Disney World Raises Prices for Magic Kingdom

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Disney World Fantasyland expansion opening ceremony

Disney World Fantasyland expansion opening ceremony

Disney World Fantasyland expansion opening ceremony

(CNN) — Heading to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park for your next vacation?

It’ll cost you.

The most expensive theme park at Walt Disney World Resort just got a little pricier. Starting February 23, visitors ages 10 and up will pay $99 for one-day tickets to the Magic Kingdom, a $4 increase.

Prices for one-day tickets at Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios also increased $4, from $90 to $94. Many visitors to the Disney parks purchase multi-day passes, which can decrease the daily cost of visiting the parks.

“Our pricing reflects the high quality and breadth of experiences we offer and our ongoing commitment to investing in our parks,” said Kim Prunty, Walt Disney World spokeswoman, via e-mail. “We offer a variety of ticket options that provide a great value, and find that most guests select multi-day tickets that offer additional savings.”

The Walt Disney Co. reported company revenues of $12.3 billion for the quarter ending December 28, 2013, a 9% increase from the same quarter in 2012. Of that $12.3 billion in revenues, $3.6 billion came from its parks and resorts. Parks and resorts revenues saw a 6% increase from the same quarter in 2012.

“Prices were raised less than a year ago, but for WDW (Walt Disney Resort) it’s all about supply and demand,” writes Deb Wills, editor-in-chief of AllEars.net, an unofficial Disney planning and fan site. “Attendance is going up, not down; so as long as people keep paying the prices, Disney (any business) will keep raising them.”

CNN first learned of the price increase from a Tampa Bay Times Tweet.

How will the price increase impact your travel plans? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • barbie massengill

    Its rediculios prices a poor person cant take their kids because prices that’ssad kids would like . To go. Like me I have five for seven people look at price

  • HsvDad

    Bob’s comment was blunt, but it’s the truth. Not everyone gets to do everything. That’s how it always has been. I didn’t do or go to the same places as all of my friends growing up. But the things my family did venture out for, was planned and saved towards to go.

    Nothing is getting cheaper, so why would it be any different for theme parks and resort locations. Maybe in a bit different wording, but Bob is correct: if you wanna play; you gotta pay. Instead of trying to just go, plan for not and enjoy the time.

  • Sandy

    It is sad that all can’t go to this wonderland. I wished all children would have the opportunity to visit here, but it is just not feasible in today’s hand to mouth society we all live in. Jobs are fewer, paychecks are less and alot more people don’t have any money to save. I know growing up both my parents saved for our vacation. We were thrilled to go to Florida, swim in the ocean and play games at the game machines there. It was a wonderful vacation that cost about 600 back then. So we never missed Disney World or what it had to offer. So now that I can afford to go, I have no desire, nor do my grandson’s. So it has worked out well for me and my family.

  • Wilma

    Maybe I lucked out. I purchased my ticket Feb. 21. I’m taking my granddaughter for the 1st and probably only time now.

  • Rachel Evans

    I have been once. It was not that great to me. But I am not a kid. If I had kids I couldn’t take them at that price. Its not worth it. I wouldn’t go back for 99 cents. That is to much to pay to get in anything.

  • patriotsmom

    Two things:
    One, I feel sorry for the mom above that said she has 5 kids and can’t afford for her family of 7 to go. I haven’t checked into multi-ticket deals, so based on Magic Kingdom alone she’s looking at nearly $800 for the day.
    And two, Bob, though a little on the rude side, is absolutely correct. When planning a trip like this, a family would definitely have to start some type of savings plan. This is true for nearly all families. I don’t know of many people that just have that kind of money to just up and go to DW.
    Ok, three things, in my opinion, this is not a trip you decide in January that you want to take in August. I would think, to fully enjoy DW, without having to constantly worry about the money, you would need at least 2 years to research, plan and save. I think if a family really wants to go, and they don’t let the money stress them out, even a large family can afford it, it may just take longer for a large family to plan and save. You may have to do without extras for a while, or maybe even a couple of years of other vacations, putting that money toward DW.
    I would go in a heartbeat, no matter the cost, my husband on the other hand………

  • Skillpot

    Listen up, you posters before me, and others to follow! Corporate America keeps raising the prices, but keeps the wages low, or at zero! Now, do not get me wrong, I do not support Obama’s 10-10 minimum wage deal! However, Corporate America (High Society) needs to get with the program, and do what is right without politicians having to force them!

    Remember the so-called Investment Tax Credit, whereby, Corporate America kept waiting for ‘more’ before they would invest?

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