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#Virtues: A Taking Action Special Report on Social Media Responsibility

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In the video player above, watch #virtues, WHNT News 19’s 30-minute documentary on social media responsibility.  The special is posted in five parts.

WHNT News 19 produced this documentary in partnership with Leadership Huntsville/Madison County Connect Class 16.  It initially aired March 1, 2014.

This Taking Action Special focuses on the importance of teaching students social media responsibility. A local teen shares her story of being cyberbullied, and middle school and high school students give candid examples of how social media impacts their lives in both positive and negative ways. School counselors share how they are helping students navigate the digital world.

Parents – how do you make sure your child is not the bully, or victim?  What are the latest social media tools kids are using and adults don’t know about?

We explore these topics in #Virtues.  Our goal is to give parents and educators the tools to teach our future generation how to use social media in a virtuous way.


  • jamison jones

    Can’t help it. Every generation has its own curses and blessings. Facebook, twitter, the i-phones and what not are the ‘biggest’ curse of this generation and this era. Back in the day, we talked ‘live’ to others. We never ‘hid’ behind anything. Communication was proper, warm and rewarding. Nowadays, its if you don’t have the guts to tell it to their face, you hide behind facebook, twitter and all that other crap!

  • Jan Lamar

    actually I think everyone should take a course in social media including the news stations. I have first hand experienced when we had a tragic death(s) in our family recently a family member found out by the address on a mailbox that was filmed for breaking news..please when your “breaking news” consider the family first instead of your ratings

  • Mrs. Rogers

    Thank you, Michelle and all who worked on this special report. Please run this segment again in August before school begins. Thank you for all you do at channel 19 to help our children remain safe.

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