Paint Rock to Disband Municipal Court System

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PAINT ROCK, Ala. (WHNT) - The Paint Rock town council voted to disband its municipal court system Tuesday night.

The council voted 4-1 in favor of disbanding the court system at a public meeting.  The move will take 90 days to complete.  Paint Rock Police Chief Billy Wilson and Sgt. Mark Adams handed in their resignations prior to the decision.

The move to abolish the court system in the small Jackson County town is the first step toward eliminating the town's police department.

The town council says the decision is driven by cost.  Many town residents and former Chief Billy Wilson believe it's all because of legal problems facing the son of Mayor Jane Nevels.

Joseph Nevels was arrested in January for allegedly Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Indecent Exposure, and Theft. Joseph Nevels was arrested again on Feb. 4. Wilson says he threatened to kill an officer.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of Harassing Communications and one count of Driving Under the Influence on Monday.

Joseph Nevels is ordered to serve 90 days house arrest and to not be within five miles of Wilson, his residence, or his family.


  • Law Abiding Citizen...

    FGS. The definition of a speed trap is when the speed limit drops too quickly in a specific distance. The speed limit on US highway 72 is posted at 65. Please feel free to check the court records but no tickets were issued below 74 miles per hour. So,it is not a speed trap. Sorry that you have a problem with speed limits and the law in general. I am sure your driving record would demonstrate your failure to obey traffic laws.

  • Fed Up with small town Idiots

    So sad that Mayor and her little crew of Ethics Violators dissolved the court system. Has channel 19 asked the Alabama Ethics Commission when the plan to swoop in and arrest this Mayor and her minions that’s she has bullied into following her path. Best wishes to the Chief and his fine officers for doing what was right!

  • Jane the Idiotict

    Please feel free to speed through Paint Rock now. The town leaders don’t care if their citizens get hurt by speeders as the locals pull out on HWY 72. Hopefully it’s just the town leaders they pay the consequences for their actions tonight rather than the innocent citizens the town leaders were voted to look after. They certainly did a lousy job of that tonight.

  • Average Joe

    The town deserves lawlessness. It’s what they want. It won’t be long before that’s what they get. It’s a matter of time before that son of hers touches another child whether near his home or at church where he is allowed to teach Sunday school. Nevels, you have to be one proud mom!!!

  • david

    WELL I THINK ITS BULL!!! and 4 out of the 5 that voted on this action may need a law officer to show up and help them in a hurry, it wont happen !!!! sorry for your (morons) that ran your town im glad i don’t live there. move to guntersville its a great place to live. That’s the joy of a small town politics………..

  • James R. Sullivan

    Did the Mayor and Council want the town as a whole to fail? Several businessmen in the area had suggested development inside the town limits. That is now a mute point as they would not wish to have a business in a town that is not patrolled by local law enforcement. Another possibility for the town thrown to the wayside as the Mayor seeks vengeance for sworn officers upholding the law and arresting her THUG of a son.

  • D C

    It will be interesting to see what moves the citizens of Paint Rock take. If they start a petition to recall the towns elections they will show that there is a shred of decency amongst the residents. If they just let this stay, well, don’t come running or go crying when thugs just walk into your house at their leisure and take and do what they want. After all, you allowed it to happen.

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

  • jamison jones

    I think everybody is over simplifying the issue. May be the town had real $$ issues. May be corruption is at the heart of the matter by the police, her son’s issues notwithstanding. Its called start an investigation.

  • jamison jones

    I mean seriously, nobody in their right mind can allege that its about the mayor’s son! If she is able to do that by herself and succed at that, all residents and leaders of paint Rock need to have their heads examined. Unbelievable. Things like this only happen in Africa and the Middle east not here in the US with all our democratic machineries.

  • Kenny Hill

    I live in paintrock and you wouldn’t believe how billy Wilson treats people..Carma is awesome! Let’s get some real law in this town and not a bunch so called men whose been fired everywhere else they served…

  • jamison jones

    kenny, what kinda stuff is that? This is a civilized democracy not a dictatorship! There is what we call ‘recall’…Power belongs to the people! Forget the karma s***t. You vote him out. I kinda like this Mayor though. At least she took it upn herself and convinced the council!.

  • Jerry

    @ K. Hill and everyone that has complained about Paint Rock PD- It’s sad how gossip and rumor plagues small town America. People like you (the uneducated) are the reason the nation is in the condition it is in. You hear one person say something and take it as the truth. Fact, Billy Wilson is retired from the Alabama State Troopers after 20+ years of service. Contrary to what you’ve heard, he has had no trouble holding down a job. Fact, the only people who complain about police are the lawless. PERIOD. You can rant about what you think you know and muster some attention from others like yourself but in the end you are the one that looks like a jackass when someone informed gets involved in the conversation. Go ahead, tell your constituents that I’m the one who is wrong, they’ll probably believe you. Maybe making people believe lies makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Just remember, gossip only makes those who spread it look like idiots in the end. Billy and the officers he employed had a job to do and that job was to enforce the law and that they did. Once again, the only people who complain about men who put their lives on the line to protect good people are the lawless.

  • fayeo

    A real MOM will be there for her son ,but I say he needs to pay his dues,but the love a mother will never end.I love my child To The Moon and back.Hope everything in your little town turns out for the best for all concern.

  • jamison jones

    Billy Wilson forgot one cardinal rule of survival in his kind of business much less everywhere. Don’t s***t where you eat and remember who you work for. Arresting the mayor’s son is a ‘violation’ of the code. Sounds ridiculous but thats how things work in such environments. Voting out the entire municipal court system is a little over the board but heck, Plain Rock needs some order and people need to know where they belong in the political hierachy. Can’t have two bulls roaming around.

  • L O'Neal

    Sounds like a plan to me. I believe the Sheriff of Jackson Co promised the council and townspeople that his office would provide law enforcement in the area. Maybe they can work out an arrangement and get a fulltime deputy assigned to the area.

    • D C

      So will Jackson County hire a new deputy at the expense of the entire county? Or will they pull a deputy from another location ?

  • Michael

    Calm down people. The sky is not falling and PR is not going into a state of anarchy. Pretty sure Jackson Co. patrolmen and Alabama state troopers will still patrol the area.

  • Pam C

    We have signed numerous petitions in Paint Rock Valley to try to keep Billy Wilson out. He actually was able to get one of those signed petitions and seeked out and harrassed every single person on that petition including my whole family. He will stop people in Paint Rock Valley (though he was not supposed to) and then call the Jackson County Police to come and get them for some kind of made up complaint. If he can’t find something to charge you with them he will just make it up. He is an absolute psychopath and needs to be dealt with appropriately for all the trumped up charges and everything else he has put the people in Jackson County through. The mayor of Paint Rock has received several complaints I know about him. Thank goodness he is gone!

  • jamison jones

    Thank goodness he’s gone but what about disbanding the municipal court system? whats up with that? Billy Wilson run the courts too? Why couldn’t he just run for mayor himself? I think everybody, despite my awakward admiration for the mayor, needs to go. The city council too. Get the Feds in to sort PR otherwise, the good ‘ol boys are gon’ run this town and all hell will break loose.

  • chuck

    Why the grief over all of this when all we are talking about is a small community of what, 15 houses, that doesn’t need a mayor or police. Much larger communities in the local area don’t have either and do just fine. As far as the police go, it was strictly revenue from Hwy 72(what else could they do).

  • jws

    I am glad to see victimless crime unit of Paint Rock go. I think all victimless crimes should be done away with really who are you or anyone else to tell me I have to wear a seat belt.

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