UPDATE: Lincoln County Residents Say Military Choppers Hovered Over, Lit Up Homes

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UPDATE: Alabama Air National Guard Says Choppers Not Theirs

FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn.(WHNT)-Night flights by military helicopters are riling up residents in Lincoln County, Tennessee, with many swamping emergency lines at the sheriff's office Tuesday evening.

Lincoln County Sheriff Murray Blackwelder told WHNT News 19 that 911 lines were flooded for several hours as residents from one end of the county to the other reported helicopters hovering over their homes and shining spotlights.

"We got numerous calls from all over the county," said Blackwelder. "The helicopter would hover over the top of it, light the house up, light their property up, their barns, then move onto another  area and do the same thing all over again.

Emergency dispatchers said they eventually lost track of how many calls they took, with helicopter sightings coming in from the Alabama-Tennessee state line to the far north end of the county.

A spokesperson at the Madison County Executive Airport in Meridianville told WHNT News 19 that a fleet of Lakota Army Helicopters were likely in the area participating in a National Guard drill. Officials there did not explain why the helicopters were allegedly shining lights into houses, and did not respond to our request for an on-camera interview. Alabama Air National Guard Spokesman Maj. Andrew Richardson told WHNT News 19 that the helicopters were not part of his unit, and did not know where the choppers originated from. Officials at Redstone Arsenal said they were checking to see if the helicopters were associated with the base, but did not immediately know if they were. WHNT News 19 is continuing to track down details on where the helicopters originate from and what their mission was.

Sheriff Blackwelder said he did not know the origin of the helicopters, and received no information from military or airport officials beforehand.

"A little bit of courtesy would go a long way because if we at least knew when they were going to do something we could at least tell the people when they call 'Don't be alarmed," said Blackwelder. "They [residents] don't know if it's us looking for somebody, we've got an escapee from New Hope they're looking for right now, they don't know if we're looking for somebody."

Several residents blasted the night flights, calling them a clear invasion of privacy.

"I seen it over my house, it sat there and hovered for about twenty minutes and shined its light into peoples' houses," said Lincoln County resident Gary Creson. "Some people was in bed asleep and it woke 'em up, and it's sort of bad for someone to shine a light in your bedroom and stuff...I would say it's a violation of privacy. My neighbors kept calling me wanting to know if a prisoner had escaped or if somebody was hurt and they was trying to find them."

Officials at the Madison County Executive Airport told WHNT News 19 that the National Guard's helicopter training exercise would finish up this week.


  • MadisonCountyMom

    I don’t think anyone needs to be too upset by this. It’s vital that various training must take place, and considering all the scenarios that would require the help of the National Guard, it’s easy to see why this sort of drill would be beneficial.

    No one is peeping into homes, recording things seen in people’s yards, or anything else. They’re simply conducting a drill that will help them function properly in the event they’re ever called in to help in a situation. Our reasonable expectation of privacy is paramount, but so is the expectation of competent protection. They must be familiar with the areas they may be serving in, and they have to be able to conduct drills at day and nighttime, because emergencies can happen at any time. Spotlighting properties and locating buildings is an important part of that functioning. When we need them to be able to provide just this service, they’ll be ready.

    No privacy violated. Be thankful there are people willing and ready to protect and assist even all those citizens who complain about them. I know I am.

    • Brian S.

      BS!! They were doing it to get their jollies. I served 20 years and we never had cause to hover over private homes like that. It is THEY who should be thankful these private citizens didn’t grab a rifle and defend themselves. I would not count on that being the case for long if the harrassment continues.

    • Jason

      To the very first comment above. How about this: the Army has training areas for these type of things.They should use those instead of private property. Had they hovered above my house lighting it up they would have seen one middle finger and one barrel of a rifle.

