Redstone Leaders Ask Drivers to Consider Alternatives to Gate 9 Route

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Redstone Arsenal sign (WHNT News 19)

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.  – It’s been a hot topic for the last few weeks — traffic to get onto Redstone Arsenal. According to a press release, Redstone Arsenal officials continue to monitor traffic flow during peek commute hours and have determined that many drivers may benefit by using a route other than through Gate 9, the Arsenal’s most heavily used gate.

“We’re still seeing a backup at Gate 9 during the morning rush hours,” said Redstone Arsenal spokesman, Chris Colster. “At other gates, traffic is much lighter. So we encourage each driver to take a look at his or her route in the morning and see if they might adjust what they’re doing.”

In late January, Redstone officials had to shut down gates and lanes due to a mandate by the US Army Installation Management Command to reduce its security guard force.

“Traffic patterns are still normalizing after the lane closures,” said Colster. “Now is a good time for drivers to look at options other than Gate 9 which might save them some time.”

Redstone officials are in the process of hiring new gate guards.

“We are asking a lot of our gate guards right now,” said Colster. “They contribute to our excellent security and we should all thank them at every opportunity.”


  • S Green

    Shouldn’t you rehire the guards you just let go? Might be helpful to list all gates and hours so folks might be able to find alternate routes.

  • Rob

    Apparently Redstone Arsenal Officials haven’t looked out the window at Gate 7 lately. While there is not a big back up at the gate itself, traffic on Martin Road is backed up for miles. The traffic light regulates the cars to the actual gate but it is terrible.

  • SK

    People from Rideout are creating a bottle neck at Gate 9 by cutting across multiple lanes to either get to the new Boeing bldg., or by cutting across to get to the farthest right two lanes.

  • CN

    I typically use Gate 3 (Redstone Rd) but coming in this morning, I noticed cones being set out in preparation for a resurfacing and also the gate down to one lane, yet there was no notification…

  • Barbara

    i agree with CN–now what? we seem to go from crisis to crisis. It appears they may be getting ready to mill the road–how long will this last? and btw, it would be helpful if there were some kind of warning further back on the pkwy instead of just coming to a total stop on a very busy road.

  • Bill

    For those who can, look at changing your work hours. Now to do that your leadership hhas to sit down and think of a way that it WON’T work. Those with children that go to daycare would need to stay on their present work schedule, and those who don’t need that type of schedule just shift times coming into work.

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