Two Die In Wreck On Hwy. 231/431 In Meridianville

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala (WHNT) - Traffic is moving again after a deadly wreck blocked U.S. Highway 231/431 in Meridianville for most of Tuesday morning.

Two people died in the wreck at Meridianville Bottom Road.  An 18-wheeler and car collided around 5 a.m. and the car was lodged underneath.

Crews were finally able to remove the 18-wheeler from the car after 9 a.m.

Two people in the car died.  The Madison County Coroner's office identified them as Daniel Garth Hestand, 59, and Kristie Campbell, 39, both of Huntsville.

The southbound lanes of Highway 231 were blocked for several hours during the morning drive, and traffic was diverted to Meridianville Bottom Road.

Drivers traveling south were asked to use Monroe Road to Pulaski Pike to avoid the scene.

State Troopers are investigating the wreck.

A dog was in the car that was hit, and survived.  A Madison County Animal Control officer took the dog to a vet to be checked, and relatives claimed it.


  • Jennifer

    How is it that you are not releasing names but you will show the car? What if someones family had not heard or been notified and they identify the car.

  • JA

    Really curious what lead to this accident… Appears there is debris in front of the Liberty gas station, and I believe there’s an intersection there. With the angle and location the car hit, it looks like someone wasn’t paying enough attention at the intersection — but no idea who. Sad all around.

    • JA

      My guess is the car was going southbound, semi pulled out, car attempted to go around, lost control, and went under. Of course it’s hard to tell who was inattentive here.

      I hit the same spot on a trailer on Research Blvd years ago. A couple of Turner dump trucks took a left from Dan Tibbs onto Research Park. I was in the middle lane, they pulled into the left lane. As soon as I was about even with the trailing dump trucks’ rear bumper, obviously going 30-40mph faster since they were still accelerating to speed, they moved into my lane right in front of me. I didn’t have enough room to brake, so tried to maneuver into the left lane. The car lost control and I ended up under the truck.

      Fortunately, I had relatively minor injuries, but I’m still angry to this day they got off scott-free because a “witness” claimed I was trying to pass the trucks but completely left out the speed disparity and me being cut-off.

  • Billy

    It appers that at least fifty percent of drivers on this stretch of hihgway are to ignorant to drive.I see no logical reason for so many accidents on a highway that is completely straight. Just about no-one obeys the 50 mph speed limit thru Meririanville.

  • Treva

    I say the same thing as Billy. The drivers of these cars or whatever are going way over the speed limit by about 30 miles that would put them doing 80 MPH .No time to stop for anything that can happen. The cops need to patrol these roads. I got kids and myself and family and I guess everyone else does, no sense in losing them to ignorant drivers that could care less, but they will. I hate it for these people, but I have seen how fast some of these drive on these roads. Crazy!

  • Kim P

    Prayers going out to both parties and their families.Also praying for the truck driver. I cant imagine what hes going through, either.May God lift them up and give them peace of all understanding. May God hold them in His arms and comfort them.In Jesus name…..

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