    • bluecollarjohn

      your a complete idiot. they HAVE to do training like this?? why do you think they have to do training like this? u MUST be a liberal cause only a liberal would be stupid enough to believe this is training to keep you safe.. ill tell you what this is. Homeland security is gearing up for a war with the american people. why do you think DHS is buying up billion of rounds of hollow point ammo? this is ON RECORD, according to nato and the geneva convention NO ONE is supposed to use hollow point ammo in war time. So why do they need all that hollow point ammo? . and you are gonna be looking to people like me to save your ass when they come and try to take the guns. look what happened when Mau took the guns. when stalin took the guns, when hitler took the guns. you think it cant happen here? what makes us any different?? what world are you living in? a drill?? let me explain to you something. the day sandy hook happened they where “running a drill”. the day aurora happened they where “running a drill” the day of the navy yard shooting they where “running a drill”. the day of the boston bombing they where “running a drill” THE DAY 911 HAPPENED THEY WHERE “RUNNING A DRILL” you need to wake up and stop trusting your govt. they DO NOT have your best interest at heart, U wanna know whats REALLY going on in the world? do yourself a HUGE favor, go on you tube and watch a documentary called “NWO the domino affect. then tell me they where “running drills for our safety”. you and people like you are the reason we are loosing all our civil rights and freedoms. do you even know what the bill of rights is? look it up.

      • erratyc

        You do realize that the power Homeland Security hills was given by a republican right? No matter, while republicans and democrats argue, the whole country crumbles. You’re all idiots as far as I’m concerned. When enough people realize that their party is screwing us as hard as the other party, MAYBE something can change. Until then, enjoy your arguments.

      • marsha

        @bluecollarJohn, I am giving you a standing ovation for your response! I’m with you! Can you believe this amount of stupid still exists!

    • Meri Wilbourn

      I really don’t like it. they can find other places to do this or at least let someone know they are doing it. have you had them do this to you ? do you know what it is like not even knowing what they are doing or if they are looking for some one ? if your not concerned about it at all tell them to come do this in your neighborhood then since it doesn’t bother you.

    • KDEL

      They did the same thing last month in Meridianville. I was in the front yard and was caught in a spot light from one of the helicopters. If they are going to perform these sorts of excercises, they should announce them via the News Papers and TV stations. There is no reason to alarm folks by doing these things.

    • Rick

      I believe Redstone Arsenal constitutes about one third of Madison County. With all that federal land, there is no reason for military helos to be hovering over our homes late at night. Military training is necessary. Do it over federal land not over Lincoln County.

    • Ron

      You have really drank the Kool-Aid, haven’t you!? The army, National Guard or nobody else has the “right” to invade upon our privacy unless there is a state of emergency. Even in the case of emergency, there is supposed to be open communication between the military and the state, county and city law enforcement. How willing will you be to give up “our” rights when they pull you and your family out of your houses just because they see a “need” to do so? This is unacceptable.

    • Kent

      Oh, pluueeez! We have a country being overrun by the imperial Obama administration and their CIA/NSA/ SOCOM/JSOC flunkies. This IS an blatant invasion of privacy!

    • Tom

      First off…Air National Guard denied it was them…if true…who was it? Second…drilling is meant to train the servicemen…NOT the townspeople…so the county should have been advised so the people need NOT be afraid…Third…When will people realize that these unannounced “drills” are the reason we keep having these “mass shootings” and “attacks” that have “explanations” so full of holes everyone is left scratching their heads… This is America….troops are not allowed to test or train on the citizenry….

      • Brittius

        Let’s hope that there is in fact a reasonable explanation to explain that matter and a few other items that are of concern to people. I would say, ordinarily, any report/complaint, that sounds completely wild and un-nerving at first, in about 98% of times, there is something basic and explainable with logic. I post many article that sound so removed from a normal expectancy that causes many people to be alarmed, and from my former experiences as a cop, generally, very good answers are available. In only one instance, did something fall under national security, and a second time, that remains for the moment, unanswered and unknown.
        Think of this, if it is, the handiwork of, a fascist regime, then smile, because the regime is swamped with inept and incompetent boobs.
        Thank you, for your comment.

  • B

    I can’t disagree with MadisonCountyMom, but a “heads up” to the people living in the area would be appreciated I’m sure.

    • dwr3333333333

      If you want to hover over something why not do it where crimes are being commited? I can think of two such areas 1) Washington DC, hover over the White House! 2) Our southern border with Mexico! These are two very good ways of getting in your “continued hovering education hours” while easily apprehending those other then Americans!

