Teens Shoot Bus Driver, Bible Stops Bullets

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(CNN) — If not for the Bible, the bullets would have gone right through his heart.

A public transit bus driver in Dayton, Ohio, was attacked by three teenagers early Monday morning after his bus broke down on the side of the road, police told CNN affiliate WHIO.

Rickey Wagoner, 49, was shot three times at point-blank range and stabbed in the arm, but survived because both bullets aimed at his chest were stopped by a New Testament devotional bible in his front pocket, according to WHIO. The third bullet struck him in the leg.

“There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident, because he probably should not be here,” Dayton Police Sgt. Michael Pauley told WHIO.

Wagoner told police he believes the assault was part of a gang initiation. Wagoner said he heard one suspect tell another that he needed to “kill the polar bear” in order to be “all the way in the club,” according to WHIO.

Dayton police, however, said it was too early in the investigation to draw any conclusions about the motive.

During the attack, Wagoner told police, he used an aluminum pen from his pocket to stab one of the teenage boys in the leg, according to WHIO. The suspects dropped the gun and fled as Wagoner picked up the weapon and opened fire.

Wagoner was transported to a hospital and was being treated for a bullet wound to the leg, among other injuries, according to WHIO. His injuries are not life threatening, police said.

Police were searching for the three male suspects.

The condition of the book, which police described as a religious devotional entitled “The Message,” was unknown.

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    • Wake Up

      Regina, any book would have had the same outcome. God had nothing to do with this event. The Myth-busters TV program used science to show that any thick book would have saved the bus driver. No news station would have run the story if the driver had a textbook from his college class instead of a bible. We only share this example because it validates your (and culturally biased) beliefs. Muslims would make the same big deal if the “book” would have been a Koran! Nothing special here — move on!

  • Rhonda Paradise Word

    I agree Regina. God still has HIS plan in motion. This also includes protection for HIS children. Amen Amen
    And as for Wake Up’s comment- What you say is true also…’any book would have had the same outcome’ HOWEVER, it was NOT any book- it was THE BOOK, the Bible!!

    • Sue

      The Bible saved him and was meant to be in his pocket. I am surprised it was thick enough if it was the size I would think would fit in a pocket. Only GOD and this man’s belief is the reason he is still alive! GOD will save you if you believe in HIM when you have no idea how to save yourself.

  • Robyn

    Wake up- “Any” thick book may have stopped the bullet but because of your blindness and deception you can not see that God would be behind that as well. I will pray that you are truly. “awakened” and your eyes are opened. Even science can not disprove God but yet people still sleepwalk through this world. One day every knee shall bow even yours.

  • Roral Knightenham

    So if GOD protected him with the bible, why did GOD allow this to happen in the first place? Just to show off? Why subject that driver to any harm? Just like the man who loses his house to the tornado, but the neighbor’s house is spared and he says God protected him. Why did God not protect the other neighbor? How did the other neighbor feel when he hears his neighbor saying God protected him and his home, but not the other neighbor? Should God only get the praise but not the blame equally, if he is in fact in control of all?

    • Blake

      Roral Knightenham: it rains on the just and unjust alike. Read about Job; He lost everything, his wife, children, cattle, home, etc.; but he still praised God. God sometimes puts you in the fire to harden you so that you can stand against the devil.

      • Joy Mayfield

        everyone is given a Free will .else there would be no purpose for our being at all.That was God’s Grace that saved the Bus driver .and I am sure HE will be eternally grateful to our Maker and be a more powerful witness after that happening

    • Blake

      Also, let me go a little father. The Bible also says that the devil wanted to even kill Job, and that is when God said no. Then God restored everything back to Job. Also, I have lost things through my life, I have been at the lowest that anyone ever could be, I even blamed God for allowing it to happen, but then he revealed his love to me. I have then and many times looked back through my life, and can see where things I have been through has prepared me and allowed me to help others that are going through the same things that I have been through.

  • Mike

    The bible says ALL (good and bad) things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to his promises. It also says that it rains on the just and the unjust. We live in a fallen creation and in a world that constantly tries to disprove that God exists. Sin is the reason for all the pain and suffering. God is a God of Love and a God of Justice. He does not enjoy seeing his creation suffer, but the wages of sin is death. God can do everything, but it’s not His goal to keep us from suffering…..it’s His ultimate goal that we all make it to heaven. This world will fade away. You will die and so will I. The after life is forever. I will trade a little suffering here, for everlasting life in Heaven. If I believe in the Bible, then I must also believe that suffering is a part of my Christian walk. Ask this man, who saved his life….I’m sure he will tell you. It’s not my goal to convince you of this, because it seems as if your mind is pretty set. I just don’t want your statement to go unanswered as for those who may read this.

    • Wake Up

      Typical have it both ways answer. You did not really address the points made by Roral — because you can’t. I have noticed a pattern with the replies on this discussion. It seems that the only reason Christians are Christians is because they fear Hell. It has little to do with living a life a certain way and to be good — you are just trying to punch your ticket to Heaven. God will know that and void your ticket! Interesting!

