City Leaders: Winter Weather Event Cost Huntsville $120K

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Winter weather events, of course, come with a price tag. The City of Huntsville calculated its cost of last week’s three-day weather event at about $120,000.

This includes $88,000 in overtime pay for essential employees and about $32,000 in costs for materials such as salt, gravel, tire chains, gloves and equipment rental.

In addition, Huntsville Utilities reports it spent about $128,000 in overtime, replacement materials, and pole replacements to handle about 3,000 power outages.

“The Tennessee Valley is known for its mercurial weather, and we do budget for a series of weather events each year,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.

“While a severe storm can wreck extreme damage that would be difficult to absorb in a general budget cycle, we were fortunate last week that the snow was short-lived and did not encounter significant icing. Besides the inconvenience, we managed the snow days extremely well.”

Mayor Battle praised his department heads, Huntsville police and fire, Public Works crews, EMA and HEMSI and all entities that helped citizens navigate through the snow event.“Many of our personnel barely slept for three days,” said Mayor Battle. “As a community, we owe these men and women our extreme gratitude.”

Mayor Battle awards HEMSI Chief Operating Officer Don Webster with 'Reflector of Honor'

Mayor Battle awards HEMSI Chief Operating Officer Don Webster with 'Reflector of Honor'

The mayor bestowed "reflectors of honor", street reflectors damaged or removed by snow scrapers, to each department head as a thank you and keepsake from the weather event.

The City says there will also be additional costs ahead related to the snowfall, such as the price tag to replace street reflectors that were torn up when crews bladed the roadways.  Municipal Court says it will take months to reschedule the lost court appointments, and all City offices will be working to catch up.


  • My Two Cents

    Would be interesting to find out how much it cost us to keep the sanitation workers off the streets on Wednesday when all it did was rain and then pay them overtime to make up for that.

  • Nuclear Mike

    And Huntsville Utilities did not give us free gas & electricity that ran the whole time keeping us warm…so we all had to expereince more costs from this real winter…not counting our yard cleanup too…

  • cole

    If the city spent as much time telling about the money they take in every month as they do telling about the money they spend once in a blue moon , then it might be more interesting to listen to .

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