  • Andrea

    Pretty sure this is happening in Athens right now. I was out walking with my son and saw the spotlight. We were afraid they were looking for someone so we ran home.

  • Bill

    This type of flying would get anyone in the Active Army the opportunity to meet their entire Chain of Command. Noise abatement procedures are required by all Active Units in the Army. You have a Congressman and they are aware of requirements to fly without antagonizing your neighbors.

  • nucolear mike

    This is part of the HomeLand Defense training on how to take over a situation involving farm home, buildings and land…
    The US Navy Seals & Special Forces have built an replica American City on a small scale in Virginia to practise putting down such rebellion as in the Ukraine and the HomeLand Security has built several American Farm Homes to practise the same.
    Wake Up America as to our Federal Government’s intent on controlling us all as they decide…

  • Dagny

    I bet Madison county mom would have loved the national socialist party. They had no problem trampling individual liberties for what they thought was the greater good. If you would give up a little liberty for a little security you will have neither nor deserve either. Have some confidence in yourself for protection.

  • MMA

    This will be the “new norm” very soon. Directed by Barry Hussein Obama. This is part of the “transforming of America”. Next they will Rappell down onto “your” property and take folks away who speak against the “Imperial President”. Heads up fellow citizens.

  • Country MG

    One if they were training, proper notification is mandatory. two if it’s the AL NG what are they doing in TN. They no right nor authority to be across the stateline. three the military does not use private property for training and last those of you that are thankful for the NG training for when they are needed, lets see how you like it when they train with boots on the ground setting up road blocks and check points checking your papers and searching your vehicles. Maybe private citizens should train shooting lights out and see how that goes over. This was wrong of every count!

    • Dane Parker

      And see how that goes? Sure, if years of federal prison where you get to chill with the worst of the worst is your kind of thing. To be honest, the military scares me less than the paranoid, trigger-happy neurotics shooting down hovering objects near their house only to find that it was neighbor Johnny Jr’s RC aircraft.

      Nor do I follow the thinking of why military helicopter flights that are already regular occurrences in the area suddenly become sinister after the sun sets. Apparently it’s a perfectly normal, non-newsworthy event if the military does *the same thing* during the day, but if it happens at night then by-golly it’s an unprecedented violation of privacy.

  • Johnny Rychuss

    These same helicopters have ruined 1,000s in electronics in my home. Every time I get a cell phone of any kind they fly over and disable it with DDOS signals. I have been complaining about it for months. I can’t talk on the phone and usually my internet does not work either. Ive spent at least 600 dollars on cell phones and they keep frying them.

    • Smonkey12

      As a taxpayer I agree with this! it seems excessive to be sending out helicopters armed with DDOS signals each time we get a new iphone when they could just force us to use AT&T.

  • Beskew

    I live next to the airport in Lincoln county. This its not the first time they have used our county for exercises. Several times over the past few years they were training with blackhawks and would Hoover over our house and shake the pictures off the walls. I think when the glasses in the cabnet are rattling they are easy to close. There is plenty of nonresidential land around and no reason to disturb us, our pets, and live stock.

  • Tommy Corn

    Thanks OBAMA! Yet another invasion of our privacy and one more step closer to martial law and the destruction of the US Constitution. The Military has absolutely NO reasor, or right for doing this type of drill over residential areas. Wake up America, but it may already be too late.

  • paul

    PEOPLE PEOPLE, chillax!
    The chopper pilots were probably playing around; just to pinch a nerve?
    The conspiracy thing is maxed out; there is no NWO, let it go. And no, Obama didn’t order this drill, lol.

    • noneya

      you are a moron if you think the NWO doesn’t exist, go to youtube search NWO copilation, you will see former and current presidents calling for it, you are a shit for brains sheep.

  • Bill

    If the unit that’s flying these missions are flying against specific “Mission Guidance” the appropriate action will be taken to get it straight.
    The “Doomsday or Big Brithers Watching” folks are going to have to find something else to worry about.

