with impeachment real soon. then back to the slums of chicago for him!!

  • jamison jones

    Skillpot, whata the matter with you? dialect problem? Some of the best brains in this country are not whites! the tech industry is dominated by asian, middle east dudes who went to school in this country and were taught by white and black teachers. I understand all kinds of english dialects and if anybody has a problem, just polish your LISTENING skills.

    • Skillpot

      jamison jones, you do make a good point about the “brains,” but you are dwelling on the racial issue, and I am concentrating on the ‘real’ issues! Yes, there a lot of ‘blacks’ well qualified, but many, just like the ‘whites’ are not! I can bet there was not a hire of a ‘white’ teacher under the CRA of 1965! Go figure!

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