Locals React to Possible Remington Manufacturing Plant Announcement

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- During WWII, there was a popular song called "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition." On Monday, many people in the Tennessee Valley might be saying the same thing.

The Military Times reports Remington is expected to announce plans to bring a large ammunition plant to the Rocket City. According to the report, Remington plans to move into a 500,000 square foot facility.  The announcement could bring around 2,000 jobs to the area. The report says Remington looked at dozens of cities to expand into, but Huntsville has the technical workforce already in place -- along with a large population of people that support the right to bear arms.

"I'd be more than excited, hysterical, yes I'd be very excited," said Robby Easterling at JC's Guns and Tackle.  Easterling said it doesn't surprise him that Remington may have its eye on Huntsville.  "They know we believe in our 2nd Amendment rights and we stand by them."

"It would be great because there's a strong connection to the gun owners," said Jeff Watts. "They love Remington and it's the perfect place to do it with all the high-tech jobs, I think it'd work out good for Huntsville."

"That's one thing the South's always been notorious about is our guns," said Easterling, with a grin on his face. "We're gun-happy down here -- come on, it don't get no better than that."

Remington is America's oldest gun maker and one of the best selling brands on the market.

"They've been around a long time," said Watts. "I got some of their guns that are 100 years old."

Easterling said Huntsville needs jobs and he'd be ecstatic if a true firearms manufacturer brought some to the city.  "They're excellent, people love them," he said as he showed off a Remington rifle.  "That's why they're the number one selling rifle of all time, them and Winchester would be neck and neck but I'd go with Remington, nothing beats it."

If Remington decides to open a manufacturing plant in north Alabama, Easterling said he hopes other gun makers would take notice and follow suit. "I think it'll help put Huntsville on the map, bring some more businesses in, not just Remington but hey, maybe Colt would want to move down here, who knows."

Note: City of Huntsville officials have not commented on the possible Remington announcement yet. The City Council has called a special meeting for Monday to consider a development agreement among the city, Huntsville Industrial Development Board, Madison County and an unnamed company. No word yet if that has any connection to a possible announcement from Remington.


  • Nuclear Mike

    These discussions have been going on for some time now as my Syracuse friends are indeed worried that ALL of Remington is leaving New York now. Remington is shopping for a deal with no taxes and hedging their bets by not pulling out of New York completely, just yet…but Alabama would gladly accept any deal they ask for in order to get the jobs as the BRAC cuts are coming to Huntsville for sure and will be significant in jobs lost & taxes gone.

  • Steve Kaikkonen

    Such an established company moving to this area brings many positives. The initial jobs would be great, but if simililar companies see Remington being successful maybe they would consider moving here as well. Also manufacturing companies need shipping from local companies which also helps the local economy. One other thing, ammunition is only one part of a huge industry. There are many other manufacterers of accessories besides ammunition that could come here as well.

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