  • jay

    Wow, there are some paranoid people around N Al. I’m sure its a nuisance to the people in the area. But Marshall Law? Government takeover? what kind of dope are you people smoking?! lol

    • Kent

      I wonder how paranoid YOU would be if they hovered over YOUR house 20 minutes and shined their floodlights into YOUR windows. I intend to contact both senators and my congressman.

  • Standing Watch

    Ok, where to begin. First I will preface this with I one of these “evil” army helicopter pilots, although not affiliate with those mentioned above. So let’s start with reality vs paranoia or as I like to think of it fact vs fiction. First I will start with the helicopter in question. It is the UH-72 light utility helicopter, it’s use are search and rescue, MEDEVAC (medflight), and counter narcotic “RAID” (looking for your local meth labs and Pot fields). These helicopters are non-combat aircraft. How do I know so much about these helicopters, it’s because I fly them. Now we will move onto flying at night, it is requirement to fly at night because we fly with night visions or NVG, and there is a requirement that pilots fly a certain number of hours to stay proficient, there is nothing nefarious about fly at night, infact that is one of the reason you people enjoy having the best trained military in the world watching over your precious freedoms. The reality is the guys were most likely flying enroute somewhere with there landing light on passed over the top of your house. I will agree with Brian there could very well been some jackassery going on, like the spotted a big Buck running around and were trying to follow it, which I myself have done. You need to remember these NG pilots are local boys like to drink and hunt fish and carry guns just like you, they just made a commitment that some of you didn’t. As far as shooting at them, go for it, you think you will be the first person to shoot at a army helicopter I can promise you that you will not enjoy ur time in a federal prison. Just to be clear as well the sky is considered the national airspace, and the is no invisible boundary that separates the states, that’s like pissing and moaning about an airliner flying over your house from Atlanta to California, news flash you do not own the sky and it is not considered private property. If you would how ever like to make your house a noise abatement area you are free to contact the FAA and ur problems solved. Johnny, no one cares about your cell phone or your Internet, move out of the woods and closer to civilization where the rest of us have cell phones and Internet, I only wish it would have not worked before you posted that dribble. To blue collar John, you have no idea what your what your saying and the government you are so afraid is a few guys in suits and ties, not the people who wear a uniform with a flag on their shoulder are not your enemy. I’m glad the guys who you are all bashing and talking about shooting at will still be there to offer you shelter, water and food after they they rescue you from the rubble of your trailor the next time a tornado rips through your back yard, or ensure the roads are clear so you can get your bread and milk sandwiches the next snow or ice storm happens.

    • Branko Pezdi

      Hovering en masse over private property, shining spotlights into people’s homes, and jamming/zapping electronics is gross overreach by an increasingly thuggish, intrusive and dictatorial government, pal. How does this type of exercise IN ANY WAY train you for disaster response? Why is it all of a sudden necessary to perform this type of military exercise over Americans’ private property? I work for the Army myself as a civilian and all of the GIs I have met and worked with are honorable warriors who have made a commitment to this country. You, sir, however, with the words you’ve written are a disgrace to your uniform. You are no different from the people who ran the Nazi concentration camps my dad survived. Let me assure you that millions of us will defend the Constitution against would be Mussolinis such as yourself.

      • Standing Watch

        I can’t help but to ask why my comments would make me a disgrace to the uniform that I wear? To be clear I’m not a would be Mussolini, in fact I have no affiliation with the Italian Socialist Party (although I must admit I like the endless breadsticks and salad at Olive Garden that everybody that walks in the door gets) I’m more of a Constitutionalist Conservative as point of fact i believe in the constitution so much so that I swore an oath to defend and protect it, even give my life for it if needed and I have been very close to doing so, after 10 years of putting boot to ass for the country that I love. Please tell me again what is you have done in defense for the people of the country and the constitution? Oh that’s right you were AROUND those of us who actually made that commitment and now wanna hang onto our boot laces and act like you belong, without actually making the commitment yourself and then have the nerve to tell me that you are one there are millions who would defend it. I will tell you what you should have done is something to make your Grandad proud of you and know that his sacrifices for having the nuts to stand up for what he believed in knowing the cost, were not wasted on his family name future generations, you should have had the fortitude to reach down grab your sack and swore the oath, picked up a weapon and stood a post with the rest of us who actually believe in the United States and the Constitution. Assuming you are eligible here let me do you a solid goarmy.com/recruiter. Start there and make your family proud.