      • Mike

        Wake Up, I don’t fear Hell, I fear God! That is truly typical of you to compare me to all Christians. You don’t even know me. There is a difference between a church goer and a Christian. You may not have ever met one, but Hey, My name is Mike and I’m a Christian. I’m not real sure what you are saying about having it both ways. Do I believe that a thick book will stop a bullet? Sure! Have you ever seen a little new testament bible before? I wouldn’t really call it a big book. Since I haven’t seen the bible they are referring to, it would be hard for me to comment on that though. I can see you are very argumentative, so I would say that maybe something terrible has happened to you or your family which has caused this deep resentment to God. I have watched some terrible things happen in my life as well, but I can say with confidence that God cares about you just like He does me. He loves you and wants you to turn to Him for all the questions you have. We all will have an encounter with God one day and we will be judged by His standards, not ours. We all need His grace and forgiveness because we all stink at living a “good enough” life. Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life…no one comes to Heaven except by me. Turn to him and you will find what you are looking for. Have a great evening!

      • Wake Up

        I am only “argumentative” because i point out things that upset you. What I do know about you is what I read in your posts. That is what I am replying to.

  • Cameron

    So a religious book stops a bullet,therefore God exists? Therefore creationism account in the Bible is true? You know what else would have stopped that bullet? A dictionary. Or any other book that was thick enough, religious or not.

  • Deborah McAnally-Ericksen Burns

    Amen to you Mike. God loves us all and wants us all to wake up now before it is too late. HE is the truth and the life. HE is in control of all things and HE died for us…I hope that those who don’t know our loving savior and creator will open their eyes to the truth. God loves you.

  • unbiased

    For what purpose does one bash someone’s beliefs? I’m a young man and believe in live and let live, it is neither your nor my business what anyone believes in. You alone will make yourself look ignorant to the masses by arguing someones faith.

  • skye

    Wakeup and Roral. Neither of you have ever read the bible or you, obviously, would know that yes God does show off. In the Old yestament he sent many plagues on the Egyptians just to show what God could do. And he states many times he hardens their hearts so they refuse to let the iseralites go just so he can “show off more” So maybe he was showing off but in the end the man lived. God is greater than we are. He can do whatever he wants. Except it.

  • Hannah

    If believing in God makes someone happy, why would you try and take that away from them?

    To the people putting down Christians, why did you even watch this video? Do you get some weird satisfaction from trying to call “coincidence” on situations like this?

    You won’t change their minds anymore than they will change yours.
    Get over it and start loving people.

    EVERYONE can believe in what they want.

  • Mike

    Wake Up really does believe in God, because in his own words in his own post above, he said:
    “God will know that and void your ticket! Interesting!”

  • Jim

    Wake up is just a troll. He just wants to inflame people. I have always found it interesting how some people go out of their way to try to attack others religious beliefs.. What does someone have to gain by doing that..If you are proud of being an atheist or Christian then so be it. Just dont go around bashing each other. Live and let live. .

    • Branko Pezdi

      As a liberal the last thing Wake Up is interested in is freedom and liberty for the individual as enumerated in the Constitution. He is an active proponent of the elitist segment of society which considers itself superior to others and strives everyday to rule our lives by government fiat because they know best. HIs ilk is no different from the people who ran the Nazi concentration camps my dad survived and is the principal reason for the burgeoning of the Tea Party. He and his fellow obamabots will soon learn the meaning of the word “hubris”.

  • Shut-it

    There have always been and always will be non-believers. As to answer one of rorals’ questions, by first pointing out if you read the bible you’d already know, God is incapable of sin, but he does test people, all son is satans’ doing, evil is his doing. If your a non-believer that is fine with me, too each his own, but don’t judge what others know in their hearts is the truth. Makes you a very small minded person if you do.

    • Jane

      I don’t believe in heaven or hell. Where will I wake up? In a new body as a baby, here or on another world.. You guys should stop sweating the small stuff.. And almost everything is small stuff. Be friends and have fun.

  • Jane

    Any book thick enough would have stopped the bullet . I am just happy it did. Congrats to you,sir, Prosperity and long life. Now, children, stop this backbiting and satan worship crap it’s mean spirited and unchristian. It divides us all into “US” the wonderful and righteous, and “THEM” the unworthy and bad . The “inconvenient people, we have no sympathy or fellow-feelings for., which is what got the driver shot in the first place! SO, quit sweating the small stuff, and remember , most stuff is small, just be sure one of them is not your mind (as in small-minded, not stupid)

  • Valerie Williams

    I agree with Wake Up.Not eating everything fed to you by the lame stream media is not a sin ,it simply means you are still thinking for yourself.Not agreeing with others opinions does not turn you into a troll or a non believer.I personally believe Rickey Wagoner shot himself.His account of what happened is inconsistent with his injuries.Do any of you actually read the article in it’s entirety,or do you jump on the I saw god in a cloud bandwagon just to find out later it was a chem trail.Divine intervention,a miracle,Rickey is really a super hero cleverly disguised as a bus driver?Time will tell…

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