Wisconsin National Guard Investigates Controversial Pictures with Flag-draped Casket

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guardeditedMADISON, WI (WITI/WHNT) – The Wisconsin National Guard is investigating controversial photos posted on social media of a group of soldiers posing disrespectfully around a flag-draped casket.

One soldier from Milwaukee is even getting death threats over the photos.

According to our sister station WITI in Milwaukee, the Wisconsin National Guard became aware of controversial and distasteful photos and comments related to military funeral honors on Monday.

One photo shows a group of soldiers in Army combat uniforms posing disrespectfully around a flag-draped training casket. The caption from another photo suggests that the cold weather at a military funeral may result in a poor folding of the U.S. flag to be presented.

The National Guardsman who posted the photos on a social media site has been indefinitely suspended from the funeral honors detail, pending an investigation into the matter.

“We take this matter very seriously and the investigation will be conducted diligently,” said Maj. Paul Rickert, the Wisconsin National Guard‘s director of public affairs.

Rickert also said the Wisconsin National Guard expects all soldiers who carry out this sacred detail to handle it with professionalism and honor.

Although Maj. Rickert says the group picture was taken in front of an empty training casket, Kurtz says it’s no consolation.

“It’s really of no consequence because the symbolism is there, the American flag draped over a casket. I think it’s recognized by anyone what it represents,” said Kurtz.

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  • Chris

    Even more reason not to let part time weekend warriors who don’t even take their military service seriously, take part in such ceremonies.

    • ME

      That is a ridiculous statement! There are many National Guard and component soldiers that have lost their lives for their nation. If you look none of these pieces of trash have a combat patch and they should all be, at least, discharged.

    • D C

      Hey Chris, do all the guardsmen who die in combat only die for a weekend? Or do they comeback to do other things. Were they part time? Or are they on deployment for years at a time?

      My guess behind the comment is you haven’t got what it takes to be one. And with the intelligence level you demonstrate, I can see why.

      Please answer the above questions. I can’t wait to hear them.

  • Lee Roy Sanders, Jr.

    What is being depicted is what is called IRONY and it here is not in the favor of War. What these soldiers are showing is what they they know to be the military who control our government actual inhumanity and disregard for their lives and their country.

  • D C

    Did anybody ask the obvious “Who is the soldier being disrespected?”, and “Why is the Honor Guard in ACUs, not dress uniforms?” and “Why is a casket just lying in the middle of an empty space, instead of an aircraft, hearse, or funeral home?”

    Why Not Huh?

    Here’s why, the casket is lying in a plain empty room with all that room around it because it is a training area. There is no one being disrespected. They are not in dress uniform because they have been training. A they train many, many hours, over and over again to ensure that they perform their duties to exacting measures. They more than likely took this photo after long hours of training so that they could show the highest level of respect and professionalism when the time comes to do the real thing.

    Please take the fake outrage elsewhere.

    • Sue

      I totally disagree! If they had realized this picture was going to be on the internet I am sure they would not have participated. Who took the picture? Probably someone with the intentions of doing just that with it. Maybe it was because of the reasons you say but a lot of people do things for long hours in training. Just because there is no body does not change the reason or meaning behind the purpose. I am sure parents or anyone related to a soldier killed would be upset, insulted and outraged! Take the ignorant actions of this group and excuses somewhere else. There is no good reason for their disrespect!!! It is not appreciated!

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