SPLC: 22 Hate Groups Active in Alabama

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) - The Southern Poverty Law Center issued its annual report on far-right extremist groups Tuesday, saying the number of groups has dropped for the first time in a decade.

However, the SPLC said there are still more than 2,000 groups, and the radical right remains at historically high levels.

"The radical right is growing leaner and meaner," said Mark Potok, senior fellow at the SPLC and the editor of the report. "The numbers are down somewhat, but the potential for violence remains high."

"Moreover, there is a disturbing dynamic at play. At the same time that the number of extremist groups is dropping, there is more mainstream acceptance of radical-right ideas."

Far-right extremist groups include two sets, hate groups and "patriot" groups.

But don't be mistaken by the term patriot, this has nothing to do with who you voted for or your feelings on taxes.

The patriot groups from the list have specific ideologies, most commonly, that the US government will soon impose martial law, seize all civilian weapons, put resistors in concentration camps built by FEMA, and initiate a socialist world order.

You can read the report at splcenter.org and view an interactive map showing where various hate groups are located in each state.

The SPLC says Alabama has 22 hate groups, including Racist Skinhead, White Nationalist, Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi, Neo-Confederate and Black Separatist groups.

The SPLC says it monitors six hate groups in north Alabama:

-Confederate Hammerskins (Racist Skinhead) - Huntsville
-Crew 38 (Racist Skinhead) - Huntsville
-Council of Conservative Citizens (White Nationalist) - Cullman
-Council of Conservative Citizens (White Nationalist) - Florence
-League of the South (Neo-Confederate) - Killen
-North Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan - Red Bay


    • Johnny

      The SPLC should register under the FARA Statues Foreign Agent Registration Act of 1938 for it’s support of illegal aliens. Plus violating Title 8 Section 1324 US Code aiding,abetting,encouraging,harboring,transporting and hiring illegals.

      • bill

        Sorry, channel 19 started it with the CNN (white house) story, Just wandered if there was doing to be another CNN (white house) report, on far left hate groups in Alabama. you know balanced reporting from both sides, we will see!

  • Rose

    It would probably much harder to find far left hate groups since the farther left you go the concept is peace and human rights.

  • michael f

    I would not worry about far right or far left. The people of Alabama have short life spans due to BBQ, fatty foods, watching football instead of playing any sport of any kind, and lack of brain. Why kill these mosquitos, they will only buzz around for a few more days in this humid, fat uneducated hell called Alabama.
    In Alabama’s defence: the bueatiful part only happens a few months out of the year between freezing weather and extremely warm weather followed by a tornado. The only good thing about Alabama is there are very few nice people that live here, and there is extremely good fishing. I have lived in Alabama for decades. This is the truth, just accept it. If you can get past the hippocracy of many churches believing different things controlling your life, people that think they are smart or entitled because they are white or black, and a complete lack of intelligence or judgement, you can also live here.
    Like I said, just accept the world is not perfect including Alabama, and enjoy the few things Alabama does have: few nice people, large bass, and the very occasional Southern girl with nice figure and freckles.
    Enjoy with your lemonaide tea.

    • bill

      Mike F. Thank you, now we know theres one perfect person in Alabama, can I get an amen, or some TEA! we know lefty do not like TEA.

    • Cornelius

      This guy is definitely from Alabama; he can’t spell half his words. There are plenty of numbskulls in Alabama, but trust me, I have been fro sea to shining sea and the racism here is nothing compared to places like California, Chicago and New England.

    • cathy Statham

      Michael hon, you need to find a new place to live. If I felt that way about Alabama that’s just what I would do. I have to warn you that you may have trouble finding paradise anywhere on this earth but good luck on your search.

  • Bill

    The groups that have been mentioned are “Home Grown Terrorist”. I put them in the same group as the Taliban. If you look or think different than they do, they use terrorism to get even. They also teach their children the same ideals.

    • Pellaro Gustov

      Wow how much more home grown can you get than gangbangers behaving in exactly the same way and oft times worse. It would seem to me they are far more dangerous and in greater numbers than any of these groups. I don’t care what they label themselves, bad people are bad people but nothing is ever done about the gangs who roam our streets with virtual immunity. These groups are far and few between but gangs are in EVERY city in the US but no one hates on them because it would be politically incorrect to call out those poor, disadvantaged, broken home, just trying to get by “victims”. Geez the hypocrisy is astounding.

  • Ted

    Mike F. Native Alabamian here. Alabama brain power at work. Beautiful not bueatiful . Just saying…. Learn to spell before you start trashing people. I would probably go with defense vs. defence but that’s just me.

  • tim

    The. ” far Left ” hate groups are in the White House not Alabama. They hate ; A good economy , the military , jobs , values , and the constitution.

    They like abortions, more taxes , getting/ keeping people on welfare, and side stepping the constitution.

    • Lori Hughes

      ^5. I resent the notion that patriot groups are on this list. Far right? I think it’s simply called being a real American. Principles are no different than what the Founding Fathers put forth. People who don’t support the Constitution are the real threat to our country and that includes the President and his minions.

  • Neal Haralson

    The SPLC is a racist organization in and of itself. If any segment of society goes against them or their ideologies, they are labeled racist or extremist. Personally I respect the opinion of these idiots about the same as I would that of a Talib.

