Keeping Albertville Litter Free, Competition Aside

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A group of Marshall County businesses are putting competition aside and coming together to help the community.

If you drive down stretches of US 431  in Albertville you most likely won't see any litter. In fact, you most likely won't see any litter for twelve miles. It's all because several businesses came together to make their city a better place.

"It really was an easy sale," Paul Claborn says. Claborn owns, a car dealership in Albertville. Looking at his livelihood you would think he's talking about selling cars.

Not in this case.

This story starts with Claborn's goal to make 431 litter free. So he adopted a mile in front of his business with the promise to keep it that way.

One mile wouldn't cut it though.

So being the salesman that he is, he used those tactics and made some calls to other area businesses. "Within 30 minutes I had five other car dealers in our community that said yes," Claborn says.

Those five of Claborn's competitors turned into twelve businesses that said yes to adopting a mile with the promise to keep that mile litter free.

Claborn says the state mandates those adopted miles must be attended to every two months. Claborn and the other business owners have them maintained every month.

He says he is passionate about keeping the city's streets and sidewalks litter free for a reason that hits home for him. "Our young men and women today who are serving in the armed forces, when you litter you thumb your nose at the sacrifices they make."

He says keeping the roads litter free and taking pride in the community is a way to show respect for those sacrifices.

So now twelve miles of 431, from city limit sign to city limit sign, are litter free and keeping it that way is something those businesses and competitors agree on.


  • soldier

    what would make sense is for the city of albertville to hold the trash removal company accountable for all the trash that blows from its trucks every single day littering the streets of the city and the countryside. its a shame to put such and effort forth while we sit back and let these trucks spew garbage all over the place. what a laugh when the truck says keep alabama beautiful the whole time scattering garbage.

  • soldier

    how abouts getting all those trash trucks from scattering litter all over the place. its a crack up when its says keep alabama beautiful all the while scattering litter all over the place.

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