Nick Saban reportedly looking to become car dealer, legal challenge to deal pending

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Nick Saban, Alabama head football coach

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban appears ready to become a car dealership owner. The question for some fans is, “Why?”

As reported Tuesday, Saban has acknowledged publicly in the past that selling cars is a dream of his:

“Every car dealer I know wants to be a coach,” Nick Saban said in a January speech at the American Football Coaches Association convention. “I always wanted to be a car dealer.”

The famous football mind appears ready to jump in with Mercedes-Benz and is reportedly planning to open a new dealership in Irondale with a partner.

A legal challenge could derail that plan though. According to, on Monday attorneys for Hoover’s Crown Automobiles filed notice of intent to subpoena Saban in an ongoing lawsuit:

“Attorneys for the Hoover dealership filed the suit in December arguing plans for the new dealership had derailed a plan to sell Crown Automobile causing the dealership to sustain “immediate and irreparable harm.”

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  • Nuclear Mike

    Creates no more jobs as the dealerships are being cut down in numbers by the Big Detriot Manufacuters due to selling fewer cars & making less money with more competition…so the Bama Coach is looking past his football phase of life to spend all the money UA gave him somewhere else…he is being a bully with his UA money…

  • Annonymous

    If he has the means and the time let the man do what he wants who are we to judge! It would be like telling everyone else “No you can’t follow your dream”

    • Nuclear Mike

      Nick can be a full time coach and a full time car dealer…UA won’t suffer at all now that their football championship run is over…

      • Sammy

        Saban will not be a “full-time” car dealer. He will put his name on the sign outside and hire a bunch of workers to do the work. He will just put most of the profits into his bank account.

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