New York Gun Laws Send Gun Manufacturers Packing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Alabama Governor Robert Bentley stood before an audience of community leaders and members of the media Monday and told the CEO of Remington Arms, "Welcome to sweet home Alabama."

Remington picked Huntsville over sites in 23 other states to establish a new manufacturing plant which will eventually employ about 2,000 workers. The firearms manufacturer, which was established in Ilion, New York in 1816, began looking for a new plant site in the spring of 2013 in the wake of the passage of the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act.

The strict gun control measures, among other things, ban the sale of the Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle because it meets the state's criteria as an "assault weapon." The measure was passed following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Remington has criticized the SAFE Act and company CEO George Kollitides says his company hopes the law will be repealed.

During the announcement Monday, there was plenty of talk about Alabama being a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.

"Alabama is a very conservative state, one that believes strongly in the rights that we have guaranteed in the constitution," said Governor Bentley.

Kollitides added, "We have a proud history of supporting, not fighting for individual freedoms. It's a heritage we share with Alabama."


  • Nuclear Mike

    A gun is just a tool just like a wrench, knife or a hammer…the gun is just as good or bad as the person who uses the tool.

    To have your freedoms taken from you by any who say the gun is bad is nothing short of tyranny…

  • Bill

    I have one question. If the law in New York is appealed, will Remington still move? The New York politics can’t be so stupid to let a company like this get away. I know the news said we (Alabama) have some safe guards in place so that we don’t lose our investment if something goes wrong.
    The CEO of remington needs to understand that this State WON’T screw his company like New York has.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Remington has actually NOT moved from New York at all…this “expansion” comes from an award of a new contract for the Remington sniper rifle…Remington is playing both sides of the fence since Gov. Cuomo & the NY State legislature changes their gun & tax laws again…

  • Sammy

    All the states in the South are just as pro second amendment as Alabama. They selected Alabama over the other 23 states because our Governor and legislators gave them more freebees than those other states! These locations go to the state that will pay the most corporate extortion (oops, I mean investment) money!

    • bill

      Speaking of extortion , that’s what the union have been doing to business for years. not for the workers ,but for the union thug boss , and the democrat party.

      • Sammy

        Bill, Remington said it will pay an average of about $45,000 per year to their workers in Alabama. The American median individual income is $51,000 annually. That means that those good Remington jobs will pay below the American income average. For a poor state like Alabama, it seems like a great wage. Those states that have higher percentages of union workers are paid well above the American individual income average. People living in union state have more health care covered by their employer (due to the power of union negotiations) and lower Medicaid numbers. All those union states are doing fine. Corporations are in the business of making themselves richer from the labor of their workers. You can keep fighting the battles for the corporations while they laugh all the way to the bank. I will side with the workers that unite to claim more of the profit that would not be possible without their labor!

      • bill

        If the workers want more of the profits, they should start there own gun business, and see all the over head, that goes with owning a business ,and then they can ask the question to themselves, do I want the union thugs , telling me how to run OUR business. There answer will be NO! Union has less than 35% of labor force, and that percentage is falling weekly . Look at the rust belt, there a good example of unions>

      • Sammy

        Bill, what overhead? All you have to do is stick out your hand and the Republican legislators will put an “economic incentive” (wealthfare) in your hand.

        Don’t engage in revisionist history. The rust belt is the result of trade policies made by both political parties — not unions.

    • bill

      Overhead, Its easy to see you know nothing about BUSINESS, Now I see your Sal Alinsky approach to unions & business. I now can see why you are so misinformed , blinded my people like Alinsky, and others in the far left democratic party. I hope people on this form can see you ,for what you stand for,

  • Lisa

    Overhead – heat, air conditioning, health insurance, unemployment insurance, equipment, rent or mortgage. I’m sure there are plenty more and this all adds to the cost of running and owning a business. What part does a union play in managing these essentials? How can a company function when all of the above mentioned items continue to rise in price and then unions step in and demand more money for workers yet your product won’t sell as well if you continue to raise the price. No wonder businesses close as quickly as they open. Just one humble girl’s opinion!

    • bill

      Lisa , You are correct ,you see this Sal Alinsky want to be ,never replyed to me. he will run and hide under one of his other user names. wakeup ,jughead, Sammy, ann dunham, I bet hes looking, for a reply on MSNBC ,CBS ,or one of the other far left ,sites.

  • Darrin

    I haven’t made an actual comparison, but in regard to the $45K vs the $51K national average, isn’t it fair to say that the cost of overall living in North Alabama is much lower than New York and what you are seeing is an economic adjustment with the delta between the two?

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