  • plowboysghost

    The SPLC considers ANYONE who isn’t in line with the radical Left a ‘hate” group, but then that is how they have gotten rich…..finding “racism and hate” in a bowl of Cheerios if it pays.

  • plowboysghost

    There is a war being waged against Western civilization and traditional Christian values. Groups like the SPLC are at the forefront of the covert battle to label evil good, and good evil. They do not care for truth and justice, and they care even less for the “law” in that they hate the Constitution and instead support the subversion of Constitutional Law.

  • Juan Doe

    The SPLC is nothing but a leftist propaganda mill. They try to scare people into thinking that there are a bunch of right wing extremists that are out to get them ALL THE WHILE the lefties are actually KILLING BABIES!

    And WHNT gives credibility to the SPLC by publishing their propaganda.

    WHNT you guys should avoid publishing filth by the SPLC. Those guys don’t know squat.

  • Lightning Bug

    If I have researched Agenda 21 and are aware of the attempts and achieved seizures of land, water or mineral rights under its very guidelines, does that make me a “dangerous radical”? I am completely disgusted with WHNT’s obvious left-slanted reporting. Governor Bentley signed legislation that banned Agenda 21 programs in our great state. So could I make a leap that ALL Republicans are “dangerously radical”? I take great offense at being equated with hate groups because I am an educated citizen that has informed myself on issues that will affect us all. I do not accept everything I read/hear/watch as the Gospel truth. No, unlike our so called investigative reporters of today, I do thorough research from varied sources with varying viewpoints. By the way, in DEFENSE of Alabama please do us all a favor and move if you find us backwards, ingnorant or intolerant. I’ve been blessed to travel to several states and countries and have yet to find Utopia. In my opinion, Alabama is as close as it gets!

      • Wake Up

        I hope we see more of this type of coverage with the new owners. It will go a long ways in overcoming, as Lightening Bug say; the backwards, ingnorant or intolerant attitudes in this area!.

  • Norm

    The SPLC should be taken at face value. A legal hate group. It is interesting how a group portrayed as fighting racism will portray “white people only” as the header image of it’s hate map. Not to mention the cover image for their hate report contains multiple images of “white faces” with one very small non white face.

    It is sad in this day in age, anyone would suffer from any type of racial hatred. I would expect more from the SPLC, but I guess they are no different.

  • Linda

    It’s sad that in this day and time groups like this still exist. DNA testing has proved that every single person on this planet came from one of two women in Africa that lived at different times millions of years ago.If your skin is light, your ancestors were in the first migration out of Africa. If your skin is darker, your ancestors were later arrivals. The bottom line is we all come from the same place and had the same ancestors. There is no valid reason for racial hatred. We are all the same.

  • Howdid Thishappen

    Not sure what happened to this country when constitution-loving patriots like the Tea Party are denigrated by US Senators while members of leftist groups are given monetary grants and even access to helpless citizens’ personal information (through not vetting Obamacare sign-up facilitators).

      • bill

        Wake up, I am glade you and the new owners are on the same page, the new owners ,will see viewer ship continue falling (There are third in a four horse race for viewers) like the CNN, MSNBC CBSs are suffering now.

  • Bob

    Pretty pathetic! Put patriot Americans in a hate group that you convienantly omit the splc from! Sad day in America when true American patriots are labeled a threat and not to mention racist. Mainstream liberal government scripted propaganda is all this is! Getting desperate because commi liberal lennonists Muslim in office has showed his true colors and all his supporters have popped up their heads. We see you and have taken note ! Next election these traitors are done! History will be much kinder to them than it should be but I assure you, my young will be taught the truth, not what some liberal idiot judging history in a book he’d surely burn if he had the chance. We see you, we know who you are and your days are getting short ! Our constitution will stand intact with all her traditions and values! It’s our compass, our true north , that’s why these traitors want to destroy it! It’s never , ever going to happen!
    Goodbye you liberal commi tyrants , were going to show you change you can believe in ! The republic lives !!! Live and well

  • Token

    Not really surprised to see a bunch of Alabamians trying to defend the existence of Neo Nazi hate groups all across the state. I only wish you cowards would at least be honest about your true intentions and feelings though and stop trying to mask your hatred with political nonsense.

  • paul

    plowboy,tim,bill,juan,neal, & bob. you and your redneck, skinhead, christain conserative, i want my country back, neo-nazi idiots should be PROUD the SPLC was founded in ALABAMA by an ALABAMIAN! Just like some radiacal Muslins need to re-read the Quran; you folks need to re-read the Bible!
    Linda, thank you for your comment!

  • Matt Hurt

    With the way this story was slated I would swear it was done by CNN. Okay first off putting patriot groups on the list because they don’t trust the government, really? You have to be on mind altering drugs to trust the government. The government has confiscated weapons and still does in several states by drafting anti-gun laws that are unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court decides not to here the cases. The second Amendment doesn’t say anything about registration, but it does say shall not be infringed. When was the last time someone from the Obama Administration didn’t lie? According to the definition that I read on the DHS web site for a possible domestic terrorist every person in the US military qualifies. The fact is if you don’t question why your government is doing what it does then you deserve to fall into communism. The government works for us, the people of the USA are Obama’s bosses it’s not the other way around.

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