        As a side note looks like bad weather is in store for north alabama, so no worries about helicopters looking in your windows, so no need to hide ya kids, hide ya wife, they won’t be spying on anybody up in there tonight. Mr. Johnny Rychuss that means you can pull your TiVo and cell phone out of its lead lined cage, and watch the last 3 season of Dooms Day Preppers you recorded and talk to your little buddies about how since the big bad black helicopter flew over your house your pee smells funny and tastes different. That is of course if you have any prepaid min left on your straight talk account, on second thought you might wanna save some to call in to Coast to Coast AM tonight.

    • KDEL

      I witnessed no less than 3 helicopters in a tight radius over my neighborhood. All of them were shining lights onto houses and streets. It looked, for all intents and purposes, like they were searching for someone or something. No announcement or warning. They should NOT do this in civilian neighborhoods without notice. It is alarming and unnecessary. If they are doing this regularly to different neighborhoods, it is disruptive and invasive. They should have the courtesy to announce their “tests.”

    • Kent

      “Chasing a deer at night” is a bunch of BULL. They were shining FLOODLIGHTS into people’s houses. That is a gross violation of people’s privacy. We already have pilots like you flooding our skies with chemtrails and making people sick all over the area. And now THIS?!!! Go fly somewhere else — over the miiitary bases or in your Homeland INSecurity “practice” city. There are such things as REGULATIONS prohibiting helicopters from flying in residential areas. FOLLOW THEM!

    • KB

      Loved your comment! I have lived on military bases my entire life and am used to it. If the complainers aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be then they shouldn’t worry about it. When Med flight has to come get them for some reason they’ll think twice. If Police are looking for a dangerous criminal they’ll think twice. My issue was these idiots calling 911.

  • Hooker81

    All of these comments are not only funny but very entertaining. The Reality is the Democrats have cut so much of the military’s funding that they cannot even afford to Fart without someone whining and complaining. The reality of the situation is, If it Was the LUH or CBP, they are their defending your boarders and your freedom. I can tell that none of these Comments were written by anyone who has served for their country. Madison Executive Airport is not responsible for the action of the pilots and their crew. I would suggest that many of you need to put the Cheetos down, turn off your games set and become an American again. There is nothing better than the sound or the sight of a Military helicopter wither it be night or day. That is the sound of freedom, if you don’t believe so Move to Communistic Country. “Standing Watch”, i appriciate your comments.

    • Wake Up

      Hooker81, just a clarfication of what you call facts. It was not the Democrats that cut the defense budget so deeply. It was the tea party faction of the Republicans in the House of Representatives that insisted on keeping the sequestration level funding for defense. It was the Democrats and Speaker Boehner (along with other moderate Republicans) that wanted to increase the funding more than sequestration levels. You have the right to your own opinion, but not to your own facts!

      • Branko Pezdi

        Your “facts”, Pajama Boy, as usual are bunk. The sequestration deal was agreed to by BOTH political parties, gleefully so by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Democrats, because half the cuts to federal spending were imposed on DoD, even though it is only 25% of the federal budget – and, by the way, one of the few Constitutionally mandated functions the federal government currently performs.

    • paul

      Hooker, or is it Snooker? You can’t be makin’ stuff up and passin’ it along as fact! “Reality is the Democrats have cut so much of the military’s funding” is STUPID! alot like ur comment; and yes, I am a Vet!

    • Kent

      They obviously haven’t cut ENOUGH, because we have crap like this still going on, plus CIA/Mossad operations as “rebels” in the Ukraine, and the CIA-NSA menace to the world not being cut one iota. Then there’s SOCOM & JSOC which are carrying on over “secret” wars in over 100 countries [google it]. And Homeland INSecurity/ TSA/ FEMA seem to have plenty of dough to harrass Americans.

