Wounded Blue: Assaulted Police Officers Gain New Allies

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- Police officers are on the front lines in the war on crime, and new data released by the Huntsville Police Department suggests they are being attacked while on duty at an alarming rate.

Crime stats provided by the Huntsville Police Department this month shows assaults on officers in Huntsville spiked from four attacks in 2012 to 15 assaults in 2013.

Wounded Blue, Inc. is a statewide non-profit organization based in Madison. The group formed last year to help wounded law enforcement officers across Alabama that have been injured in the line of duty with financial, emotional, and job re-training support.

"We saw a gap in helping officers and their families after they are injured and we knew we could do something to change it statewide, thus Wounded Blue was created," President Freda Muncey told WHNT News 19 Tuesday.

Freda Muncey knows the dangers police officers face every time they go to work, her husband is Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey.

"We have already been able to help give support to several law enforcement officers in our state since we launched this program last year.  We can help with bills, counseling and job placement if that officer is unable to return to work as a cop," Chief Larry Muncey added.

According to information from the Wounded Blue website, 58,261 law enforcement officers have been assaulted in the line of duty in the last decade in the United States and 15,658 have sustained physical injury.

The non-profit organization has drawn support from agencies across the state including the Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Department of Justice.

The organization is planning a fundraising ball later this year.


  • John Smith

    Keep hiring young punks, giving them a badge, gun, and carte blanche to extort money from the poor public through “fines” and it will continue to happen. EXTENSIVE TRAINING is needed for a couple years before ever turning some of these “kids” loose on the streets as a law enforcement officer!

      • John Smith

        All 3rd shift police officers do is look for a good place to hide while they sleep, play on their iphones, look for businesses that will give them free sh…..it to eat, and chase pu……ssy all night!

  • Michael

    Three thoughts:

    1. According to the National LEO Memorial Fund 2013 was likely one of the safest years for police in over 50 years. Police safety as increased so much that being a police officer is not even one of the Top 10 most dangerous jobs in the country.

    2. I’d like to know what counts as an assault. There have been documented cases where someone spitting on an officer has been charged as spitting on an LEO.

    3. The habits of police today seem to be to escalate a situation rather than deescalate one. The problem is that non violent situations often become violent when they don’t need to be, and it’s the police that provoke it.

  • Wes

    As a retired police officer, I can say the most important investigation a police department performs is the background investigation for new hires. The academy does a good job finding weaknesses and weeding out those that get through the cracks, however, police are humans and will make mistakes. I can say first hand the overwelming majority of officers are stellar individuals that perform a thankless task. They are working while the majority of us are home sleeping, attending holiday functions or enjoying their weekends off. They deal with the unedjucated, drunk, high, violent leeches of society. Then they go to an accident and witness human carnage, serious injuries and many times death. You don’t punch out at the end of the shift and clear your mind, it stays with you. And by the way Michael, when there’s an active shooter in the building your in and you are running out, notice the police officer running in! Enough said about that.

  • ariel

    if they did such a good job we wouldn’t have all the problems with police as we do. there are so many people charged with “assaulting a police officer” but in reality all they did was make the cop mad for whatever reason and the cop hit THEM and so they charge them with that to cover their own butt. if you need proof there are endless amounts of videos on the internet showing how they mistreat people.

    • Stacy

      Since you feel this way about officers, then please don’t waste their time and call them during an emergency. They have better things and better people to deal with than people like you. Just remember, if your child is getting raped or kidnapped or you are in a bad wreck or something, please don’t call the police. No matter what you say about them, they still come to your rescue when you call them.

  • Wes

    Ariel, while there may be a few rare exceptions, a police officers attitude/actions are determined by the individual he/she is dealing with. A golden rule to remember is you treat the officer with courtesy and respect, and almost always the respect will be returned. I’m not saying there won’t be exceptions, but if you feel an officer was oversteping his bounds, you can always ask for a supervisor. The police do a good job at policing their own and will listen to your complaint and investigate it.

  • Don Phillips

    And if criminals are no longer deterred from attacking armed police officers, how much more vulnerable are ordinary, unarmed citizens?? Just another argument in favor of expanded concealed carry laws…

    • Grey Wolf

      maybe you need to learn what laws have been on the books since 1903 …alabama is and will always be an Open Carry state…..concealed carry laws have only been changed to put us to a shall issue state so Sheriff’s can not discriminate (which Some have) against someone who might have supported someone else running against them or because they just don’t like them…if they are legal to carry a permit then they should have it …and so you can get your permit for up to 5 years now….Open Carry is part of our State Constitution and can not be changed unless the State legislators do it ..no laws can be made against it either….so go read and learn the laws that are truthfully on the book and then come back and make that comment because you do not require a permit to Open carry …

      • Don Phillips

        Yes, but the caveat is that carrying a handgun in your car is still considered “concealed carry.” So, unless you walk everywhere you go, and/or everywhere you need a handgun, you are still in violation of the law for transporting a handgun in your car without a cc permit…BTW, I am totally in favor of “shall issue” type language… my original comment was directed at gun banners in general…

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