Colbert Heights Elementary Principal Placed on Paid Leave

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Bobby Montgomery (Photo: Colbert Heights Elementary website)

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Colbert County superintendent Anthony Olivis placed Colbert Heights Elementary principal Bobby Montgomery on paid leave Monday.

Olivis says the decision was not based on a criminal investigation.

He tells WHNT News 19 the decision came as a result of, “the current climate of the school,” but did not go into further specifics.


  • Starr

    Why do these teachers, policemen etc always get paid leave? Proves how we do not live in a one nation under God. We live in a country where who you are and how much money you have keeps you out of trouble. UNFAIR TO THE SIMPLE MAN

    • sam

      you’re forgetting the fact teachers around here are ridiculously underpaid
      so if they don’t get paid leave they’ll have next to nothing to support themselves financially :/

      • bill

        Sam, these people knew the pay ,when they went into the job, its the field of work they wanted. small pay , but great union benfites ,ie tenure. so dont cry for these people , if there are not happy go into another area with higher pay.but a bs in education will only get you so far.

      • Chris

        Sam, I agree 100% that educators are underpaid. However ask any one of them, and they will tell you that they didn’t enter the profession for the lucrative financial opportunity. It is a calling that they have chosen to answer. Part of answering that particular call is an understanding of how to conduct one’s self professionally around their own peers and co-workers, as well as behaving in am appropriate manner in front of highly impressionable young, developing minds. Regretfully, these people often spend more time with our children than we do. Society has to demand that the people placed in the daily lives of our children maintain the highest level of professionalism and care. If they cannot be trusted to do these things properly, we must remove them from their positions. The consequences for breaking society’s trust should be severe. If there is enough evidence to remove an educator from their position, there is enough evidence to do so with their pay. And just to clear up the “union” argument, administrators cannot are not in the AEA.

  • Ashley

    My son attend that school ans it would be nice to know what is going on instead of listening to the kids try to tell you what they have been told

    • Tia

      I agree with you! Parents should have been FIRST to know what deal is, and then went from there. But they were too busy calling WHNT to let the parents who support that place know what’s going on! All we get to know are rumors, which differ depending on who you ask.

  • Tia

    I don’t care what the reason is/was! The parents should not have had to find this out in the news! That is ridiculous! There should have notified parents the DAY this happened. But nope, we all had to see it in the papers, and news. Just another backwards way of doing things for CHES! I swear if I had a choice I’d pull my kids out of there today! But what’s my other options? We live in the county.

  • me

    This just proves how so many people that are suppose to be so good and go to church are no better (sometimes worse) turn out worse then the poor kids they mentally and physically abuse. Want to say how I’m tired of these goody two shoe snobs yet so many less fortunate are much better people. Oh wait. That’s their problem.

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