Sen. Shelby’s Jobs & Industry Tour Stops In Lawrence County

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COURTLAND, Ala. (WHNT) - Sen. Richard Shelby spent part of the afternoon in Lawrence County as part of his statewide Jobs and Industry Tour. There was a private tour of the Lockheed Martin facility at Courtland. Afterward, Shelby spoke briefly about the loss of jobs and industry in Lawrence County.

There were no local elected officials on hand for Sen. Shelby's visit to Lawrence County. Shelby was given a private briefing and then a tour of Lockheed Martin's facility in Courtland.

"I've worked with a lot of the people at Lockheed and people at the Pentagon to make sure that this facility was funded, which is very important to our national security," Shelby told reporters following the tour.

Meanwhile, funding was also on the minds of Lawrence County officials, who were not invited to the briefing. A number of them were meeting in nearby Moulton to discuss the loss of the county's largest employer, International Paper. It's still too early to be able to gauge what the full impact on the county is going to be.

"It's way too early to gauge. We don't know exactly when the Ad Valorem taxes will diminish and a lot of it has to do with what their next move will be," Lawrence County Commissioner Bobby Burch told WHNT News 19.

Sen. Shelby says federal government has to create a move favorable environment for both big and smaller employers.

"How do we help them create conditions to hire people, to make money, to invest in the future." Shelby asked? Questions on the minds of both national and local leaders.

Shelby is visiting businesses in each of the counties in his congressional district as part of his Jobs and Industry Tour.

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