      And to top it off, the Pentagon is “MISSING” $8.5 trillion. So….No! They aren’t low on cash. That good ole drug money just keeps rolling in from Afghanistan to the CIA and these anti-American agencies.

  • CBC

    1st of all if they “SEEN it” they haven’t got an eighth grade education or enough sense to know what they may have seen.

    2nd those are drug interdiction and search and rescue vehicles and I can assure you they don’t need spotlights to see what you’re doing inside your house on the darkest of nights.

    As for frying electronics, really? Really. They fly over my house all the time and I’m fine. But then I’m not looking for a payout either.

  • Edward Doe

    One was over Riverton area Wed. Night with searchlight beaming all over the place. I think it may be police, state or ? instead of military. It stayed in the area for approx. 30 minutes.

  • Paul Sharritt

    People need to realize these are new aircraft and the pilots hve to be trained in what they are doing nightime and daytime,The Army National Guard conducts some initial training in the new UH-72A in the area. Army National Guard pilots come from all over the country to train to fly these aircraft for their State,and Country and YOU!!

  • Meri Wilbourn

    I have seen these more then once and it’s been more then just in the last week. I saw one a few weeks ago that was flying very very low to the ground. what was that supposed to be ?

  • KDEL

    Where the National Guard practicing on 20/21 January? The same thing happened on that evening in Meridianville in my neighborhood. I saw at least 3 helicopters in my neighborhood in close formation.

  • Todd

    Heads up.
    The same thing has been happening to me and other members of my time, here in Georgia.
    They would fly low, slow, “buzz” and hover.

    Especially last night, a helo was buzzing my complex, sweeping back and forth from one end to the other, going from west to east, east to west, etc.. just barely above tree top level, spotlights on, and it was one of those egg shaped helos that make a “buzzing” sound.

    They were flying very slow, very low, very loud.
    When I saw the helos during the last few days, same helos, black in color, no markings, except for the one day before yesterday, that one was black and grey with a tail number.

    Were all being watch apparently especially the patriots…

    However, if in the future I perceive them to be a threat.
    I am armed, and I will win. I will never give up, I will never surrender,
    I will NOT stand down, or shut up, I want my country back NOW,
    so I will fight to get it back, and keep it!

    GOD bless America.

    • House Road House

      Todd, I hate to break the bad news to you and the other “members of your time” (whatever the hell that means) there in GA, but all helicopters civilian, military and yes even the “black ones” have tail numbers and markings. I mean think about it Todd, let me give you an actual scenario of what life is like as secret military pilot:

      I come into work and am told by my boss, “Hey House, its finally dark outside, time to check on Todd and see if hes watching that inter-species erotica again, on the way there stop by Johnny Rychuss place, NSA reports just hit the wire, says he found an old Nokia phone in a drawer at his Mothers trailer, when he was there trying to steal her social security check, we need to get this new DDOS system worked out quick! Word on the street we’re moving our area of operations to Grant Mountain and Guntersville where their real dumb. Oh and cut out that east to west flying then back west to east, i think Todd is onto us”

      So like a good secret soldier I walk to the hangar floor to start my night tormenting the locals and kidnapping Livestock, only to realize there are 8 secret helicopters sitting there with cell phone destroying, patriot sniffing, thermal mind control, assault riffle detecting and bulk ammo storage triangulation equipment loaded on them. Well now I’m in a pickle, cause I can’t go back up stairs and ask my boss which one I should take, because he is a NWO meeting with his boss, and doesn’t have the time to tell me which one is out of maintenance and safe to fly, in fact he would most likely put a DHS hollow point bullet in my head with DHS pistol with a silencer installed, and have the new Mexican cleaning crew that was just given amnesty scrub my brains off the wall and toss my lifeless corps near one of Morgan County’s meth labs. Then i realize I can look on the side of the helicopter and check with the maintainers and I will know which one is safe to fly. BAM! crisis averted, and I’m off to piss on the country and citizens I vowed to protect.

