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Huntsville Utilities Brace for Heavy Winds Just a Week After Snow-Induced Outages

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Last week’s three-day winter weather event not only had Huntsville Utilities crews responding to upwards of 3,000 power outages – it also hit them in their coffers.

Huntsville Utilities reports it spent about $128,000 in overtime, replacement materials, and pole replacements to handle area outages.

Just a week after heavy, wet snow brought down power poles, the utility company is now bracing for heavy winds to potentially do the same across the area.

“In this part of the country we expect severe weather events – that’s just what happens,” says Huntsville Utilities spokesman Bill Yell.

“You know it’s kind of interesting to have one week preparing for a winter event and the next week you’re preparing for a spring severe storm event.”

Yell says an ice storm is about the worst event electrical systems and those who service them must brave. The impending severe weather threat is expected to mainly be a straight line wind event.

“Which can cause trees to come down on power lines,” warns Yell, “so just like last week – that was a little bit of an unusual winter snow event because it was such a wet, heavy snow.”

And just as they did a week before, Huntsville Utilities is readying crews to do it all again.

“We’re going to be ready,” Yell assures, “we’ll have crews prepared, additional people on call ready to go – at this point you just wait and see what happens.”

Huntsville utilities was forced to replace ten power poles which fell victim to downed trees heavy laden with snow last week.

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