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UPDATE: Leaders Respond, Remington Outdoor Co. To Open Facility In Huntsville

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Military Times is reporting that Remington Outdoor Co. is coming to the Tennessee Valley.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, (R-Alabama) issued the following statement Saturday after Remington Arms announced plans to open a plant in Huntsville:

“Remington’s decision is great news and a further testament to the world class workforce in Huntsville. This plant will create good-paying manufacturing jobs for thousands of workers. We warmly welcome Remington Arms and look forward to their success and presence for years to come.”

According to the Military Times report, Remington is expected to purchase a 500,000-square-foot building to be used for manufacturing, new product development and training for the company’s commercial, military and law enforcement businesses.

Our news partners, The Huntsville Times/, report that Huntsville officials wouldn’t comment on the story Saturday morning.

The City Council has called a special meeting for 5:00 p.m. Monday to consider a development agreement among the city, Huntsville Industrial Development Board, Madison County and an unnamed company.

WHNT News 19 will keep you updated with the latest on this developing story.


  • Darla Thomas

    I am very hopeful and very proud to have a gun manufacturing company in Alabama. I support the Second Amendment and welcome the jobs and business with open ARMS!! I am glad to live in Alabama. I am a big fan of Remington, made in U.S.A.

  • Annette

    I think that a new manufacturing company would be wonderful! We need the jobs here. Remington is a very good company that makes a fine product.

  • Sharon

    Most definitely look at all the products us Alabamans have built, space station, rockets, the tomahawk patriot missiles the abrams tank, whoo hooo bring it on…

  • Gail Carter

    we need all the manufacturers in Alabama, that we can get. Why would anyone be against it. I wish Florence would change its stupid idea of a retirement area and do the same. We have lost so much work in this area due to some peoples backward thinking. Most of our young people are having to leave the Shoals area due to this.

  • Obama Lies

    Good job to our business friendly, pro 2nd Amendment, Republican state and local government. I hope that all those gun manufacturing businesses in Liberal states take note and move to Alabama. I for one enjoy owning their products. I hope all you Liberals always remember one thing, we are heavily armed and we know our Constitutional Rights!

  • zooloo7

    I think this would be a great boost to the economy here and I’m loving all the positive feedback, but as I recall about one week and one day ago a 6 year old boy was ACCIDENTALLY shot by his father and I’m sure these same people were the ones to give the most hateful, critical judgment on this father and his family, whom they know nothing about! I just think it’s very hypocritical to basically degrade a mother and father who are doing the best they can to raise their son and have complete strangers write comments about their abilities to be great parents inspite of an accident that happens on a daily basis all over this country, then turn around and talk about opening a gun manufacturing facility. Don’t get me wrong…I think it’s a great idea, but where do we draw the line?

  • Shelia

    I think it’s WONDERFUL!!! Remington is a great manufacturing company. We would be very blessed to have them in Huntsville!!!!

  • SadHunts

    I really wish Huntsville could go back to the way we were before all of the BRAC transplants came here. This place is becoming a grid lock with traffic and I need a job but see no hope with this place. I have been looking for four years with no bites. I am a college graduate but do not have a military background so no one will offer you a job. My experience and education was the same as some of job descriptions of what they wanted and had nothing to do with the military but without that I was out. I can’t cry for vets because if they come to Huntsville they can get a job. And by the way don’t mention working at a retail store, my experience and education would be wasted there.

  • Sunshine99

    A gun plant and we’re supposed to be the Bible belt. What about a lottery to help out schools or casino, that will create hundreds of jobs also. Southerners say Casino brings in crime, but I’ve never known anyone killed with the slot machine or maybe a blackjack table. Last time I checked Alabama was one of only three states in the US that doesn’t have a lottery!!!!

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