      Its just not reality Todd. Also your little diatribe manifesto about your perception of a threat and being armed and how you will win after shooting at us….ummm…I mean them. It sounds a lot like the Christopher Dorner’s little love letter he left before the LAPD had a public bbq on the national news. So now that we have established your lack of original thoughts and creativity, I would like to remind you of another little fun fact you may have over looked, a little something called drone strikes, and yep its totally legal too. So maybe making threats of shooting down or even at helicopters might be something you wanna think about a little more deeply, because hey you never know who could be reading over your insane comments and take them serious, it could be those of us that really do go bump in the night.

      • Kent

        Hey House! Is that a THREAT? A “written” THREAT, at that? You appear to be one of those cocky little NWO creeps who “thinks” he has a ticket to the good life by terrorizing and running over the public. Better give it some more thought. 330 million Americans don’t “LIKE” cocky little creeps like that.

  • Emilia Rotorwhiz

    Sorry people, We were just having a cookout at 500 feet. What we do is put a steak on a pole and hold it in front of our searchlights and in about a minute or two it is done. When we are on mission’s we have to eat and this is far more tasty than eating out of a can. We will try to do better. By the way marsh-mellows are great to!

  • Amused Blue Dog

    I believe I am going to buy stock in the Reynolds Corporation or another company that manufactures aluminum foil. It seems like several conspiracy theorists posting in this thread are in desperate need of getting resupplied. There is some really good stuff on here. LOL! ;-)

  • DKK

    If its Training Exercises, then I should be made aware before they hover over my house and scare the mess out of me and my dogs…….Im disabled and had to call someone to come sit with me to be sure no one was going to come busting through my doors !!!! Escapee from Ga, Someone in Grant area and a guy who had shot someone in Huntsville was on the loose and reported to be dangerous was being reported on the evening news !!!!
    Training Exercises are planned ahead of time….theres no reason we shouldnt be made aware of these sessions. At least tell the Law in the area whats happening so when people start calling 911 they can answer our concerns…….Theres no excuse for not warning the public of their training runs!!! If that is what it is…………..or was…………

  • Dave

    If anyone on here doesn’t think this is a big deal they are brainwashed and probably a democrat. How can you think a hovering helicopter over your house for an extended period of time is not a big deal! Next time those lights need to be shot out as that is an aggressive manuver. Castle doctrine will come into play, doesn’t matter if the threat is on the ground or from the air.

  • Ronald Peterson

    Not just lights but probably infrared cameras too. DHS choppers on training mission. Military would have informed the local police. Easy way to find out who they are. go out and take a couple of shots at them. just claim it was a ” Red Dawn / Wolverines” moment.

  • Kent

    There are pilots commenting here who think it’s really FUNNY to harrass people. I suggest people might want to sign onto the new Common Law juries and grand juries being set up in every state and every county. These juries can create an indictment and get rid of corrupt judges, cops, state and federal senators for your state, and other officials within 24 hours. Looks like we have a few officials who are LYING to the public who need to be dealt with. Every county needs 4 administrators and a secretary, all paid positions.

    Monday nights 9 pm EST conference calls

  • Loren

    I’ll refer you to: United States v. Causby 1948. A modern abridgment to the long held legal tradition that a property owner ones everything beneath his property and everything above his property. This case helped to establish that ‘air space’ belongs in the public domain with exceptions to that space the property owner could use in conjunction with normal land use.

    The FAA has determined that height of space to be 500ft except when being used for take offs and landings (EG property bordering airports/heliports). So, if these helicopters were operating at less than 500ft, they were trespassing. Use of spotlights, FLIR, or other devices to observe the persons, buildings, and property located in and on privately owned land without a specific warrant could also quite conceivably be held as an unlawful search and violation of the 4th Amendment as well as a violation of Posse Camitatus if military personnel and equipment were used.

  • Jo

    STOP with the auto video play. There’s nothing I like better than TWO videos starting at the exact same time and clicking on the stop button does NADA. How about allowing people the CHOICE of either reading the article or watching the video? Some of us can still read.

  • KB

    Calling 911 because of a helicopter??? How stupid can people be? I’m hoping that nobody in that county had a REAL EMERGENCY (for those who don’t know, that is what 911 is for).

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